Round & Firm Booty In A Month Challenge

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Round Booty


Hello My Lovies,

We are going to be starting a new challenge next Monday – Round & Tight Booty Challenge. This challenge will last 4 weeks, we will be adding 3 exercises on our Lower Body Workout days. 1 exercise will be before each workout, the other 2 exercises will be added after each workout. Every week there will be more reps added.



Challenge Explanation


The only thing we are gonna need for this challenge is ourtimer and a Balance Ball or a chair.


Week 1

Before our lower body routine, we are gonna do 60 reps of Regular Bridges. Semi-Slow, each rep needs to be a quality.

After our workout we will be adding 2 more exercises for the total of 3 rounds.

  • One Leg Bridges ( either on the chair or balance ball ) 15 reps per leg ( on the 15th rep will will old the up position for 10 seconds. )
  • Tight Booty Hold – 30 Seconds ( we will use our timer to count down 30 seconds )


Week 2

We are going to add 20 reps to the Bridges before our workouts, so this week we will be doing 80 reps of Bridges before our lower body workout ( 1 round only ).

  • After the workout we are gonna add 5 reps per side of the One Leg Bridge, so there will be 20 reps per leg, and at the end of 20th rep, we will hold the up position for 10 seconds.
  • Tight Booty Hold will go up to – 40 seconds


Week 3

The Bridges before the workout will go up again by 20 reps. So this week we will be doing 100 reps before out lower body workouts. ( 1 round only )

  • After the workout, we will be doing the same exercises, except now we will be doing 25 reps per leg with the hold of 10 seconds at the 25th rep.
  • Tight Booty Hold will now be – 50 seconds.

3 rounds total ( as the previous weeks )


Week 4

The Bridges before the workouts will go up to 120 reps.

  • One Leg Bridges – 30 reps per side with 10 second hold on the 30th rep
  • Tight Booty Hold – 1 minute


Let’s do this challenge together!!!



PS – I got my tightsΒ on Ebay.

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  • Gerri Lee Schafer


    • Yes you are! – Always!

      • Gerri Lee Schafer


    • tee_w

      you’re such a goof! lol

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        hahahaha..yes I am

        • tee_w

          I have stupid question for you! first thing facebook asks when you go to sign up is first & last name, is this what shows then to everybody or can you pick “your name” afterwards? I wanted to be tee-w and this step is what stops me! lol

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            The name you pick is it….you can Daisey Duck if you want to….lol….it can be changed I think, but it’s not easy, so pick what you want…..and yes, it shows to everbody

  • I love you too my sweetheart πŸ™‚

  • I will do it! Today, I did the Ab Of Steel wokout because I wanted to do a medecine ball workout. I couldn’t do any cardio after this workout. All your workouts are very challenging and I love it.

    • We are starting this challenge on Monday ( that is my Lower Body day ), so which ever day you do your lower body, you will add this challenge.

  • Dear Tatianna, thank you for another brilliant video. After reading the fat liar controversy I would like to say that I appreciate your blog and your work here very much.
    I like Zuzana, her old BR videos and some of her Zwows which I sometimes use as finishers but I feel more confident to have you (and a couple other people like you) as my trainer because I trust your reliable advice and your overall realistic approach very much.
    You are knowledgeable, your form is always spot on, your advice is sound and competent and your workouts are very effective and functional for strength, conditioning, endurance and in the end even looks. You don’t promote one fits all solutions. You don’t create a cult-like atmosphere which may be very fine if you are 13 years old (or if you belong to Scientology) but otherwise it conflicts with reasoning and critical thought.
    You don’t use cheap expedients to increase traffic to your site (nothing wrong with never-ending boobs but after a while it’s such an obvious commercial ploy that it can become annoying). Last but not least you always focus on injury prevention and on how to preserve joints in the long run.
    So thank-you. My booty will possibly thank you next month.

    • Thank you so much for your support Vanessa,

      Yes I did read the comment you are referring too, I was a bit surprised to be honest, didn’t expect to see that comment.

      When I create my routines, or what I want to tell people, I always think of the people first, I think it’s very important. I always see it as if I was on the other side, and I also enjoy to communicate with all of you guys and listen to your suggestions about everything. In the end it always comes down to how useful I can be to people, I try to give as much info as possible because I know it’s a big responsibility and I want people to succeed.

    • What is the fat liar controversy?

      • It was a comment on Facebook about Alfonso’s article, he wrote from a scientific point of view about 12 minute workouts ( and I agree with him ), is it possible to get ripped with only 12 minutes per day. He pretty much said that in 12 minutes a day nobody can get that ripped, and Z got pretty upset by it, her reaction was very unlike her.

        • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

          Intersting stuff. Why would she get upset by such of thing ? Her diet was different as well. but as a 3-year follower/subsciber of BR.TV’s updates I can still remember older, longer
          WOs as well (once there was a 1 HOUR WO.. I think it was something made of diff variations of burpees) & there was a time when she were adding 20min of cardio (JR/Jump Rope) “challenge” after her WOs as well.

          Hugs <3

        • If this is the Alfonso from, he is very experience and an excellent trainer (he knows what is speaks about). I was going to start his routine, the same week that I found you. I’d done the 4 weeks BCx Bootcamp program on that site in January 2012. Doing that program remainded me that something was missing in my short excercise program.

          • Evaleen

            Aye, that’s him… didn’t know about this guy till recently, he seems pretty cool. πŸ™‚ I love his “passion”, haha– makes for entertaining (but still very informative) reading.

          • This is the very reason I’m here on Lovingfit…not a fan of dramas. Anyone with more than 10 years in the fitness industry has to be very passionate. It must be very frustrating for trainers to see so many youtube trainers (the good, the bad and the ugly).

          • Hey Lvette,

            It’s Alfonso from

    • Evaleen

      Hi Vanessa. I’ve seen your comments lately on Z’s page, and wanted to say that I couldn’t agree more with the lot of them. It’s ludicrous (sick even) that any respectful criticism on there gets a “troll” labeling… where’s the maturity or unbiased judgement? Anyway, I don’t wish to be so negative here (especially not on this “Loving” site) but I simply can’t stomach double-standards or to watch others refuse to hold their ‘favorites’ accountable for their actions. And as for Z herself… well, I loved her as personal blogger with a passion for fitness, but I have no desire to follow a ‘celebrity trainer’ who has time to rebut critics but no response for the devoted followers who outright beg for her advice. That last bit honestly saddens me, because I can very much empathize with that kind of desperation… it feels awful.

      And of course I’m totally with you on what makes Tati different– though I hate to ‘compare’ because everyone has their qualities, I simply don’t know anyone more genuinely kind, honest, modest, or so generous with their time. A better teacher and guide couldn’t be asked for.

      • Tati is indeed different and I also like that she is fair.
        She’d never insult another fitness coach, let alone using the word “fat” as an insult. I like Zuzana but I think it was childish and insensitive of her, especially since a lot of her viewers struggle with weight loss. As for what goes on in Z site, I don’t like the cheerleading and high-fiving that is encouraged by the reiteration of messages like WarriorZ are sexy, We are WarriorZ…No wonder some people talk about brainwashing.
        I’d rather listen to knowledgeable explanations like the ones we get from Tati. That being said, I also like Zwows but they’re just not enough for me anymore. πŸ™‚

        • Evaleen

          Yeah, I had been feeling this way for a while but I officially became an ‘unfan’ after reading that (I have a strict ‘no arrogance’ policy lol). And thank god someone else feels the same way about that constant warriorzzzzzzz gimmick– I mean seriously, leave the high-school stuff back where it belongs!!! Lol, thanks for showing me I wasn’t going crazy after all. :p

          And tbh I’ve thought for some time that the Zwows were overrated anyway… cause except for a cool new move every other week, most of them just look like random circuits of standard exercises (so basically, nothing I couldn’t have simply created myself). As for how challenging they are, that’s not hard to accomplish either… I mean, try cranking out as many burpees as possible in 10 minutes– that’s hardly original or creative, but plenty difficult lol.

          On the other hand, the work she did during her BR days was simply great. And btw, to anyone who’s looking for old vids that got deleted, this user has uploaded almost every one:

          • I agree that many of her old BR workouts were great and thank-you for the link you have provided. Every once in a while I need an extra cardio.
            I like Zuzana’s determination but I think she should mainly thank her great genes for the success of her site. I think any rational adult can see that hers is mainly a fantastic yet very simple business strategy. Never-ending boobs for the horny men who have always been a consistent part of her fan base and tacitly lulling her female fans into thinking that if they religiously do her Zwows they will one day have a body like hers. Hence the constant Warriorz are sexy, We are warriorz gimmick. There’s never room for interesting conversations regarding fitness, just a reiteraton of catchphrases and photographs.
            What I truly like about Tati is that she’s truly knowledgeable and truly genuine. I feel that she truly CARES about her viewers (whom she treats with respect) and honestly cares to provide us with very good and effective workouts and overall advice.

          • Evaleen

            I’m not so sure how much genes really help in her case, other than that her body composition is a GREAT one to have (lower half is curvy while her abdomen stays lean). But she’s never been overweight by a significant amount and also wasn’t raised on a SAD diet (I think a bad European diet is still better) so those advantages put her far, far ahead from many of the viewers who are trying to get fit with her methods. But you know what, I hope they realize that for THEIR sake… it’s not about how much easier others have got it, or anything like that– we all just have to be realistic, patient, and work hard for our own results. And any bit of knowledge or info can help provide us with the means to do so.

            And yes, I love love LOVE the conversations and topics on this site– I missed that so much when BR and Z stopped putting much if any focus on such things. But on Lovingfit, I’m spoiled with great reading! Tatianna chooses such interesting and useful subjects. πŸ™‚

          • steffi_dk

            Thanks for the link:-)

  • Thank you Erin πŸ™‚

  • Ellen65

    I can really get ‘behind’ this challenge!

  • Friday is my last Abs challenge. Count me in for a round bubble booty in 4 weeks…will be bouncing a coin off my booty at the end of this.<3

    • That’s right! Glad you are joining in πŸ™‚

  • DiBi

    Wow, cool! I am still busy with the abs challenge as I was moving and needed to quit sports for about two weeks but as soon as I have finished my abs challenge, I will move on to this!

  • Diana

    Hi Tati,
    I have a very stupid question…:) I normally have one lower-body, one upper body, a full-body and an abs day in a week. That means I would add this challenge once a week. Is that enough? Or shall I add this to other workouts (for example the full-body)? How many times a week is it effective?I think this challenge is genius just like the previous programs targeting “special” areas! πŸ™‚ Thank you sooo much for your work!!!:)

    • Hey girl,

      Just add it to your full body workout as well, so you will still end up doing it twice a week.

  • Isa

    I cannot wait to start this challenge! Tatianna, you are such a fitness yoda πŸ™‚
    After the abs challenge, leg lifts are suddenly so much easier and I can last for a lot longer without having to rest and I can plank for minutes at a time now πŸ™‚ All thanks to you
    Will have this down for Tuesdays and Saturdays or Sundays…

    Thanks xx

  • 1Ivana

    Oh, this is really something for me…!!! my butt can get so small, I call it “andol”…it is a pill for temperature etc…very small, with a crack in the middle…
    So I am in!!!!

    kisses to you all

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    I am definitely in! I started the posture challenge as well and I just love to do it after my workouts or in the morning as soon as I wake up. I appreciate your creativity and I love that you are real and disciplined. That is what I like about working out. I have been regularly working out for years, and even though looks were the initial motivator for me, I have gained a lot more over time. Getting ripped is not my main goal – even though it feels great to see my abs for the first time;) I love to get excited when I see a routine or challenge you have posted and I love this new passion I have developed. So, I personally don’t care weather I will ever have a body like you or Zuzana or any other trainer. If a person motivates me and fills me with positive energy, that is enough for me. I also appreciate the fact that you care about your readers health, that just confirms that you are caring above all πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Katerina,

      I love that you have a healthy outlook, I think we should always strive to be a better versions of our selves, that’s why I never compare my self to others, because the most important thing in any journey is to improve our selves.

  • Yeah xDD I’ve soooo been waiting for this! Can’t wait to try it πŸ˜€ Nice jobTati πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks girlie,

      What a cute picture by the way πŸ™‚

  • Evaleen

    Wow, didn’t know that about you… a huge congratulations for making that change and giving yourself better! And Tati is indeed ‘the best’, :p but your own strength needs to commended as well– so happy for you!!! πŸ™‚

    • daybelis garcia

      Thank you for your kind words evaleen:)

      • Girl,

        You’ve came so far, I am so proud of you!

  • Vivi

    After reading the comments here about the 12 minute per day training debate, I had to read it to find out what the fuss was all about.

    That said, I think it is important to caution people about the validity of the evidence presented in any type of opinion article. Gathering observable evidence and opinions from experienced people is a good start, but I urge everyone to track down peer reviewed scholarly articles that can provide hard evidence for and against these claims, and then decide for yourself!

    I know for a fact that you will find hard evidence that supports both sides equally well, but don’t take my word for it. Try Google scholar, or go to the library and ask the librarian to help
    you track down reliable sources of information, or find a book (better yet, two or three) written
    by experts who cite a substantial number of articles in scholarly

    In addition, remember that certain methods of working out are more or less effective depending on the person’s genetics, health status, lifestyle, levels of effort, belief system (the mind is a powerful tool that has a profound affect on the body), and so on. What works for one person, may not work for another for these reasons and others – I’m sure the list is inexhaustible.

    Happy research! πŸ™‚

    • You are right. People need to tailor a workout program to themselves. The important thing is all trainers need to stress you point of genetics, health status, lifestyle and many more factors that contributes to what result can be expected from a program. A blanket statement or a magical claim does no good.

    • Hi Vivi, I totally agree with you when you say “what works for one person may not work for another” and “you will find hard evidence that supports both sides equally well”. That’s exactly what I was trying to explain to a guy in Zuzana’s page, but he kept insisting that only HIIT is supported by “current science” and people like myself who had reached plateau with 15 minutes’ HIIT were “wrong”. I suspect this guy must have some sort of emotional attachment to Zuzana which is clouding his judgement, There’s no other way to explain this level of irrationality.
      I think it’s great that we can all share different experiences! It’s much more fun and keeps things interesting.

      • Jos

        Hi Vanessa, I know who are you talking about and he actually PM me on my FB regarding this continuing the argument. But in the end I just wanted to end that useless argument since we all different and can’t be forced to agree all the time, right?

        • Hi Jos, I can’t believe he even PM to continue the argument. I don’t know why some people find it so hard to accept that we are not all alike. πŸ™‚

    • Evaleen

      Agreed on all points, and I would personally add that being dogmatic about ANY thing is irrational, unhealthy, and self-limiting (we see that mentality all the time when it’s related to diet, and now with exercise too it seems). There’s never a need to shun an alternative point of view– in fact, why not embrace EVERY thing that personally works for EACH of us? Why turn it into rivalry instead…

  • tryste

    OK, like so many other have said — AWESOME! This is JUST the challenge I’ve been waiting for! For whatever reason, my bum is my biggest problem area and I would LOVE to get it toned up. Thanks for this Tati, you’ve given me a reason to look forward to Monday πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see what comes out of this challenge!

    • After this challenge we are all gonna have a super butt!!!

  • Courtney

    I am so excited about this challenge, Tatianna! My booty is my biggest problem area, and I’m always looking to improve it. When I was younger my dad used the term “saddlebags”, and now every time I look at my booty/upper thighs I can’t help but think saddlebags. They’ve shrunken quite a bit since the beginning of my fitness journey, but I still don’t feel comfortable showing off my legs/butt and I’m still working towards my ideal booty (Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw). Ironically, lower body workouts are my least favorite; I just can’t seem to handle the burn, even though I know it’s necessary. Anyway, this is just the motivation I need to pull me out of my slump.

    Side note: I’m totally loving the barefoot stuff. Keep it up!

    • Thanks Courtney,

      I would like to give you a tiny tip,

      We all have a certain belief that was imprinted onto us by someone in our childhood, mine was that I had huge legs, I believed it to the core and until I reversed my belief I always felt like I have the most huge legs ever.
      Try not to think of the saddlebags but instead think of the problem areas the way you want to see them, and affirm it verbally to your self daily. In a few month you will notice how your body and the way you look at it change.

      I’ve been so loving the barefoot workouts, I can’t even look at training shoes anymore.

      • Great tip Tati. πŸ™‚

      • sedindriuke

        good, really good tip and i know it works in all areas of life.. I am small, short, but have huge legs because of big harmstrings :))) like a hills if i see into myself from side in front of the mirror.:))) but with consistency, loving sport not to lose weight but the process overall, everything changes πŸ™‚

  • saretta

    I am so excited about this challenge!!! My booty has always been the bane of my pear-shaped existence! I did a practice of these exercises today and found that my knees hurt during the bridges. Does this depend on the position of my feet, or something else I may be doing wrong? Thanks!

    • Hey Saretta,

      Yep, it does depend on the position of your feet on the ball or a chair. Try to adjust your self such as laying further away from the ball.

  • I am sorry to hear that you suffered from anorexia and I am very happy to hear that Tati’s workouts and attitude have helped you. πŸ™‚

    • daybelis garcia

      Thank you Vanessa….they definitely have … I don’t know how to thank tati

  • This challenge will make your butt rounder and tighter, to make it bigger all depends on the workouts that you do ( add more weight to all the butt exercises ) and make sure to eat protein and good carbs after your training.

  • Evaleen

    Meant to comment yesterday after watching the vid (lost my net connection, urgh) but this looks like a great challenge! I have a few to catch up on actually… been wanting to but couldn’t consistently fit them on a random workout schedule. Feeling back on track now after five proper workouts this week (am sore now but happy! ha) so I’ll begin the challenges tomorrow.

    Thank you for always inspiring!!! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you girlie,

      I am happy to have you on board with the challenge!

  • midimidi

    hey tati! I am moving in like 2 weeks. I am really busy and stressed. Thank you for these short little challenges. Lately I have not had much time to exercise, and these are things I can do just to maintain until I get through the next few weeks. I still am doing the split routine you are on but I can throw this in when I have an extra 10 minutes with the ab challenge.

    • Hey Midi,

      You can also do 3 full body workouts with a day off in between, that’s why I usually do when I’m busy on certain weeks.

  • midimidi

    that is amazing! I agree, seeing a strong women like Tati with curves and muscles, who can actually do something with their body besides fitting in small clothes is always inspiring.

    • daybelis garcia

      Definitely midi midi I am totally in accordance:)

  • Hello Tati,

    I am about to get my rest week in 2 weeks.
    Should I wait to start the challenge? Or Should I do it for 2 weeks, rest and continue for the following 2? :/
    I donΒ΄t want to wait because I will be behind and if I rest in that week, I think I wonΒ΄t get the benefits of the challenge ://////

    • Hey Mily,

      I suggest you wait and then start the challenge after.

  • yboog

    Im in!

  • Elena

    Priwet Tanja! Nakonezta ja nashla wremja posmatret pislednie video twoi. Tanj ja poka xochy delat na sledyshei nedeli fullbody workout tak kak s detjmi wsegda termini ja wimatiwajus i ystaju sa den slilno a sport ja delaju tolko wecherom. Tanj ja sche mogy ety challange delat w pered fullodyworkout

    Tanj i kak ti na mi plan trenerowachnij smotrish esli ja bydy tak trenerawaza?

    Ponedelik lowerbody
    Wtornik. Upperbody
    Sreda day off
    Chetwerg. Fullbody
    Pjatniza off( tak kak del wsegda mnogo)
    I w suboty toshe prexodiza delat day off
    Woskressenie. press, core i cardio

    Spasibo bolshoe Lena

    • Privet Elena πŸ™‚

      Da mogesh delat etot challenge v den Full Body, v Subottu mogno delat toge Full Body tak kak v Pyatnisu Off ), eto daet den dlya otdiha

      • Elena

        Da ja ponimaju, w syboty toshe den wsegda sabitij i kogda ja staralas w takie dni trenerawaza ja chuwstwowala sto mne eto mnogo sto ja potom ochen ystalaja xoshy poetomy prexodiza delat syboty toshe off πŸ™‚

        • Da, otdih eto ochen vagno, tak kak esli mi dostatochno ne otdihaem nashe mishsi ne mogut perestroitsya, i poluchaetsya chto oni razrushautsya.

  • Hi Daybelis, I am so happy you found Tati. I too have previously dealt with a long battle of anorexia nervosa and can proudly say I won. Tatianna is a wonderful role model for someone in your situation, she exudes confidence and looks like an athlete. I love that she works out 4 days a week, it really shows you that you can achieve a great figure without obsessing about exercise. She also really pushes taking periodic breaks through-out the year to allow your body to recuperate. The only thing I am very opposed to is her intermitting fasting diet, where she stops eating 5-6 hours before bed. I eat every 3 hours and if I don’t eat after 4 I am starving, so it would mean I would have to go to bed with my tummy rumbling which to me isn’t the mentality of an athlete.
    I hope your able to beat anorexia b/c life gets so much better once you can start living it with a clear, healthy mind. Keep strong mentally and physically:)

  • sedindriuke

    Today was my the second time on this challenge (i done the first time after you mentioned it in FB). Nice πŸ™‚ i like bridges as it really helps me with back side of legs (under booty :)) and to form glutes :)))

  • Evaleen

    Only my first day of the challenge and I already buffed it up some lol. Mistakenly did just 40 bridges pre-workout, and the first two sets of one-leg bridges were pretty weak… though I think I can blame my ball for that, seems to have lost a lot of air. But I did the remaining sets properly using a chair, got some nice height and glute contraction.

    That hold though at the very end… oh god that’s gonna be my nemesis lol. Granted it was only my first attempt, and after a long/hard workout that I put together (nearly 400 reps). Still, I hope me arse doesn’t pay too dearly for it tomorrow. xD

    • tee_w

      I’ve done it twice now and buffed it up both times! lol first time I didn’t realize it was three rounds, today I made sure to do three rounds but forgot the 10 sec hold! aaargg!

      • Evaleen

        Oh crap, I forgot the hold too!!! Geez my eyes like to skip over words lol.

        Oh well, third time’s the charm, right? :p

  • Kate_CZ

    Oooooh, IΒ΄m dreaming of a round bum! I want it so much. Actually at least some bum :))) I started with the challenge today and I plan to continue as long as needed. I had troubles with the Booty Hold. I had to put my arms down and keep only legs in the air (lower body pain). Hopefully I can get better with more repetitions…

    • You’ll get ahold of the booty hold after a few times, it’s one of the best exercises to gather up the butt muscles at the end of training, a lot of acrobat girls always do these exercises and they have some amazing butts!

    • MariaBjΓΈrgJepsen

      Oh, sweet Kate, PLEASE take some of my too-much-of-a-good-thing-bum-roundness, haha πŸ˜€

      • Kate_CZ

        Yes, please! IΒ΄m now awaiting an express delivery from you!!!

        btw, your bum is exactly what I pray for πŸ˜‰ you can give me the whole package ;))

        • MariaBjΓΈrgJepsen

          Aww, you are too sweet, darling πŸ™‚ THANK YOU for your beautiful birthday picture on my wall, I love it!!! You are always so thoughtful <3

  • Evaleen

    Anyone else having trouble with their hamstrings freezing up during the 1-leg bridges? I’ve always gotten this problem when doing the move, though it was much worse with a stability ball (I’m only using a chair now).

    I always stretch my hamstrings and use my glutes to lift, but had to stop today after 60 reps because the tightness kept worsening… any more and my muscles might have locked up in a contraction. o_0

    • Hey Evaleen,

      Try to lay further away from the chair)))

      • tee_w

        Oh, duh! I keep moving closer when my hamstrings cramp up, I keep thinking its because I’m not close enough! lol

        • You got to go further T :), also try to place your heel on the ball)))

  • sedindriuke

    I will do the new lower body workout today and the second week of booty challenge… omg 20 reps of one lef bridges and three rounds gonna kill my muscles under my butt πŸ˜€

    • But your butt is gonna love you πŸ™‚

  • My Darlings,

    I am going to show you a variation of The Bridges and Superman Holds at the end of tomorrow’s video ( for those of you who is having a hard time with these ).

  • We do 3 sets all together, but every week we are adding 10 seconds to the Superman holds, and 20 reps extra for bridges before the workouts, and 5 reps extra for 1 leg bridges.

  • Christian

    I started this challenge this week (yesterday). I think my butt is gone thank you at the end of this month!
    Thanks for all you do, you are truly amazing!

    • You are so welcome darling, I love sharing my passion with you guys! Its’ me who should thank all of you for such amazing support.

  • Petra

    Tati, I completed 3 weeks already!! Next week is finally my rest week…these workouts have caught up with me and I am sooo ready for a little break! What do I do about the challenge? Should I continue? Thanks for these awesome workouts!!! I’m so happy that I’ve found you and I am really happy that you are finally starting to get recognized for the hard work you do. <3

    • Hi Petra,

      Well if its’ your break week then just take your break, and start over after the break.

  • yboog

    I only have 1 more day left in this 4 week program and the results are satisfying.
    I want MORE roundness!
    I decided I will continue for another 4 weeks.
    I will add the reps and up them as I go and focus on being able to hold without putting my hands or arms down.

  • tee_w

    I have a question for you Tatianna, if you see it! I notice when doing one leg bridges, or any bridges for that matter, but especially on my left side – I am unable to lift my bum very high. Do you think this is due to weak muscles, or would it be a flexibility issue? I’m thinking flexibility, myself but am not sure, and if it is flexibility, would it be hamstrings, lower back, or maybe hip flexors. I wish to work on this but am uncertain what needs working on. I am going to do these more often because I hate them so much, but I’m thinking I need to work on stretching something as well? I’m also thinking of adding in holding the bridge more often after reading (I think it was Skippie’s comment) about that ab program that uses bridges afterwards to protect your back. What do you think, and do you have any advice for me?
    No hurry on the answer! Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Hey Tee :))

      I saw the question, I was just scanning Disquss πŸ™‚

      You know it is a combination of several things, flexibility in hip flexors, hamstrings and a weak lower back. I used to have this problem when I didn’t stretch my hip flexors very well, hip flexors can solve a lot of problems. But lower back is definitely a biggie here. I suggest you doing more exercises for your back, not just your lower back but your whole back. For this specific problem I suggest you doing bridges on both legs and try to lift your back higher each time. Also stretch your hip flexors more, a lot more.

      Also here is a video with a lot of lower back exercises, on YouTube it’s the best one I’ve found. This guy is my favorite, I love his videos.

      • tee_w

        hmmm, I don’t think my lower back is weak, as almost all those exercises are easy for me. I have no trouble with the booty hold in the booty challenge. whenever I have my stability ball out, I like to do leg lifts on it, like a reverse hyperextension. love deadlifts,too! I do a lot of lifting and carrying at work, 5 gallon pails off floor etc, but stomach muscles quite weak, so an imbalance there. will have to look up how to stretch my hip flexors and hamstrings better, thanks I’m bad with stretching.

        • Hey tee,
          If your stomach muscles are weak, you lower back though strong is compensating for the weak stomach. This could cause you problem. Also, a thight hip flexor could be the cause of the problem. Personally my left side is weaker and not as flexible as my side right.

      • tee_w

        Today I tried doing these after my upper body workout, and was able to get up a decent amount, maybe my muscles were just toasted every other time I did them,lol I should keep stretching anyway though.

  • Alice

    I started doing your workouts last week and I’m so happy I found you! I used to do similar workouts, hiit and circuits from another website, but yours are on another level. I can feel the difference after the workouts.
    I have a question – when I’m doing the one leg bridges I can feel it in my lower back and my hamstring, (sometimes even in my calf!) but in my glutes, not so much. I do contract the muscle… What am I doing wrong? Maybe the support I use is too high?

    • dani


      I think if you read teeΒ΄s question and the corresponding answer it may help you. Also, the glutes are the biggest muscle group, so you will feel it in smaller ones before the glutes.

      • Alice

        Hi Dani, thanks for your answer! You could be right, because sometimes I feel my back is weak when I’m doing my workouts. It’s like if it wasn’t strong enough to give me stability as it should, if it makes sense. I started to include some back exercize in my routine just last week. I read tee’s question but I didn’t correlate because I can lift my hips very high with no problems.
        Anyway, I’m at week three of this challenge and I have to say that with more repetitions I do feel it in my glutes. A lot :))

  • Hi Tatianna,
    I know this is an older challenge but I just started doing it so I hope you see this comment. I don’t regularly train upper and lower body so I’m just doing it 3 times/week. My question: Is it normal to have a sore lower back from this, especially from the one leg bridges? I saw that one leg bridges are sometimes used to strengthen the lower back so maybe mine is just weak and that’s what’s happening. But I know having a healthy back is important and knowing that you healed yours and are knowledgable about this I thought it best to ask before I go too far. I’ve only done it twice so far in the first week and am noticing some soreness. Plus I am combining it with the back and core challenge of yours as well because I want to strengthen my back and improve my posture.
    Thanks in advance and thanks so much for your challenges and workouts! I’m truly grateful for you and all that you share here on Loving Fit! πŸ™‚

  • I started this challenge today!! and I am already loving it because my booty is so sore!!! hahaha no kidding! Thank you Tati, I will report back after 4 weeks!!!

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  • jgla

    Is there a printable calendar version of this? What’s a tight booty hold ? (just squeeze your butt?)