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Feb 2, 2012 by

Circuit Training Workout


Hi everyone,

Today’s workout routine was focused on the upper body and cardio and it was a follow up to yesterday’s ” Hard Body Skater Workout “. I did this routine in a circuit manner to not overload my nervous system, because tomorrow I have a great HIIT resistance workout coming up ;). It’s not very healthy to do high intensity interval training two days in a row.

After completing this routine I also did 3 sets of regular plank holds 1 minute each. It is actually a great idea to do planks before and after each workout if you want to develop a better definition in your abs.

In today’s routine I was using a chair, my timer and half of my pink toy Lebert.

Make sure you do a good warm-up before beginning to exercise.

For workout recap & beginners variation fast forward the video.



Workout Explanation

Set your timer as a stopwatch. This workout consists of 6 exercises, but 1 of the exercises are 2 different types of skipping, in which I did’t take any breaks. I completed the following circuit 3 times.

  • Bear Push-Up & Vertical Leap Combo – 12 reps
  • Dips – 12 reps
  • Mountain Climbers Against The Wall – 50 reps
  • Turn Jump – 20 reps ( try to go through the full 20 reps without taking a break )
  • Elevated Dive Bombers – 10 reps
  • Skipping – 100 scissors, 100 regular skips – 200 total


My time for this workout was 24 minutes and 36 seconds, try to beat me but never sacrifice a proper form.


Share your scores!


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Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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  • Daybelis2393

    loved this workout. I did modify it a bit as where I did regular pushups instead of the bear one because I didnt want to sacrifice hurting my back with improper form. I also did regular mountain climbers but upped the reps. My time was 24:41 :}

    • Thank you for sharing doll 🙂

  • Kate_CZ

    Hello Tatiana and everybody 🙂

    I wanted to try the Wall Mountain Climbers ever since I saw this exercise for the first time. Finally there was enough nice weather to workout outside. Because I couldn´t do this with my inside walls (I would left them dirty) and also I didn´t want to do this workout barefoot due to the skipping (I already did skip barefoot several times but every little mistake is very painfull then ;->).

    So I did it today in 22:11 and I found the mountain climbers mainly mentally challenging 🙂 I´m happy I did it.

    My modifications:
    – I did only regular Dive Bombers (absolutelly enough hard ;D )
    – Dips off of a chair 
    – 20 turn jumps – I did 20 without any brake just in the first round, then I had to do 15+5 and 10+10 with something like 3 seconds leg shake in between 
    – I wasn´t sure about counting, so whenever there was something 2 sided I counted each side as one rep (so 50 climbers for me were 25L and 25R in total, the same with skipping)

    Thank you!

    • Hi Kate 🙂 thank you for sharing 

      I absolutely love wall mountain climbers and the good thing about them is that you can change the position all the time ( how far away or close you stand to the wall )

  • Did this workout tonight. It was fun and quick and had lots of cardio, of course, which is like sugar or white bread to some people–I just love it. I also had a pec injury scare a couple weeks ago, although it seems to be fine…but I’m staying away from some things, and this workout delivered what I needed. The elevated dive bombers were killer–had to stop after a few and just do regular (4, 4, 3). Oh–and for the skips I did high knee skips and then scissors. Just cuz. 🙂


    Finished up with Abs Climber Uncut, which I also really enjoyed! My abs feel fantastic. On schedule tomorrow is Day 3 of the Evil Abs Challenge, but my left shoulder is feeling a bit…displaced? Sore? Something…I’ll see how it feels.

  • Naomi

    26:28 and I loved it! I did straight leg dips and all the dive bombers were elevated. The little cardio exercises inbetween burned my legs – they are still recovering from Bangarang from a couple of days ago. Besides being a great cardio workout I could really feel this in my shoulders. Inspired by Kendra I did Abs Climber Uncut (I didn’t time it) to finish.

  • Christian

    I did this today, it was really hard on my arms! My arms are still sore from “Force Of Muscle WO”
    Took me 27.09 Min.
    Thanks for an awesome WO.

  • I did it at home today. My time was 24 minutes. I ended up with 2 minutes of front plank.
    Thank you for a great workout!

  • Did this one today, my time was 22,09. It was such a great workout, I really like your upper body workouts they are awesome! After this one I did Abs Climber Uncut Routine, as I can see two other woman here had the same plan 😉 It was also a nice ab routine, thanks Tatianna! Now I will have two days off and will be hanging with my hubby!

  • I woke up the next morning after I did this routine with sore arms and I was excited to feel the effort I put
    into this routine. Also, I am addicted to Bear Push Up!
    It took me 22:51.86 to complete.

  • Warm up: Basic warm up with more focus on upper body, then 5 minutes of lightly doing each exercise in the routine.

    Completed this routine in 27:57. For #1, #2 I used a chair and for #5 I did regular dive bomber after only doing 3 reps elevated.

    Then set timer for 10sec /1 min for 4 rounds, I did regular planks; plank jacks, marching planks and regular planks.

    Stretched and cool down 10 minutes.

  • Instead of wall climber did oblique climbers, I can’t do wall… don’t know why but I feel something weird on my head, maybe a lot of blood 🙂 then planks + abs and 10 min cardio.
    Feeling soooo good for the rest of the day!!!
    Thank you Tati!!!