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Hello my Lovies,

Today I finally have another Ab workout for you. It’s been a while since I’ve done a new one, but I am regularly going to start making more Abs routines. This one is probably one of my favorite abs routines that I’ve done so far. There are 10 exercises and every exercise is very challenging.

The secret to great abs is quite simple and it looks like this: Good Nutrition + Proper Training of Core and Abs + Proper Rest & Recovery = Great Abs.

Anyone can have defined abs!  Your genetics have absolutely nothing to do with your abs. In my family I am the only person who has muscle, especially abs. If I were to believe my genetics then I should of had skinny legs, no abs, flat butt and I would have to starve my self to be thin, because in my family everyone gains weight very quickly. I remember my grandma making fun of me for eating a lot, she use to say ” Ha Ha, wait and see when you turn 25 you’re gonna get fat with these eating habits because in our family we tend to gain weight quickly “. Now I am 29, and I still eat the same if not more then I used to, and I can proudly say that my metabolism hasn’t changed at all, it’s actually better then it was before. So next time someone tells you that with age we loose muscle and our metabolism slows down,  prove them wrong!

One more thing that I would like to point out, as girls we want to have nice abs but we also want to have a thin waist, so I would recommend to avoid doing too many side plank holds and do more side to side bends. To make my waist smaller I do side bends about 4-5 times a week 20 – 60 reps, 20 at a time. Side to side bends really help to tighten the side muscles without bulking them up. You can do that while you watch TV, or right after you wake up in the morning. If you are a guy then you can skip on side bends and do side planks holds instead.

Now let’s get to the workout! Assuming you are going to add this Ab routine after your regular workout, then you should of already warmed – up.  Make sure to watch workout recap part of the video where I go over the proper form of every exercises as well as variations for beginners.



Workout Explanations


I did use my timer as a stopwatch, but this workout is really not about time at all. It is all about focusing on form and contracting your abs the correct way with every rep. In this routine I used 12 lbs medicine ball and a balance ball. If you don’t have the equipment, I show you the variations in the video. You can also make this equipment your self, check out this pos ” Fitness Equipment On A Budget “.

There are 10 exercises total but there is only 1 round so make it count!


  • Slide & Touch ( using a medicine ball ) – 30 reps
  • Reptile – 30 reps
  • Side Plank Mill – 15 reps per side
  • Side To Side Medicine Ball drop – 30 reps
  • Oblique Knee Tucks – 30 reps
  • Sitting Bicycle – 30 reps
  • Pulse Ups on a Balance Ball – 30 reps
  • Slow Leg Raises & Butt Lift – 30 reps
  • Let Switch using a momentum – 30 reps
  • Oblique Climber Jump – 30 reps


Always watch your form, because form is more important then speed!


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  • ltwin

    Tati, ti wiglidish super! Great workout – can’t wait to try this out 😉

    • Spasibo moya dorogaya 🙂

      Seluu 🙂

      • ltwin

         Dorogaya Tatianna,
        Just did this GREAT-SUPER workout!!
        Spasibo4ki ogromniye!!!! ty prosto super!

        • Spasibo moya lubimaya 🙂

          Chmoks 🙂

          • ltwin

            Tatiann, kak twoyo wremya bilo? ya bi hotela znat…
            I did this routine in 18 min. and I feel great.. the last exercise was super-tough though 😉

          • Oj ya zabila vremya dobavit, pomnu bilo chut bolshe chem 17 minut, pochti 18. 🙂

          • ltwin

            spasibo za otwet, dorogaya ,)
            I’m so proud.. I did almost as fast as you..with proper form…I feel my abs today – thank you!!!
            have a wonderful day

          • Yep, we did it in same time doll 🙂

          • ltwin

             Did this one again.. and beat my time by 2 minutes..
            I just love love love this workout!!!

          • Nice!!! I’m gonna try to make more of abs routines, so you have more options to pick from 🙂

            Chmoks 🙂

          • ltwin

             Your’re simply the beeeeest!!!
            Ti prosto prosto molodetz.. super.. thanx for that, dorogaya!!!
            zhelayu tebe prekrasnogo dnya

  • Taaaaaaaaaaaaati!!!!!
    This ab workout looks AMAZING and soooo CHALLENGING! (your workout are always challending though!)!!!!! And I love working out with medicine balls and the balance ball (even I’m falling down all the time lol).

    So, we’re around the same age! I’m 31! 🙂 
    And I’m glad you’re grandma was wrong! Someone told me once, that she doesn’t know why I stress myself that much about “workouts” because when I get kids I’ll get fat :-S I just smiled (it was an old fat woman), but, what I think is that some women after having kids, they think you don’t need to take more care of yourself, and I disagree on that! So, if one day I get the gr8 opportunity to have kids, and I’ll proof her that she is wrong, because I plan to continue taking care of myself! 😀

    Happy Sunday Tati!!

    • Eli trust me you are not gonna get fat when you have kids, women who say that are the same women who blame their genetics for being overweight.  Don’t listen to them, if we take care of our selves when we are pregnant, eat well, exercise through the pregnancy, we will bounce right back!  I have a friend who has 3 kids, and I remember when she gave birth to her 3rd child, 3 weeks later she had her six pack.  I couldn’t even believe it, she looked exactly how she looked before she got pregnant in only 3 weeks.  So we are gonna look just like as well that after babies 🙂

      • Yay!!!!! Reading this feel just great!!!!!! I’ll not listen to them as you said!! 😉
        Wow… your friend did amazing…  Just 3 weeks to get back to her normal weight is so MOTIVATIONAL!!!

        Thank u Tati, now I feel less worry!!!

        • Yeah Eli, definitely there is nothing to worry about.  It is actually best to get back to shape within a month, cause if we wait longer it will be harder to loose it.  When I use to travel with the circus, I observed a lot of girls there who had kids and went right back to work within a month, already back in shape.  They did a lot of home workouts and they always exercised when they were pregnant.  

          I think a lot of women make a mistake when they think if they are pregnant is’t ok to eat junk food and not take care of them selves.  I always hear girls say, ohh well let me eat a box of ice cream, it’s OK cause I am pregnant.  

          But we have to do the opposite, I think if we are pregnant and we have a life growing inside of us, we should take care of our selves even more, eat even better and always have our nails done ;), we have to feel beautiful because the baby can feel that. Happy pregnancy is easy healthy pregnancy, and healthy pregnancy = getting back to shape super fast!

          • “I think if we are pregnant and we have a life growing inside of us, we should take care of our selves even more, eat even better and always have our nails done”  Tati…  I agree you totaaaaally!!!!  Sadly, I’ve seen some pregnant women who look like they have abandoned themselves…   For being pregnant there is no reason for not even combing that hair… OMG!  

          • Thats definitely not gonna be US!  

            I use to go to yoga several years ago, and there I always use to see 3 pregnant ladies doing some pretty amazing things, that I couldn’t do. They were all about same time along, about 9 months, always so happy and laughing. I remember when each of them gave birth, they were back doing yoga 3-4 days later.  I was pretty amazed with them, and they had their babies with them at yoga as well. 

          • Wow… 9 months pregnant and still doing those things…  That’s just AMAZING!!!
            Let’s continue taking care of ourselves!! Yay!!!!

            Wishing a great week ahead of u Tati!

          • Thanks Eli, have a wonderful week as well!!!

          • Thank you Tati!

  • Mariasole Verdi

    pregnancy won t get you fat, i am 44 (looks like i am the oldest! lol:-)) and 2 kids and in better shape than when i was 20, even look a lot younger by people point of view! ive been practicing swimming (and not only in my pregnancyes )and always exercising since i was young. it ‘s not about dieting for me , i sometimes eat even too much, and not so much healthy its my weakness part :-), my body requires a lot of fuel i should try to eat also less bread. but the lack of exercising makes my trousers tight. that is what i noticed most but i have to discipline my self to eat the right way for my health. people always told me : wait to go over your 40s and youll not have the same shape of now, or they said even after pregnancy your body wont be the same. i am still the proof they were wrong. so lets protect our health and shape against prejudices by making the right choices.

  • Swiss_BodyRocker

    My Abs hurt by just watching you do the workout! Can’t wait to do it in a few hours tho.
    Have a wonderful day all!

    • Have fun!

      • Swiss_BodyRocker

        Just finished it! My abs are burning right now (in a good way) thanks for an amazing workout!
        Have a good day all!

        • Have a great day as well!!!

        • jt

          have a nice day! 🙂

  • Pascale Valcourt

    Just did your fabulous abs workout after my jogging this morning. Now, shower time before work. Have a nice day Tati ;))

    • Thanks darling :), have a wonderful day at work!

  • Privt Lubushka, kakoe krasivoe imya :).  Ochen rada chto tebe nryavyatsya moi trenirovki 🙂

  • Bibi

    I love your ab routines and am looking forward to feel my abs tomorrow! 😀

    • Thanks Bibi :), this one was super fun to 🙂

  • Thank you for another amazing workout. 20.42/m

    • Anytime Marilyn :), what a beautiful name! 

  • jt

    Ok, this is a workout on itself for me!! 😉 Geeeeez it was SO HARD!! I skipped the “Side plank windmill” because I didn’t want to put a lot of pressure into my shoulders and wrists as I suck really bad at it 😛 and I planned on doing a Arms mini workout after this one (eventually did!).
    Other than that, instead of a medicine ball I used a 1,5 kg dumbbell and a Swiss ball. I did the proper form on all workouts but some were really hard and had to do mini breaks. The leg switch (can’t do straight leg :(), slow leg raises and the one on a Swiss ball were truly challenging! I feared the last one a bit, because of my knees, but I found that with proper form there’s nothing to fear 🙂 But it’s really hard to do it and the “cardio” component of it makes it even harder!
    It took me 32 minutes having in mind that I skipped one exercise.

    Then my Arms workout and done 🙂 I didn’t do any cardio as I walked a lot today for errands (and yesterday, after a jog I went for a long walk in the afternoon too!) so I think that part has been covered 🙂
    Have a nice day you too! 🙂

    • Looks like you’ve had a great training day JT :).  If you did errands and walked a lot, you definitely don’t need any additional cardio, you did the right thing! 

  • jt

    BTWWWWWWW… I love your coral combo!! 🙂 And it looks very pretty on your lips 🙂

    • Thanx JT, it’s Lime Crime lipstick, I’ve been obsessed with those lately 🙂

      • jt

        I’ve just checked out their web, they have some amazing shades!

        • Ohh yes they do, so unique and bright.  I love those colors that stand out!

  • Hi, it depends.

    I always recommend training each muscle group no more then 2 times a week.  A lot of times I do lower body workout then add an abs routine after, or sometimes I will do an upper body workout then add abs routine.  If you are too tired to add an abs routine after your lower or upper body, then you can do it on a separate day. I do that sometimes when I run out of time.  Just as long as all of your muscles get hit not more and not less then twice a week.  This is how we get better results and proper recovery. 

  • sarroz21

    hi tatianna,
    cute coral pants 😉 my friend and i did this after the sunshine pop workout. 20:58 was our time.

    • Thank you :), I was feeling summery 🙂

  • Thanks God there was just one round!! lol  🙂
    Wow…  That was tough workout!! Just finished it…  21:31 was my time!!
    Awesome routine! Keep it up Tati!

    • Thank you Eli :), that one was even hard for me!

      • I can imagine! It was very challenging!

        And see that I used a 6lbs m.b. for the slide & touch, and a 8lbs m.b. for the ball drop.

        Tati… you’re tough girl with that 12lbs m.b!

  • taltul73

    Hey Tatianna, so that is now my favored, ab routine ever!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Sannia, 

    It has definitely has to do very much with the right foods and proper training and rest.  What kind of foods do you eat everyday?  What do you eat for protein ( Regular food I mean ).  How much do you exercise right now?

    • sannia

       Hi Tatianna..
      For protein not much…once a day raw vegetable and fruit,sometimes yogurt and egs if im lucky  : )
       I exsercise 20-30 min / 5 times a week.

      • How about beans, can you eat beans? 

  • Sunni

    I found your site thanks to another fellow bodyrocker. I did this routine along with the 10 minute cardio killer and let it go routine plus 40 side to side bends. Can I say WOW!! My abs were sore when I was done and hopefully I will feel it tomorrow. That is one of my problems, I can do a bunch of different sit-ups, even 50 decline ones at once, where I sit up on a lowered workout bench (my head towards the floor), and I feel it just a little when I workout, but then the next day, nothing. Anytime I work another muscle group (arms, legs, butt) I feel it the next day. I just want to know if I am doing something wrong. Thanks a bunch for an amazing workout!!!!

    • Hi Sunni, 

      Abs are definitely tough muscles to get sore, even I don’t always feel my abs sore, that is normal because when we workout for a long time, we stop getting so sore as we did in the beginning.  Sometimes we can still get sore when we switch up our training style.  

  • Sure sweetie any time :), I am happy you like my workouts)

  • Lucia

    What is the proper way to do side bends?

    • You raise your arms up, every time you do a side bend you pull your abs inn and every time you pick your body back up from a side bend, you will be using your obliques. 

  • Jenny the Swede

    *grlazzzxxxq* I mixed it up today and took 1 round of Bodyweight only Workout (this time with your rep amount, the only round took me 17:23 min) and parts of this Perfect Abs Afterglow Workout. My wrists ached after the Reptile (my kid is sick so I carried her some yesterday, so I might have started there), so I chosed to skip the other exercises on hands and feet. But I did Slide & touch, Reptile, Side to side, Sitting bicycle, Pulse ups on ball, Slow leg raises and Leg switch. I feel so good! Keep’em coming! 🙂

    • Jenny check you out, you are mixing things up really nicely!!! <3 I'm glad you don't push if something hurts, we have to listen to our body.

      • Jenny the Swede

        You wise woman! 🙂

  • Katerina

    I just did this routine after my workout. I used 5 kg ball and a balance ball. It took me 20 min! It was a killer! Thank you so much 🙂

    • You are welcome anytime Katerina 🙂


    hi tatianna i’m about to do this workout i have a question is it possible to tighten your skin with weight exercises?

    • Hi Jewels, 

      Of course is possible, when we loose weight skin takes a while to get back to normal, but exercising in general helps to tighten skin faster. 


    thank you for replying so fast this is one of the things i notice about you, you always answer the questions and give good advice,  thank you so much and by the way i just finish this workout and i love it.

    • Anytime Jewels :), I am always happy to answer any questions 🙂

  • Kate_CZ

    This workout today killed my abs in 10:49. I loved it. The Leg Switches surprised me the most – much harder than I expected. And the Oblique Mountain Climber? Next time I will start with this one to get rid of the evil as soon as possible 😉

    Nice routine. Thank you!

    • Hey Kate 🙂

      Yes the oblique mountain climber is incredible exercise, make sure you are watching your form 🙂

  • Dianadiana521

    OMG! You make this look so easy…Hi Tatianna 🙂 I am 32, weight 116 and am 5’5”. I look pretty fit but after attempting this routine my abs are way not in shape. I wanted to ask if this is normal because when i attempted the “Side To Side Medicine Ball drop” my upper back muscles started trembling  [around my thorax area] and i was not able to complete this exercise. I tried staying aware with breathing and keeping my abs tight but i kept looking down my gut was poking out a lil. Also while doing the “Let Switch using a momentum” my lower back kept arching up off the floor, I tried keeping my back touching the floor but found it difficult. Is this because I’m a beginner (with weak abs) or is my form not proper??
    P.S. I am not looking to lose weight, I am wanting to get rid of a fat layer on my lower abdomen that does not let me see the lines that were once noticable.

    Thanks in advance,
    Diana Q.

    • Hi Diana, 

      It sounds like you are more at a beginner level, but I give beginner variations in the video.  A lot of times even if we have been working out for a while, but our core can still be weak, because most people miss the core exercises and just do abs.  But to have strong and developed core we have to combine planks + abs workouts together. 

      If you are not looking to lose weight then you simply have to workout 4 days a week, with only 10 minutes of cardio after in 2 of those days. But to strengthen your core you need to do planks, before and after your workouts. 

      • Diana Q

        Thanks so much!! I will def. keep you posted 🙂

  • Hi there 🙂

    Nice to meet you :), I am very thankful to everyone who has been spreading the word about my site, you guys are so great!!!

  • 12:51! Great ab routine!  Thanks, Tatianna! 

    • Anytime :), I am happy you guys are liking the routines, makes me get more creative )

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    was weight training for legs and calves for me. I don’t have equipment
    at home, so I modified some of the leg stuff to work. Here is what I
    did. I put my weighted vest to 28 lbs and wore it for the whole thing,
    except the last exercise where i took it off and laid it on my knees.
    All exercises are 3 sets of 12, some of course are per leg too 🙂
    1/ back leg elevated one leg lunge squat (per leg)
    2/ exaggerated forward lunge rock (per leg)
    3/ wide leg squat…added in my sand bag at 32.5 lb
    4/ one leg dead lift with SB too
    5/ standing calf raise w/SB
    6/ seated calf raise w/SB
    exercise 3,5 and 6 I needed more weight, the rest was good.

    I then did 2 sets of 25 push ups, then LovingFit Perfect Abs Afterglow
    in 9:45 using a 10 lb medicine ball. And last, 2 more sets of 25 push
    ups. Everyone enjoy their day!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really liked the ab routine…new moves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow you can do a lot of push-ups!!!  

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        thanks Tatianna, right now I’m doing a push up challenge from Strong Like Susan, 100 per day for the month. I always do them on top of whatever happens to be in my work out. I do 100 extra at least three times per week even when not in challenge mode…lol…I like the definition it gives to my pecs, lats and shoulders

        • Sounds very challenging, I use do a really fun push-up challenge, and it was only 10 days long 200 push-ups a day, I gained lot’s of strength from that challenge. 

          • Hi Tati!  Gerri Lee, got me going in a “pushup club” back in December.  I have not stopped yet.  I think it is an amazing addition to what I already do daily.  It took a month or so for the fatigue to totally disapear (except last few days got hit by something).  I now do what a friend Shay Thompson coined as Hourlies, Every hour during the day usually 8 I do 50 PU 50 crunches and 8 Pistols.  I have had awesome results doing this.

          • That sounds interesting, I’ve heard of this method before. Let me make sure, so you every hour you do 50 push ups, 50 crunches and 8 pistols?  Every hour and every day?

          • yep except rest days.  Shay Thompson has taken it a step further and actually does a complete little WO every hour.

          • Wow, that’s a lot of working out.  I could probably do something like that for 1-2 days a week but if I do more I will get overtrained. 

          • Lot of work, like I said though it took a while to adapt and then my body started to change quite rapidly!  For the good

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            yes, I saw your post regarding increasing your push up strength…looks like a good way to get used to it…best way to get better is by doing…lol..I can feel my abs from your ab WO, will try to mix that one in a couple of times a week..How often do you work your abs? I’ve been kind of doing a bit every day.

          • I workout my abs only 2 times a week.  That is the best if you want to have abs, sometimes we can push to 3 times a week, anything more won’t get you results. 

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            too true…when I’m on my PU’s every 2 nd day, I will also do a bunch of abs at the same time…with PU’s everyday, i do about 100-150 reps of 1 ab exercise. I’ve got the abs, just need to lay off the wine to see them better…like that is going to happen…lol

          • Ha Ha Ha you are so funny, I am actually having a glass right now, it’s my first glass in months :).  My weakness is fruits and nuts, I eat way too many, I don’t really care to much for any other foods but fruit and nuts is my love 🙂

    • Vivi

      Yes I love to find new moves too ! The Side plank mill is so great !!

      • Guys, you are so kind!  I will keep coming up with new moves for you all the time!

      • 1Ivana

        YES YES…new movese!!! at least for us…

  • Mo

    Excited to give this one a try.  

  • tee_w


    I did the workout that tatianna had recommended on her post about internet workouts it was called “workout: crossfit filthy fifty (modified)”  it was tough!  I had to modify it a bit – my box is a stool about 8 inches tall, and I find that scary enough to jump on!  lol I mostly did assisted pullups rather than jumping as after 10 I couldn’t really control the drop anymore! I used my alpha strong sandball filled with 14lbs of sand to do the swings, and the clean & press.  I used two 10lb dumbbells for the push press, and just did it as dumbbell presses, as when I do the dip I tend to come forward and last time tweaked my shoulder.  back extensions I used a stability ball, and I did 50 skips between the exercises instead of doing 200 at the end.  the burpees at the end about killed me, but I wouldn’t quit!  took 13 minutes for just the burpees!  here it is!

    50 box jumps – 3:19
    50 jump pullups – 9:53
    50 kettlebell swings – 12:18
    50 walking lunges – 16:09
    50 sit ups – 19:43
    50 push press – 23:41
    50 back extensions – 27:32
    50 squat, clean & press – 34:50 (this was killer!)
    50 burpees with pushup – 47:50

    after a short pause to look up this ab workout I then did it!  I had to do the plank mills with one leg down, my leg raises and the leg switches did not go all the way to the floor as my back comes off the floor then.  I used my 8 lb medicine ball.  oh and I stepped the oblique climbers!

    this workout took me 11 min 33 sec,  and I am dead now (I think) lol

    • OMG Tee_w you are a machine!!!

      • tee_w

        ha ha!  not a machine – but crazy!

        • 1Ivana

          Crazy…well said…hihihi…
          I will try this tomorrow!!!

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

         hahaha…Tee is a crazy girl..she tends to do several WO a day…just her style and we love her for it

        • tee_w

          haha! gerri lee, you do more than one a day as well! you just do it after your first workout! pushups abs and high knees! I generally do workouts from 12 to 30 minutes on weekdays, then 10 – 12 minutes just as I finish work (not as intense! lol) and longer ones on weekends!

  • Mirta16

     Tanja, good day! This morning I did this your awesome workout. I liked it very-very much, though as usual! Thank you for that. My time is 19 min.45 sec. What is your time? Just wonder… And I want to ask you if you can give us some more good exercises for slender waist. May be it will be the additional routine to the basic workout. That will be great! The HUG from Russia.

    • Hey darling how have you been? My time for this workout was under 18 minutes, I will definitely make a video for slender waist 🙂

      • Mirta16

        Tati! Oh, thank you very much! I will be waiting for another awesome workout!

  • Hi Vivi, 

    Welcome to Loving Fit 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

    • Vivi

      Thanks a lot ! <3 I really felt my abs to work !
      Very happy to find your site, thanks to Disavowed !!

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…

    just to let you know, I am doing this latter today…Little bit scared I am (talking like Yoda)…:))))

    I will come back latter with my score.

    kisses to you all

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…

    so my time was 17:44,, I expected just a little bit more of sweat, but I KNOW I will feel this workout tomorrow..:))
    Today I started to pack, in less than 10 days I am going away for 3 months….

    kisses to you all

    • 🙂 3 months, are you going on vacation? 

      • 1Ivana

        Oh no…I work as a Touristic animator…and I work in one great is like a vacation from the town and my work here, whole day in nature, playing, doing gymnastic, aquagym, playing volleyball, playing with kids…but I don’t have good access to internet…so kind of a vacation from the technology too…BUT not from the workouts, believe me!

        I really, really like your site, and your approach and explanations…


  • Lucia

    Did this workout in 26:17. My abs were nice and sore the next day.

  • Hi Jessica, 

    Welcome to Loving Fit :).  I totally feel like you about music, it just becomes noise, I can’t even concentrate on the exercises if I hear music.  I am very happy to be doing my workouts and sharing it with you guys, and I definitely want to do everything right because I want you guys to have fun and have great results, that’s why I emphasize form so much because form is what gives results.  Once we get the proper form down for every movement and every rep, then we can take it further and focus on time :). 

  • OneMillionthGuest

    So did this last night, and it felt fABulous!!! I officially have a favorite ab routine! 😀 I love that it’s not “crunchy”, but way more dynamic than most ab workouts, and stayed a tough challenge. It took me about 19:30 min to go through the whole thing (after a quick run-through to test the moves), though it was my intention to take it as slow as needed, in order to engage with every rep (as Tatianna advised). Didn’t have to modify anything, and the weight I used was my makeshift “ball” : three 2.5lb weight pieces wrapped in a blanket, stuffed into a small trash bag then tied off… quickest thing lol.

    I will need practice on those oblique climbers though, cause I didn’t really feel my abs getting worked, though my thighs sure did! xD

    • With the oblique climber jump you have to use your abs to jump, as you are standing with your leg diagonally, in order to jump to the other side you only have to use your abs.  I will include this exercise in the Proper Form 2 video 🙂

    • tee_w

      “crunchy” haha!

  • Thank you Janet, 

    So happy to have you workout with all of us 🙂

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    welcome Janet…our group is really liking this site…great WO’s and posts

  • Jessica20

    Ok, did this one today. It was so good. I added 2-minutes skipping (4 rounds, 10/20 sec) in between each exercise to make it a bit more intense and to get my cardio in. I was soaked after completing this routine. Thanks so much, Tatianna!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Jess 🙂 

  • Jamie Noble8

    Hi! I love this routine… I am struggling with my lower abs not getting firm. It looks like I have a pooch! What do you recommend to get these lower abs firmer and flatter? 
    Thanks and have a wonderful day 🙂

    • Hi Jamie, 

      I always recommend planks before and after the workout, cause regular lower abs exercises are not as effective but when you combine them with planks then they give great results. 

      • Jamie Noble8

        Thanks! I will try that starting tomorrow

  • SaphireChika

    im curious,why did you stop taking whey shakes?

    • Because I saw no difference in my body at all, and saw better results with real food. I think Whey is convenient and if you want to make protein bars as a snack, but drinking it instead of a meal just doesn’t feel right to me. 

      • SaphireChika

        ok, that makes sense.. 🙂 

      • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

        But isn’t that still got the benefits of fast-digesting protein to be consumed PWO especially after stregth training… ?!?!? 🙂

        • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

          I love my |MRM 100% All Natural Whey” !!! 🙂
          BUT I only consume whey after stregth training days (at least 3/week) & I’ll never have it by itself as a meal ! I would always add any type of fruit to balance it out & 1/2-1h later I’ll have my big “real/whole-food” based meal 🙂

          • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

            Which I hope is fine 🙂

        • It’s just a myth that was created by the supplement companies. I use to believe that too, but when I started doing digging around I found absolutely no proof of that at all. Supplement companies sponsor nutrition schools to teach people this myth so they can make more money.

  • Skippie22

    Tatianna, is there a video of you demonstrating the side bends you mention for maintaining a girly waist curve? I just want to be sure my arms legs are in the correct position, and that I’m counting and breathing correctly. I really intend to incorporate your idea into every day, so I’d appreciate as much clarity as you’re willing to give. Thank you so much! You’re wonderful!

    • Hi there 🙂

      Check out this video, I am showing the side bends here

      Let me know if you have questions 🙂

      • Skippie22

         Oh thank you so much Tatianna! I am so glad to see it in video form so I could see your whole body alignment and breathing rhythm — SO helpful, and YES, wonderful for abs *and* back. I’m so grateful for your training tips, and thank you so, so much for responding (so quickly! on a *long weekend*!). Blessings and delightful surprises to you~~~

        • I am always happy to help :), have a wonderful weekend as well )))

  • ltwin

    I did this one this morning… it was AWESOME.. like always 😉
    Thank you – soasibo boljschoye!!!!!
    Tatianna, ti moya spasatelynitsa!

    • 🙂 Zamechatelnih vihodnih tebe moya dorogaya!

      • ltwin

        spasibo – tebe tozhe moya krassawetsa!

  • Exactly! 

  • sheniye

    séance trés sympa! merci.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    So I did this one again today.  Started my WO with weight training for back and biceps.  Gonna feel my lats tomorrow…lol…oh, so happy, I upped my barbell curl weight to 53 lbs today…feel I could have gone heavier…will see if I can straighten my arms tomorrow.  I was going to do a couple of rounds of your Rose Among Thorns WO, but my upper body was done for, did abs instead  :)))  took me 9:48, concentrated on form rather than speed.

    I’m having a hard time matching your WO’s to my weight training Tatianna, any suggestions would be great.  Tomorrow I work out chest and triceps.  I also work out shoulders and abs on one day, and of course legs on a separate day

    • Gerri do you need help to pick a workout for a particular day?

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        any help would be great, I work out my back and biceps together, chest and triceps, shoulders and abs, and legs …so 4 different weight training days….I’m actually thinking of combing the shoulders into one of the other upper body routines, or maybe do a push/pull day ( chest and back ) an arm and shoulder day ( tricep, bicep and shoulder ) then a leg day, so cut it to three days of weight training…do you have routines that would compliment any of those thoughts? You are more familiar with your WO’s so thought you could help :))))

        thanks, Gerri Lee

        • You are very smart when it comes to working out, very very smart.  I can recommend you different routines but I don’t want you to get overtrained.  Only you can decide better because only you know how your body feels.  Do your usual routines, upper or lower body then let me know how you feel and I can recommend something from there. 

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            I used to do weight training all the time, and no cardio at all, then I got bored, found bodyrock and got hooked a couple of years ago. You know the back story there about our little group of disavowed. I just got back into weight training, but still want to do the kind of routines that you do as well. I don’t feel complete with just the weight training. Do you think I should focus on the same body part, weight training and one of your routines right after? Or should I pick a leg one if I did upper body weights? As you can see, I’m a bit lost. I’ve never tried doing both before. I work out first thing in the morning, so a split up day doesn’t work for me, one morning, one after work….after work would never happen. Sorry, I’m rambling. I train my chest and tricep tomorrow, what would you recommend to go with it?

          • Ohh I see, so you want to be able to do weight training on certain body parts, then add another workout for different muscle groups am I correct?

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            hahaha, playing disqus tag here…I’m not sure if I should add another WO for the same part, or add another WO for a different part…that’s part of my problem…thoughts??????

          • You can add another workout for a different part, you don’t want to overtrain. So if you are doing chest and triceps tomorrow, then you can add an abs workout 🙂

  • Skippie22

    Oooh I just did this again today, this time after a rip-roaring time challenge circuit of bodyweight brutality (ooof!). Today I used my 12.5 lbs. Ugi ball and *YES* that was hard!! I’m surprised how many breaks I had to take (!!), but this lets me know that this is EXACTLY what I need to be doing.
    Thank you so much Tatianna…you are a true inspiration :-D. And I LOOOOOVE Oblique Mountain Climbers!!! Now that I know what I’m doing, they’re just fun and I feel like a happy little kid on the floor. 😀 ~~

  • This workout is awesome!  It’s funny because it took me longer than last time, but it was harder!  You know what that means…form is getting better!  14:30 for this.

    A couple of things I noticed–the plank mills, which are AWESOME, by the way, hurt my elbow when I move from side plank to the superman-ish plank.  It’s just one second when I move, and I’m wondering if I’m twisting it and shouldn’t?  Or something?  It’s that moment when there’s a lot of weight on that one arm.  

    Yay for abs.  Goodnight!!!

    • Hey Kendra 🙂

      It’s definitely shouldn’t twist, your hand has to be in this perfect  position, if your hand is right under you then you are going to feel like it’s twisting, but your hand should be in the same position as if you were doing a push-up, and it’s soooo much harder to keep it there.  Just a few inches to the side make a huge difference.  Try it out and let me know how it went 🙂

      • My hand doesn’t move, but the elbow moves.  Does that make sense?  It’s a sharp and very quick pain…not terrible, but a sharp pain usually means “not good.”

        • Yes that’s not good at all, be very careful if it hurts don’t do it.  I am going to add this exercise to Proper Form 2 video.

  • I finished this workout in 17 mins!!! It was AWESOME!!!! thank you very much for this

    • You are very welcome darling 🙂

  • Tryste

    Thanks for another fun and inspiring workout! Quick question though — could you explain what exactly you mean by side bends? I’m not sure what exercise that is…

    • Hi there :), 

      I actually have a video where I do them, it’s here :

      • Tryste

        Fantastic, thanks for the link! 🙂

  • Tricia_W

    Hi Tatianna!

    You mention doing a full ab workout twice a week, but I was wondering how many days should be in between the ab days?  Is one day enough?  For example, a cardio workout with abs one day, a rest day the second day, and then a yoga workout with abs after the third day.  Or would you recommend spacing them out more?


    • Hi Tricia, 

      Definitely space them out a bit more.  What I recommend is doing your abs with 2 days of rest, but on the rest days just do planks.  3-4, 1 minute planks ( make sure you switch variations ).  This will tighten your core from the inside and make the actual abs workout more effective. 

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  • steffi_dk

    Great Ab Workout! I love working my abs:-)

  • Morning Tatianna,

    I did this one again this am, but added in 50 high knees before each and 10 dip station knee raises after each ab exercise. I also did one minute plank at the beginning and end. Today I didn’t even set my timer, but really concentrated on FORM FORM FORM. Felt really good.

  • EassyA

    Hey there, just would like to know you count your reps. Do you count for an alternating movement left and right or each move as one rep? Thanxs!

    • It depends, but usually if I count both side to be one reps I mention it in the post.

  • Vivi

    Tati, I don’t know if I’ve told you this…I LOVE this ab routine!!!!!!! It’s my fav! xoxo

    • Thanks Vivi :), I love this one as well 🙂

  • It’s hard making recommendations to such perfection, but I’m wondering…
    I haven’t seen a single mention of the “Tupler Technique (Cat Vomit)” in your vids or discussions.

    By all accounts the “Cat Vomit” exercise is just about the best ab exercise one can do, next to the ball crunches you demo’d so nicely in this video. Your thoughts?

    • I’ve heard about that exercise but I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea for me to do a video with it)

      • Agreed, it’s not exactly the most sexy exercise to do on camera

        • It’s so nice to see you here Jim 🙂

  • Diana

    Really great ab workout!!! I did it in about 20 minutes but I did it slowly by purpose to constantly check the form!:) I also took your advice and I do planks before-after my regular workouts. I can hardly wait to see the results! (In a month I visit my boyfriend who lives in Canada now. I hope he will like my transformation as well… 🙂 )

    • Ohh he will love your transformation! I’m so happy you watched your form !

  • AlishisPhillips

    Gonna give this a go after I do Glam Bootie workout. I don’t know about no music though…I get so much energy from music! 🙂

    • We are all different, but if you feel better with music then you should include that, it’s all about having fun during your workout as well 🙂

  • AlishisPhillips

    Ok, did this and wow! Great one. So happy that this one only is one round. Whew! A really strange thing happened to my left foot after this. I got a terrible foot cramp, and my first toe got all stiff, and oooh it hurt!! I had to stop and stretch it out and massage it for like 10 min. This ever happen to you?

    • That is strange, never happened to me. Do you stretch your toes on a regular basis?

  • ltwin

    Privetiiiik dorogaya moya.. dawno uzhe ne pisala ,) ya etu trenirowku snowo sdelala… KLASSNOYA!! ya eyo tak lublu.. kazhdiy den bi delala ;)) no znayu 4to nada otdihat 😉 zhelau tebe otli4nogo dnya! zeluuuuuu

    • Privet solnse moe,

      A ya vot dumau kuda ti propala 🙂

      • ltwin

        Dorogaya moya.. ya bila w italii, ya taaaak otdohnula, no ya tam tozhe zanimalas 😉
        teper ya s nowo na4nu doma zanimatsa.. i segodnya budu lowe body delat ..
        nadeus u tebya wsyo horosho i zhelau otli4nuu sredu!

        • Ochen zdorovo!!!

          Y nenya vse otlichno, hochu nemnogo peredohnut, i uge 4j dej otdihau, chuvstvuu sebya luchshe, dumau chto cherez paru denkov zapishim novuu trenirovku 🙂

  • Denise

    helloooo….this is what i’ll be doing tomorrow along with the new zwow…i couldnt watch the whole video as my internet connection is rubbish at night but i do agree with form and tend to do my squats nice and slow so look forward to doing some of your ab work as it’s my one area that badly needs exercising lol….i’ll post again tomorrow teatime (UK time) and tell you how i got on. I wish i had your washboard abs!!!!!

  • Denise

    Phew, just done this routine as promised and although i had to modify some exercises as i dont have equipment it was still tough but i loved it! I used the floor instead of a ball and used my 9lb dumbbell for the first exercise….i had to place my hands under my bum for some exercises as i have lower back problems but i loved this…thank you…it’s a real pleasure to exercise to your routines!!!!!!!

    • I am so happy you are enjoying them Denise 🙂

  • Vivi

    I redid this one for the second time. So great !!
    My time is 8.18 min. I didn’t beat my first time (8.10 min) but it was not my goal. You learn me so well to respect the proper form and not the speed; And more I noticed that to do abs slower make them most work !

  • Dina

    Do you do side to side bends with the dumbbell or without?

    • I do the side bends without the dumbbell. Make sure you are keeping your abs contracted the whole time.

  • Thank you Maria 🙂

    I also love this routine as well, it’s my favorite

    • MariaBjørgJepsen

      You are so sweet and caring, thanks for your responds 🙂

  • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

    Hey Tati ! Great WO !!!
    But I only got 1 Q !:
    Should I eat Starches after this WO ? (is it important for glycogen replenishment after this type of WO? I would usually eat have starches after my Stregth-training, Muscle-building WOs but for that type WO Im not quite sure if glycogen replenishment would be necessary?)

    • Hey Beth,
      It all depends on what results you want, if you are after building muscle then you do have to replenish your glycogen levels ( I really recommend molasses and a banana together ), this is a new trick I’ve learned, cause they both have lot’s of potassium which you need for muscle growth and repair.

      If you are trying to lean out, then you do not need to have anything an hour or so after your workout.

      • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

        How much starch per body weight (lb/kg) do I need to consume on workout days to ensure sufficient muscle glycogen replenishment ???
        &… Should I “phase” my WOs to bulking/cutting ??? I don’t know.
        I WILL do 3 strength-training WOs per week. Where should I place the HIIT WOs if so ?

        Thank you in advance !!!
        Your’e professional adviser 🙂

        • Hey Beth,

          I suggest 40-40-20. Protein, Carbs, Good Fat

          If you do 3 strength training workouts, you can do 1 HIIT on a separate day.

          • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

            Only 1 HIIT ? when you say “HIIT” do you mean BR.TV’s style ? or maybe ther’e considered more as a Full-Body WOs ? (Can you give me a good example of a HIIT WO?)
            Also, I know the 40-40-20 suggestion 🙂 my Q was about STARCH consumption per kg/BW (=Body Weight) for sufficient muscle glycogen REPLENISHMENT on Strength-training days ! How do you know that youv’e been eating ENOUGH ? & what should be the LIMIT ?

            BTW I still reading your posts so I hope I would already find the answers/make my mind up about workout scheduling & nutrition around certain WOs !

            Thanks in advance again 🙂


          • Hi Beth,

            The truth is there is no real way to know, as much science as we have these days, all that science still haven’t figured out how our body truly works and responds, everything varies from person to person and we have to experiment with our own body. What works for one person is not a guaranteed that it will work the same for another. That is because everything in our body is controlled by hormones, each and every one of us have to experiment with our self to see what works best just for us.

            That’s why I never use numbers or count anything, portions, calories, carbs, but I do make sure I eat enough protein because my body responds a certain way if I don’t eat enough ( but this is just me ).

            I also recommend you checking out this article –

          • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

            How should I be expirmenting with my diet ? I roughly know what makes me feel better & what (always..) gives/causes me digestion probems/discomfort.
            Im already/currently doing the IF (for more then 2 months now..) or the 16/8 fasting/eating window (sometimes 18/6, it varies).Would it be better if I would send you a PM writing some of my fitness stats?if then what would you like/have to know about me as a Fit Lover? 🙂
            Thanks in advance again :)appreciates every word of yours !

          • Sure Beth, you can send it over so I can take a look at it. Also include what are your main fitness goals.

          • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

            Also, would you reccomend me Cut/Bulk first ? or is it dependent on where Im currently at? or maybe I should not “Phase” my life & just stick to the split WOs & change my diet accordingly to training/rest days ???

            Your thoughts.. ? 🙂

          • It all depends on where you currently are and where you want to be. It is a good idea to phase fat loss and muscle gain, because theoretically they can’t exist at the same time, I mean they can but it’s quite difficult process to achieve both at the same time, because our diet will be based on what results we want. Fat loss requires a completely different approach than getting cut.

  • I used this as my cardio today after Limbo Bimbo. Limbo Bimbo!!!!
    My time: 16:11. For #4 my feet were down half of the time.
    Plank, followed by 10 minutes of stretching.

  • Isa

    I finally got around to doing this one today after a 12 min hiit workout – only did half reps as I am still building my strength – I immediately felt my whole core suck in about 1 inch – I hope it stays like that and doesn’t pop out overnight haha!

    • Ha Ha Ha, you’re funny 🙂

  • After i finished this wo my abs looked so pumped 😀 .. When i was in the first exercise my abs were already in fire!

    It took me 26:33 min, with a few modifications and additions. I added one arm plank holds (30 sec each hand) between some exercises, i also put on ankle weights in some others and i switched the medicine ball exercise for one leg knee hugs.

    *One arm plank hold 30 sec each side
    1. Slide & touch (with 3kg dumbbell) – 30 reps
    2. Reptile – 30
    3. Side plank mill – 15 each side
    4. Side to side drops (3kg dumbbell)- 30 reps
    5. Oblique knee tucks – 30
    6. Sitting bicycle (for the first 15 i added ankle weights, for the rest i removed them) – 30 reps
    *One arm plank hold 30 sec each side
    7. One leg knee hug – 30 reps alternating
    *One arm plank hold 30 sec each side
    8. Leg raises & butt lift – 30 reps
    *One arm plank hold 30 sec each side
    9. Leg switch with ankle weghts – 30 reps
    10. Oblique climber jump – 30 reps

    and cooled down with 60 bridges (3:00 min) and 50 calve raises (1:45 min).

    Thanks Tati!

  • well said Janet! I’d say idem dito!

  • Marrett

    I have been doing BodyRock for the last couple years and it has been steadily going down hill… I saw a comment with your website under one of their work outs and I have to say… This is so refreshing. Your form is amazing and I love that it’s just about the work out and doing it the right way. I look forward to following you!

    • Hi Marrett,

      Welcome to Loving Fit 🙂

  • tee_w

    Hi Tatianna! Did this one today, thanks! It took me 16:16 I had a knee down for the side plank mills as I’m still sore from a workout I did two days ago & just couldn’t hold it! Lol. I followed this with 5 min skipping, 5 min swings, and 5 min hula hoop!

  • Happy Sunday Tatiana!!

    I love this workout! I finished it in 20:37seconds and I did it after Beware of Burning Monster which was phenomenal! I also began today Sharp Abs in a Month Challenge, I am using a dip station since I don’t have a pull up bar yet and I tried lifting up my legs as high and as straight as possible, I can’t wait to have a pull up bar.

    I began working out religiously since two year ago, I started following Bodyrock when Zuzana was there, then I followed Zuzana, whom I love but I was looking into something more challenging and refreshing and here I am, I love your perfect form and professionalism. It is the first time I am more focus on form and like you have said, No music is playing when I workout because that way I can truly think of good posture and using all my muscles, that really works!

    Thank you so much because you encourage me to keep working out harder everyday and when I am about to quit I think of you, it is like you transmit all your power and strength to us somehow and then I finish the round which makes me feel much better and stronger.

    Love and hugs from Oregon!

  • I did it again today!! one month later and my form and time improved! It took me 17:31, last time was 20:37! I noticed my core and abs are getting stronger because I didn’t take as many breaks and was able to do all the exercises without modification! thank you so much Tati!

  • Patricia Acosta-Ramirez

    Can you tell how much I love this abs workout? It is my favorite!! This time it took me 15:13 using 10lb medicine ball, no modifications and following advance form. I am proud because I almost took no breaks!! Thank you Tati!!

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  • Cassidy Croskey

    One of my favorites! 🙂 I finished in 17:56, using a 14 lbs. makeshift medicine ball…I took small breaks between exercises to watch the video and study good form, so it could have been quicker, but oh well.
    Now, on to cardio!

  • My second time at this…some improvement from 11 month ago. I took 15:03 to complete, which I think is great because I did it after the doing the Frequency of Love upper body routine.

  • This is a great targeted abs routine.
    Warm up: 5 minutes of skipping & 5 minutes of dynamic stretches.

    I used a 15lbs kettlebell for #1 and #4…total time 17:49
    Cardio: 5 rounds …21:53
    1. 25lbs KB swing -30 reps
    2. Low jack -120 reps

    Cool down & stretching: 10 minutes.

    • I think this is my third time doing this routine. I started with basic warm up routine.
      I used a 15lbs KB for 1 & 4. Completed it in 17:28
      Took a 2 minutes break then Hot-Cardio-Madness.

  • Michelle_G

    18:04. Wow. That’s all I need to say.

    Thank you !!!!!

  • Carmen Parara

    Tati, let me just say that I was not feeling sleepy around my usual bed time and decided to spend 18:44:50 doing this routine and I just feel like this has been the best I could have done for my abs today. I am glad my body and mind tuned to glow doing this workout. Thank you my dear inspired friend for this amazing routine.

  • Olga Tihencaia

    Klass!!!! Moe vremea 19:28… Delaea poslednee uprajnee dumala o vcerashnem siedenom tortike))))))

  • Olga Tihencaia

    ? ?????? ???? ????? 17.13
    ? ??? ??????? ????? ???? ??????????? ??????? ???????? ??????))
    ? 20 ????? kickboxing cardio
    Happy weekend!!!

  • Olga Tihencaia

    ?????? ??????!!!!
    ?? ???? ??? 16.01