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Hello My Lovies,

Today I have something completely new for you, we’ve never done this type of intervals before, the name that I gave to this type of training is ” Intuitive Interval Training“. This approach will help you precisely measure your progress each time you train. The best part about this style of intervals is that everyone will get to work at their own pace, at their own intervals, while measuring your progress interval by interval instead of an over all time.  Another thing that I really love about this method, it makes you push harder.

It might sound a little complicated at first, but it’s actually quite easy once you understand the idea.


Intuitive Interval Training Explanation


The idea is to test your cardiovascular strength, so we will mainly work with exercises that we can do fast but in good form, you can use strength exercises as well or you can only do sprints such as running, high knees, low jacks, jump lunges , drop down push-offs etc.

For example:  Pick an exercise, in the video I picked 3 twist jumps and a drop down push off ( that was 1 rep ), set the amounts of reps you want to challenge your self for, I picked 50 for this exercise. Your goal is to complete all 50 reps in as little quantities of intervals as possible, and to stop as much as possible, as well as recover as fast as possible.

You will time every single interval using your Gymboss timer stopwatch function, you will repeat the exercise until you hit failure.  Then stop your timer, write down your reps, and the interval it took you to complete it.  Now, reset your timer and time your recovery period.  You should recover until you feel like you can push for a while again, your goal is to shorten the recovery process over time, and to lessen the amounts of intervals it took you to complete all the set out reps.


If you are using this method for Running, this is what you will do:

You will give your self a goal of let’s say 5 miles ( that’s just an example ), and your goal would be to finish the whole 5 miles in as little quantities of intervals as possible, where each interval is very close to the other in time.  This way, you will always work at your own pace, measuring your own progress each time precisely.


Here is my Interval Time for 3 Twisted Jumps & Drop Down Push-off ( the whole combo is 1 rep ):

I completed 50 reps in 5 intervals total ( make sure you never sacrifice good form ) :

  • 1st Interval – 1: 23 – 12 reps ( I hit failure after 12 reps ) ( rest 17 seconds )
  • 2nd Interval – 1:23 – 10 reps ( rest 27 seconds )
  • 3rd Interval – 1:07 – 8 reps ( rest 34 seconds )
  • 4th Interval – 57 sec – 9 reps ( rest 41 seconds )
  • 5th Interval – 1:20 – 11 reps


You only stop when you hit failure. Next time my goal is to finish this challenge with only 4 intervals, the time after that hopeful 3.  Try out this challenge, I’ve been testing this for several weeks now and I really love it, it’s new and it’s fun!


Here is the video, I first went over the explanations, then you can watch me do the actual challenge:



Have a wonderful weekend my darlings!



PS – I got my tights on ebay ( you guys always ask me where I buy them, this specific tights called Ballet Leggings ).


Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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  • daybelis garcia

    Omg yay imma do this right now. Loved this new workout style:) you look beautiful

    • Thank you sweetie :), I’ve been really enjoying this style of training lately and I’ve progressed so much with my intervals too :), Have fun!

  • I like this a lot–A LOT! I would love to do it with running, but I need to do it somewhere like a track, or somewhere I won’t be interrupted with traffic. I did something like this, but very informally, when I first got my jump rope and was doing BodyRock workouts with Zuz. She had a lot of high knees with jump rope and at first they were really hard, so I started out doing tabatas, but then found it more challenging to do 500 as fast as I could. When I started it would take me 7+minutes, and I would usually have to stop after 50-100. Then one day I told myself I couldn’t stop until I tripped, and strangely I also found that my body, because it wasn’t counting on resting after 100 skips, just adapted and opened up and quickly made it possible for me to go up to 200 skips. Then 300, and now I can do 500 without stopping, and I can do it in under 3 min. It was torturous, but I got there!

    Then I met Tatianna and she introduced me to my soon-to-be nemesis, “Power Jump Rope Jacks.” 🙂 I was thinking of trying this with those, the only trouble is that it’s very easy to cheat on them and not lift my feet as high as I should, so maybe something less cheat-able would be better. Anyway, looking forward to doing that next week!

    • I am super exited for you to try it! The jump rope jacks are very easy to cheat on, you just reminded me that I haven’t done those bad boys in a long time, it’s time to put them back to work.

  • sedindriuke

    So we should dosuch challenge as an extra after some workout?:)) nice idea.i will doit with surfee jumps or smth else.oh gonna be good!hugs!

    • Yep, after your regular workout, you will do a challenge like this as your cardio :), don’t do too much though 10 minutes would be good after the strength training.

      • sedindriuke

        thanks, cool!

      • Thanks Tati. I will incorporate this method as much as I could starting tomorrow.

  • Kim

    Is the goal to do this in 10″ish” minutes? I will do it for jogging, but there’s no way I can jog 5 miles in 1 minutes!! So, I’d jog as fast as I can, then take a quick walk break (or is it a slower jog?), then jog fast, then break, until the mileage is complete?

    • Yep, 10-15 minutes, ( 5 miles was just an example, not in one minute though, I couldn’t do that either ). Yes, you run as fast as you can, for as long as you can, time it. Once you hit failure hit stop on your stopwatch, recover by just walking, time your recovery as well, once you feel you’ve recovered enough, start new interval.

  • Cool, I’ll definitely incorporate this into my workouts starting Monday. I’ve done this type of training with sprints long time ago, but never timed the sprints or recoveries.

    • Hey girlie,

      Let me know how you liked it :), you’re up late just like me he he he

      • I can’t quiet my brain…read too many house decorating books. It’s 11:40pm here, I’m usually in bed by 9pm. A good thing from my insomia is that I’ve now viewed my routines for Monday and Tuesday at least ten times, so there should be no mistake when I do them.hehehe

  • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

    Your Idea is brilliant & I’m just about to do this challenge ! ! !
    You made me so excited 🙂 I actually thought about doing something similiar but wasn’t sure if it made any sense.. just followed the written-down WOs but never got the chance to test MY OWN ability !
    (BTW: would send you my email respond ASAP 🙂

    • I’m glad you like it Beth,

      Have fun with it!

  • cool!

  • I LOVE THIS IDEA, Tati! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, I will try this as soon as I possible (sick in bed now, but getting really better). I can see myself doing this type of challenge with burpees, I HATE BURPEES!!! :))) (but in a weird positive way) :)))

    • Hey girlie,

      Definitely recover first, strengthen your immune system. I suggest you trying some EmergenC vitamin C packs, when ever I used to get sick I would mix 5 packs with water twice daily, and get better within 2 days. Try it 🙂

    • steffi_dk

      Nice idea to do it with Burpees. I also hate them in a weird way, I guess I could really like them, if they didn´t kill me everytime I do them:D

  • 1Ivana

    wooooow great idea!!!
    I had so much stuff to do this week so I didn’t comment…BUT….my own place is done, and I am starting tomorrow with workouts… (at first I will have one small group, but in November I have another group coming,,) so baby steps, but my own steps…
    kisses to you all

  • I just love thes challenges!
    Hey, Tatianna do you have tips to reduce or avoid blocky waist behalf the carb intake ( it got blocky ;-((,since regulary working out)

    • What do you mean blocky?

      • When the obliques are developping , they seem to pop out , which seems to enlarge the waistline;-(

  • Jos

    Great idea incorporating this as cardio after an actual workout 🙂 Now I’ll just have to pick an exercise that I could do quite fast but in good forms!

    • I also decided that now for all the time challenges I will time how long it takes me to do each exercise that way I can figure out which one’s I need to work on most.

  • Ruth

    This is really cool! How would you suggest fitting this into our regular workout routines? Thanks so much <3

    • Hey Ruth,

      You can add this type of cardio after your regular workouts 🙂

  • KirryKaatje

    Oh, this sounds so interesting! I’m going to do this today and try your exercise, but I love skipping rope, so maybe I can think of a way to implement that into this as well? *ponders*

    Why is jumping rope easy to cheat on, tati?

  • I did this using a 12 kg kettlebell and 100 full swings. My bum and legs ok, but my underarms were protesting like crazy! 🙂

  • KirryKaatje

    Finished this after the pop booty workout. I did high knees with my jump rope. 🙂

  • I was a bit scattered and whiped when I did my first IITC. I did high knee jump intervals
    Here is my score:
    1st Interval: 00:26 – 60 reps ( 00:13 secs rest)
    2nd Interval:00:25 – 65 reps ( 00:20 secs rest)
    3rd Interval: 00:29 – 72 reps ( 00:25 secs rest)
    4th Interval: 00:32 – 70 reps ( 00:20 secs rest)
    5th Interval: 00:35 – 85 reps ( 00:35 secs rest)
    6th Interval: 00:35 – 90 reps ( 00:38 secs rest)
    7th Interval: 00:46 – 100 reps ( 00:37 sec rest)
    8th Interval: 00:42 – 42 reps, my 10 minutes was up.
    This was harder that I thought it would be, but I did enjoy it. It would be nice to see my improvement in 4 weeks.

    • Week 2
      Some improved in the number, I was able to go on longer before stopping.
      Here is my score:
      1st Interval: 00:43 – 130 reps ( 00:27 secs rest)
      2nd Interval:00:44 – 130 reps ( 00:31 secs rest)
      3rd Interval: 00:40 – 101 reps ( 00:33 secs rest)
      4th Interval: 00:32 – 72 reps ( 00:42 secs rest)
      5th Interval: 00:37 – 100 reps ( 00:39 secs rest)
      6th Interval: 00:40 – 103 reps ( 00:47 secs rest)
      7th Interval: 00:30 – 80 reps ( 00:29 sec rest)
      8th Interval: 00:11 – 26 reps, my 10 minutes was up.
      My goal now is to go for 1 min interval without stopping

      • Week 3
        Very much improved
        1st Interval: 1:19 – 200 reps (00:45 secs rest)
        2nd Interval:1:14 – 162 reps (00:58 secs rest)
        3rd Interval: 1:08 – 160 reps (00:42 secs rest)
        4th Interval: 00:55- 130 reps (00:38 secs rest)
        5th Interval: 1.03 – 143 reps
        Inituitive training is going to be a regular in my training…not 4 days a week, but at least twice a week doing different cardio exercises.

        • steffi_dk

          That is awesome! I skipped the skipping lately, so that is what I´ll do too:-)

          • I’ll be doing jacks with this next week.

          • steffi_dk

            Can´t do that, my feet hurt when I do too many jacks. But I plan on doing Burpees without Push Ups next. Sounds like Cardio-Death to me:D

          • Oh, you picked a tough one…good not to add the push ups. I once did a pyramid style burpee challenge, maybe next time I’ll try it as an intuitive interval. Good luck with the burpess.

          • steffi_dk

            Thank you…I´ll need it:-) How did the burpee challenge work?

          • I got this idea from I did the BCX bootcamp for 28 days. Here is what I did in April of this year. Try to keep a steady pace with as little break as possble(with good form of course). I did not include the push-ups too.

            1) 10 Burpees
            2) 9 Burpees
            3) 8 Burpees
            4) 7 Burpees
            continue all the way to 1 burpee
            10) 1 Burpee

            Once you reach 1 burpee, start the opposite direction with no break if you can.

            1) 1 burpee
            2) 2 burpees
            3) 3 burpees
            4) 4 burpees
            continue all the way to 10 burpees
            10)10 burpees.

            I was only able to complete one round of the sequence then. I’m planning to this the end of November, after Tati’s new booty challenge.

          • steffi_dk

            That sounds pretty hard, but exciting. Maybe I´ll try this tomorrow, it´s cardio day anyways. Thanks for sharing

  • annebelwind

    Hi Tati,

    this was hard! I thought up something, because i do not have the space to do what you did. I did 2 jump squats and S&M push of 2 (or 1 if you count each for one side as one) I counted that as one rep.. I wanted to do 40 reps total, ended doing 42, lost count..
    It took me 8 rounds to complete.. Much harder than I tought.. Than did one round of the ab challenge.. Thanks Tati..

  • I’m pretty excited about this too. The first time I do any new workouts I’m a mess and consider it more of a learning lesson than a “real” workout. I’d also prefer to do this as sprints, but it’s not going to work. I’m doing 3 squats into a burpee push-up, back into the squats. It was suppose to be 2 squats, but for some reason my body over rode my brain and I kept doing 3, so I said forget it, it’s not worth thinking about, I’ll just let my body take over.(be intuitive).

    These were my times for 50 3-squat burpee w/pushup
    1st Interval – 2:17 – 17 reps – 30 sec rest
    2nd Interval – 1:52 – 13 reps – 30 sec rest
    3rd Interval – 1:35 – 10 reps – 26 sec rest
    4th Interval – 1:40 – 11 reps (Huh, I didn’t realize it until now, but I did a bonus burpee…WOOT!)

    The next time I do it, I think it’ll be a better indication of where I’m truly at. I know I seen it or read it but for some reason I can’t find it anymore, this is daily, right?

    Thanks for all of the fun (and some unfun) challenges. 🙂

  • Hello Tati,

    This looks very interesting, I am going to try it with my jogs too.
    I only jog one day a week because I prefer the strength training and jump rope for 10/15 minutes.

    I´m only wondering how to capture my intervals to keep track.
    My jog is 8km (5 miles)… I do not see my self running and stopping and running and stopping and so on for 5 miles! I think its too much, but well, that´s what a challenge is about :S

    • Hey Mily, 5 miles was only an example, I capture my intervals using stopwatch functions on gymboss, but yes you run and stop, run and stop, but you have to stop intuitively when you are unable to keep going.