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Abs and Butt Workout


Today’s workout was only 21 minutes long interval training routine. I’ve been sick for about a week and today I felt a little better so I couldn’t wait to do my training. My body felt a little weak but I was able to give it my best :).
This routine was focused on the lower body, as well as core, shoulders, back. After my workout, I also did some jump rope skipping for 10 minutes, to prolong the effect of fat burn.

The only thing you will need for this workout is a mat and your own bodyweight.


If you are having a hard time viewing the video, you can watch it here on YouTube.


Workout Explanation

Set your timer Gymboss Max for 2 intervals, first one is 10 sec ( rest time ), the is 35 sec ( max effort ) for the total of 28 rounds. There is 6 exercises in this workout and you will go through the rounds 4 times.

  • 1. S&M push-off

Notes: This exercise is great for your core as well as your balance. It is very challenging so you have to practice it before you add it to your workout.

Laying on your stomach push-off the floor while lifting the opposite arm and leg up.

  • 2. Dynamic push-ups

Notes: This is a push-up variation to make the push up more challenging. Keep your elbow close to your body to place greater load on your shoulders.

  • 3. Diagonal Jump Lunge ( hands behind the head )

Notes: I added pulses at the end of the movement to make it more challenging.  If you are a complete beginner, just do regular diagonal lunges.

  • 4. Regular Jump Lunges

Notes: I added pulses at the end of the movement to make it more challenging for me.  Make sure you watch the video to see how I use my arms in this exercise. As you kick your arms back squeeze your triceps.

  • 5. Deep Squat & Knee up ( hands behind the head )

Notes: I added a small twist at the top. Always squeeze your glutes on the standing leg.

  • 6. Elbow Plank Jumps

Notes: In this exercise use your abs to jump. The only place where you should feel the burn is your abs,


My Scores:

1) – 12, 10, 8, 7

2) – 9, 8, 8, 7

3) – 15, 16, 13, 15

4) – 12, 12, 12 13

5) – 20, 19, 18, 17

6) – 12, 11, 12, 12

Share Your Scores!


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  • Laura Dias de Almeida

    Hi Tatianna,
    I did this workout on Monday (03 October) and the first exercise, the superman push-off, and it killed me off right away! I had to leave out the push-off bit in order to get on with the workout. But I will keep practising it because it’s an excellent combination.Needless the say, moving on to dynamic push-ups right after that did not help…! And then, the lower body series…wowser. A great workout, though, which l will keep getting back to and measure myself against.Wednesday 05 was workout day again, but because I was still aching from this one, I selected a lighter one, your Passion for Fat Loss (posted 06 August), which was perfect: great exercise, including cardio, but easier on the strength training. And because it was so short, I followed your advice and went on the stepper for 15 minutes more cardio.

    So thanks for the great tips; I wonder which workout I’ll be doing today? ^_^

    • The push-off are tough, I combined them with dynamic push-ups to raise the challenge a bit. They were tough for me as well, but since the workouts are not too long it is great to push to the max.
      Usually if my workout didn’t reach 30 minutes, I will do an additional cardio, pretty much either some jump rope or combining jump rope and other bodyweight exercises, so it’s good that you did an additional 15 min of cardio :), our bodies usually begin to burn fat after about 15 to 20 minutes of training.

      Today I did this tough killer abs and cardio routine, and since I was already pretty sore from yesterdays ” Surfer Booty Lift “, now I really need 2 days off for sure. I can barely feel my legs, LOL.

  • Ashlie Winner

    OMG! You kick MY BUTT! I am LOVING FIT! Thank you for all your hard work!

    • You are very welcome Ashlie :). I love kicking butt!

  • Esal1

    OK I am in!!  What a cool WO!!  Really enjoyed it and loved the pulses on the Jump lunges.  The Dynamic PU were harder then I thought they would be, probably cause of all the shoulder work I have been doing screwing around with handstands.  Two thumbs up Tati!  Thank you!   Scores

    1)     13  11  11  10
    2)     9  10  9  9
    3)     11  11  11  11  (good 3 pulse here)
    4)     14  19  19  19
    5)     16  16  15  16
    6)     31  33  36  34

    Followed this with 12 round of 10/20

    Curls (50 lbs)
    Disavowed Sits
    Weighted Squats  (50 lbs)

    • You are a working out machine!!!  I don’t what your eating to have this much energy but I want some 🙂

      • Esal1

        hahahaha Sorry, I was born that way! I am an Aspie, I need to burn off excess energy, helps to control the repetitive jibberish that comes out of me that drives the family crazy and also helps keep my thought process somewhat in check. 🙂

        • I am definitely going to try your hourlies one of these days, how exactly do you do them?

          • Esal1

            hi Tati! My hourlies were done every hour during an 8 hour work day. I was doing 50 PU, 50 Crunches and 8 Pistols. When Gerri Lee started me in her PU Club in Dec I could not do 50 PUs maxed. Now 50 is not even on the max radar, and good ones too nose to the ground and all the way up. lol Sorry I have turned into a bit of a PU snob. 🙂

          • I’m so taking you’re challenge Ethan :), I want to do it this week, now I just need to pick a day.  By the way I didn’t forget about one leg squats on a medicine ball :).  I’m exporting a new workout right now and in that video right before the workout I did some one legs squats on a medicine ball just for you guys as promised 🙂

          • tee_w

            just curious – what kind of work do you do that you can take these hourly breaks, and also curious – how long does it take you?

            I think it is an awesome idea as I have read somewhere recently that you can’t overcome a sedentary job with a workout when you get home, you have to incorporate movement into your work. I don’t have a sedentary job but mine has a certain amount of work that has to get done in my shift and if I were to do this I would get behind and then get fired! lol I save 10 or 15 minutes of my lunch break for the end of my shift and do some sort of quick workout before I go home – ’cause I get sweaty!

          • Esal1

            Hi Tee!  I have a retail shop, and the people that come in think it is cool if I am doing squats on a Basketball!  The PUs I do in the restroom, I do 50 without stopping so really only takes around min probably.  Crunches in the dressing room whenever I have another min or so and the pistols can be done whenever but usually on the way back from the restroom I “walk” doing pistols.  So actually does not get in the way for me at all. 

            So when are you gonna get a FB account?  Some pretty entertaining conversation going on out there.

          • tee_w

            ha ha!  hope you keep your restroom floors clean!  so you don’t necessarily do it all at once

            maybe, I’ll get one this summer, miss all you guys!  It’s so quiet over at bodyrock because most of the “white” list people are gone!  (though I see you posted a comment there! – bad boy! lol)

            thanks Ethan!

          • Esal1

            ooooppps! Busted! I must confess a couple of glasses of wine and a lot of people on our page were talking about giant mammories! I just had to go look!

          • Where Where?

          • Esal1

            Sorry Tati, was talking to Tee. She was scolding me about posting on BR, just letting her know why.

          • tee_w

            the lips are freaking me out more! look like bee’s stung them! lol

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            come to the dark side Tee….a FB account is easy to set up, you don’t have to give any real info you know

          • I use to have one in the beginning but then I deleted it.  I will definitely set one up a little later 🙂

          • tee_w

            I have no idea how to do, so waiting for summer vacation when I have lots of time, I might make a seperate one for family then too, but no time to figure this out and no time to follow it either! lol

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            Ethan offered to set one up for you and give you the log in and pass word if you don’t want to wait…..just saying

          • tee_w

            very kind, but I’ll think I’ll wait as I don’t know anything about facebook, how to post or not have everything you post show up in “feeds?” my kids tell me that some people everything they post on shows up and it can be annoying. I want to have time to figure it out, so waiting until vacay! Thanks to Ethan! I might still need him in the summer! lol

            Hey did I tell you I bought a new pair of shorts? these ones were only size 6! cool! still boggles my mind that I can perfectly fit size 11 and size 6! lol

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            np, we’re not going anywhere…you can still “talk” via here anyway….no-one posting on BR looks like…oh well..have a great weekend Tee

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            np, we’re not going anywhere…you can still “talk” via here anyway….no-one posting on BR looks like…oh well..have a great weekend Tee

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            damn fat finger double click…lol

          • Tee you are so funny!

          • I am probably gonna start with 35-40 PU cause I can’t do 50 in a row, only about 35-40, I start to hit failure around 38.

            I do have a face book, but only for friends :).  I don’t have the fan page because I don’t feel the need for it.  I know that I have a max limit of 5000 friends, once I hit that limit then I can have the fan page, but for now it just feels silly to run 2 pages.  And it sounds kind of funny ” Fan Page “, like I’m famous or something. 

          • you are famous! And damn right! An amazing trainer, with amazing workouts deserves fame and fortune 😀

          • You are so sweet Marilyn, thank you for your support :))))

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi Tatianna,

    Thanks for this one, liked it very much.. The dynamic PU were really hard after the s&m push offs.. Had to do some of my knees… (doesn’t happen very often any more)

    1: 12, 8, 6, 7
    2: 8, 8, 10, 8
    3: 17, 14, 14, 14
    4: 12, 14, 13, 13
    5: 14, 16, 15, 16
    6: 12, 18, 15, 18

    Love your workouts! <3

    • Hi Annebell,

      Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • ltwin

    Privet Tatianna, I did this one today.. it was a GREAT workout!!!! followed by 10 min of cardio..
    it was awesome! spasibo tebe bolschoye!!!!!

    • Lilija :), 

      Privet moya dorogaya, kak prohodit tvoj otdih?

      • ltwin

        Tatiann, spasibo bolschoye, otdih otli4niy bil 😉 no uzhe kon4elsya.. Snowo uzhe rabotayu i po we4eram zanimayus (s toboi ;))!
        tebe mail napisala.. no ya znayu 4to ti zanita..pishi kogda wremya naidyosh..
        ti prosto molodets!!!! ya obozhayu twoi trenirowki i wse twoi video!!! tak rado 4to teby nashla
        Spasibo4ki i prekrasnogo dnya

  • I LOOOVED this workout!  Great suggestion to me by Ethan at Disavowed Rockers.  I went to the park again today to work out so I wanted a bodyweight one.  This was a great cardio burn as well as both upper and lower body strength training.  I was CURSING this workout by the fourth round.  I really tried on the dynamic push ups to move up and down on the legs jumping in and out–it makes it so much harder.  Also, thanks for the tip on jumping with the abs on the last exercise–it makes it much harder if you focus on just using that part.

    Oh–but isn’t it an 18 min workout, and shouldn’t it be 24 rounds?  I finished and there were 3 rounds left to go, but maybe my math is wrong.

    S&M push off: 13-11-10-9
    dynamic push up: 11-10-10-10
    diagonal jump lunge: 22-20-20-20
    regular jump lunge: 19-20-17-17
    deep squat and knee up: 17-18-16-17
    elbow plank jumps: 25-26-23-22

    I did another workout after this, which was longer than I wanted it to be but involved a lot of skipping and cardio, so that was good!  Thanks for another awesome workout.  I’ll be on vacation in a few weeks and I can’t wait to do this out in the Oregon air! 

  • Esal1

    Hey Tati,

    I hope that I did not overstep my bounds but I sent your vid of the med ball to Strong like Susan.  She loved it and said she wanted to do a collaboration with you!  For me personally that would be incredible, love the both of you, definitely my two favs!

  • I did this one again!  I LOVE it.  We went to the beach today and I planned to do it there, and got myself prepped to do a bodyweight workout so I chose this.  But then there wasn’t really any room or privacy, so I decided to do it at home at the park, but then there was a sketchy character at the park so I just did it in my living room.  I’m still sore from the Bikini Butt workout and my sides are still sore from Sun Worshipper so I wanted something without weight and a lot of cardio.  I only changed one thing–I made the regular jump lunges without a pulse because I was looking for more of a cardio workout than a strength building workout.  

    S&M push off: 13-10-10-10
    dynamic push up: 10-9-8-7
    diagonal jump lunge: 21-21-21-21
    regular jump lunge: 28-22-22-21
    deep squat and knee up: 17-16-17-18
    elbow plank jumps: 20-21-21-19
    Followed with a 10 min cardio workout and some abs.  🙂  Oh–I just saw your portion of the site with all your skincare–AMAZING!  I love your blog.  I need to make me some homemade masques.

    • Thank you Kendra :).  Yeah I always feel more at peace working out at home, we did find a cool little spot at the park to shoot the workouts but at the beach where It’s always someone staring. But I want to try it anyway one of these days, maybe during the sunrise or something 🙂

  • Loved the Diagonal jump lunges. Small adjustment = big difference!
    Here are my scores:
    1: S&M Push off: 7/4/5/5
    2: Dynamic push ups: 4/4/4/4/
    3: Diagonal jump lunges: 10/10/11/11
    4: Regular jump lunges: 8/9/10/10
    5: Deep squat and knee: 9/7/7/6
    6: Elbow plank jump: 11/12/10/10
    Love the no equipment workouts 🙂

    • I need to do a few more no equipment workouts 🙂

      • that would be amazing! But only after you have taken a couple off 🙂

  • This week i feel like doing full body workouts and today i chose this one… I did it as a time challenge though, that way i concentrate more in my form.

    4 rounds:
    1. S&M push-off – 10 reps
    2. Dynamic push ups – 10 reps
    3. Diagonal jump lunge – 16 reps
    4. Regular jump lunges – 14 reps
    5. Deep squat & knee up – 20 reps
    6. Plank slide forward and backward (this one is the only one i modified) – 45 sec

    It was much harder than i thought!, it took me 30:02 min.

  • Two thumps up! This was a lot of fun to do. It was tough, my inner beast came out and played really hard.
    Warm up: 10 mins, Good Posture Challenge: 3 mins
    Tomorrow is a rest day for me so wanted to push hard. I set my timer for 10 sec rest / 35 sec max for 30 rounds
    1. 8-6-6-6-5
    2. 12-11-9-9-10
    3. 15-14-12-14-11
    4. 20-19-20-17-18
    5. 13-12-12-10-12
    6. 22-18-15-18-18
    Finisher was a routine from Chris.L a DR member on facebook. I complete 1 round in 13:25
    1) 10 burpees (2) 100 HK (3) 20 push ups (4) 100 jacks (5) 30 squats (instead of jump squats) (6) 100 Heismans (7) 40 Climbers (8) 50 sit ups.
    Cool down and stretch for 10 minutes.

  • tee_w

    Thank you Tatianna for this great workout! For some reason the pushups were incredibly hard for me today. Modification – no jumping on lunges, my darn toe just won’t let me. So I did a double pulse.

    Supergirl pu – 9,9,6,6
    Dynamic pu – 9,8,7,7
    Diagonal lunges – 11,12,13,12
    Jump lunges – 12,11,12,14
    Squat/knee up – 10,11,10,9
    Elbow plank jumps – 12,12,10,12

  • I did it at the gym. I followed with 8 minutes of treadmill running. I wanted to do something not too hard today because Cardio shock is my workout for tomorrow

  • Olga

    Happy Monday!!!
    1. 8 8 8 7
    2. 8 8 7 7
    3. 17 17 17 18
    4. 13 15 15 12
    5. 18 18 19 20
    6. 10 11 10 10

    ?????? ?? ???????? ????? 15 ???)
    ? ????????