Burn Ur Buns Workout

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Buns Of Steel Workout


The name should say it all :). This workout was a lot harder than I originally planned. I was suppose to do 4 rounds of this routine, but I ended up doing 3. There is 3 exercises total for each side. I used a special method to place these exercises in a specific order.

As you can see in the video I am doing one leg squats, followed by back lunge then jump up, and then another back lunge ( without switching the legs ). This exercise is followed by a bridge on a medicine ball, on the same leg you were doing the first combo of exercises. This is done to tire out the glutes muscle and the back of your thigh, to target that stubborn fat.

The third exercise is a plank push up, it works your abs as well as your arms and back. Explanations and the proper form for each exercise is below the video.

Notes: Always do at least 10 minutes warm up before doing any types of exercises. Warm up all of your joins, and especially your knees.

Burn Ur Buns Workout Video



Workout Explanation:

Set your timer Gymboss Max as a stopwatch. You will be doing this routine for the total of 3 rounds:

1. One Leg Squat & Back Lunge & Jump Up & Back Lunge Combo – Left Leg – 8 reps ( the whole combo counts as 1 rep )

2. One Leg Bridges on a Medicine Ball – Left Leg – 15 reps

3. One Leg Squat & Back Lunge & Jump Up & Back Lunge Combo – Right Leg – 8 Reps

4. One Leg Bridges on a Medicine Ball – Right Leg – 15 reps

5. Side Plank Push Up – Left Arm – 10 reps

6. Side Plank Push Up – Right Arm – 10 reps


The Exercises

One Leg Squat & Back Lunge & Jump Up & Back Lunge


Buns Of Steel Workout


After doing a one leg squat you will do a back lunge on the same leg like this:

Buns Of Steel Workout


Then a jump up on the same leg ( watch the video of how I did it ).

Another back lunge


Buns Of Steel Workout


That combo is one rep. I did 8 per side, per round.


One Leg Bridge on a Medicine Ball

I use a non bouncy medicine ball ( I think it’s filled with sand ). It creates more challenge when I do one leg bridge. In this exercise it’s really important to squeeze your glutes as hard as you can on your way up.

Buns Of Steel Workout


Side Plank Push-up

In this exercise you are using your core and your arm to hold your self up. The other arm is behind your head, like this:


Buns Of Steel Workout


From here you will do a push-up.


Buns Of Steel Workout


I did 10 reps on each side, per round.


This routine took me 18 minutes and 47 seconds to complete. I did only 3 rounds, next time I am going to try to go for 4.

Since I just started shooting workout videos, I am still working on a format and if you have any suggestions for my videos, that would be very helpful :).


PS – If you are having trouble viewing the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.


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  • Tatianna,

    Great workout. Β I love planks, so the combination with a push-up side-plank is great. Β The one-leg squats are challenging, too. Β  Nice combo.

    Β  -Troy

    • Yes it was pretty tough, I only did 3 rounds and It was plenty, I really wanted to go for 4. Next time

  • My time was 21:59! And My Pistol Squats still suck! lol

    Thanks, Tati:)

  • I did it this morning for my first time, wheeewww it was so good and hard!! i loved it. I did regular one leg bridge instead of medicine ball bridges cuz i didnt have one, it still burned like hell!! doing bridges after the first exercise was a really great combo.

    3 rounds took me 25:06 min.

    after it i did the abs challenge: 3 rounds of
    1 min elevated plank holding a plastic ball
    10 chair front knee raises 10 sec hold on last rep
    10 chair front knee raises 10 sec hold on last rep
    12:56 min.

    Thanks Tati!

  • I did it at the gym. My time was 19 minutes and followed withZWOW#44.

  • Michelle

    Wow, this looks like a quite tough work out – gotta try it out asap! πŸ™‚
    Tati I’m having problems with writing comments to lots of your writings… It’s so irritating but I just wan’t to say that I’ve been eating “clean food” for a week now, and I can clearly see the difference!!!! Recently I was beginning to have this really bad habit of eating a lot of candy especially in weekends because my boyfriend LOVES candy (some years ago a had a 4-year period without touching ANY kind of sweets, sugar, ice cream an so on). I’ve been “clean” for about 3 weeks now, and I FEEL BRILLIANT! My abs are really starting to “pop up” the way I’ve been struggling for them to do the last year. Here are my goals for the first quarter of 2013:
    – Learn to do pull up without any help – 5 reps
    – Learn to do the Full Leg Lift (legs up all the way to touch the bar with my toes) – 5 reps
    – Get a full six pack and focus on upperbody workouts πŸ˜‰
    My deadline is the 1st of April – wish me luck πŸ˜‰ I’ve already doing hard workouts to complete my goals! By the way – I’m an instructor in the greatest gym in Denmark so I’m not in bad shape at all but I always do better workouts if I have a goal to reach! πŸ™‚

    Have a nice (and hard workout-) Friday and weekend! πŸ™‚


  • dani

    Another great workout…and thank you again! So glad I found your site. You really promote a healthy message. Stay gold, Tati!

  • Whoot! I got a work out in today. I had all these crazy ideals before I left on this trip that I’ll have a lot free time so keeping up with my regular work out schedule will a piece of cake. The truth is I don’t even want to do anything the next morning after being a tourist the day before …knowing I’ve more touristy things to do (I think I just made up a word).
    Warm up: basic warm up routine and 5 mins of dynamic stretching
    I completed the 3 rounds in 26:23…I needed to focus for the squats. I did half one leg squats not all the way down; and since I don’t have a med ball with me, I placed one leg on a chair for the bridge. Even though I didn’t feel like doing a stretch, I did 10 minutes of stretching.