Bum And Thighs Of Steel Challenge

Nov 4, 2012 by

Best Booty Exercises


Hello My Darlings,

I have a new challenge for you :). I am going to do this challenge 3 times a week for the next 4 weeks. Two of the times you will be adding it after your lower body workouts, and one extra day some other time.  This challenge is going to firm the lower hard to reach part of our butts, the back of the thighs and inner thighs – Bam triple whammer ;).


Video with Challenge Explanation



And this is how it’s gonna go:


Week 1

You will do the following for 2 rounds


  • Plie Mini Pulses – 20 reps ( holding on to a chair on one side )
  • Plie Mini Pulses – 20 reps ( holding onto a chair switching sides )

On the 20th rep you will HOLD the position for 5 extra seconds.


  • Superman Kickouts – 20 reps per leg

On the 20th rep, you will hold your leg up in the air for 10 extra seconds )


  • Iso Bridge Hold using a medicine ball – 1 minute hold using your timer.


Week 2

You will do the following for 2 rounds


  • Plie Mini Pulses – 25 reps ( holding on to a chair on one side )
  • Plie Mini Pulses – 25 reps ( holding onto a chair switching sides )

On the 25th rep you will HOLD the position for 10 extra seconds.


  • Superman Kickouts – 25 reps per leg

On the 25th rep, you will hold your leg up in the air for 10 extra seconds )


  • Iso Bridge Hold using a medicine ball – 1 minute 15 second hold using your timer.


Week 3

You will do the following for 2 rounds


  • Plie Mini Pulses – 30 reps ( holding on to a chair on one side )
  • Plie Mini Pulses – 30 reps ( holding onto a chair switching sides )

On the 30th rep you will HOLD the position for 10 extra seconds.


  • Superman Kickouts – 30 reps per leg

On the 30th rep, you will hold your leg up in the air for 10 extra seconds )


  • Iso Bridge Hold using a medicine ball – 1 minute 30 seconds hold using your timer.


Week 4

You will do the following for 2 rounds

  • Plie Mini Pulses – 30 reps ( holding on to a chair on one side )
  • Plie Mini Pulses – 30 reps ( holding onto a chair switching sides )

On the 30th rep you will HOLD the position for 15 extra seconds.


  • Superman Kickouts – 30 reps per leg

)n the 30th rep, you will hold your leg up in the air for 15 extra seconds )


  • Iso Bridge Hold using a medicine ball – 1 minute hold using your timer ( twice ) with 15 second break ( so you will set your timer for 2 intervals 15 sec and 1 minute, for 2 rounds )


For those of you who just joined Loving Fit, I suggest you check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post, there you can find out how we put together our workouts and find the best option for you.


Have fun with this challenge!!!





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  • tee_w

    First! And its not sunday!

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      hahahahaha…ok you win tonight Tee

      • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

        You guys are so adorable :)))

    • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

      LOL!!! You got it this time! :)

    • http://www.lovingfit.com/ Lvette_1

      You get the bragging right tee. Day light saving time must have worked to your benefit. <3

      • tee_w

        both me and Tati stay up late!

        • http://www.lovingfit.com/ Lvette_1


  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    well….I can see how that is going to hurt….lol…have enough other training to see and know what you are targeting….fun, fun, fun…

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      :) yep you are correct :)

  • Naomi

    I’m in! This looks very do-able, without distracting too much from the regular lower body workouts. Also like the fact that there are no before and after parts. I think it is a good idea for challenges to focus on muscle groups we don’t put that much focus on regularly. I loved the Abs Challenge, but I have to admit that I quit the previous Booty Challenge after finishing week 3. I was stupid enough to do it with alot of other booty specific workouts, and after 100 quality bridges I didn’t feel like I could give it my all during the main workout. By the time I got to the three rounds of 25+25 one leg bridges at the end I had lost all my motivation… Maybe I am just lazy for not wanting to push the extra to get that booty. :)

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      It’s OK, don’t worry about it too much, push as much as you can, but it you stop that’s OK as well, we are human after all :)

  • Kate_CZ

    This looks great! I am in love with the mini plie pulses – it makes me feel like a ballerina :)

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      He He He :), those little pulses are quite evil :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tessu-Croft/100003771226654 Tessu Croft

    A nice one! I finished the Booty challenge last week, and now I´m having my own booty challenge; one week done, three more to go. I´ll do this after that. =D

    Although I´m not sure – silly me – did I quite get that first exercise, the part of switching sides; should the focus on the muscle be different, or is it the same exercise all the way, just holding the chair on the other side?

    I hope you all are going to have a lot of fun with this challenge! =D Good luck!

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      It give you a tiny break, that’s why you will switch the sides)))

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tessu-Croft/100003771226654 Tessu Croft

        Ok, thank you, well now I got it! =D

  • http://www.lovingfit.com/ Lvette_1

    It looks easy enough, I guarantee people will be walking funny the next day after doing this. This sucker will be doing it tomorrow.

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      Ha Ha Ha, yep, I was walking funny the next day, and I also tried the challenge, gosh it’s quite something.

      • http://www.lovingfit.com/ Lvette_1

        I so look forward to my funky walk tomorrow:))))

    • http://www.lovingfit.com/ Lvette_1

      What a way to start my Monday. The look is so deceiving. I decided to time myself just for the sake of it, this took me 15:56 to complete. The lift to the side on the superman kicks was the hardest for me. Also, on the superman I could not do 20 reps straight through on one leg, so I stwitch every 10 reps. The plies made me feel like a dance.

      • http://www.lovingfit.com/ Lvette_1

        Day 1 of week 2: 13:46 to complete 2 rounds. Kicks are getting easier, the new bad guy is the 1:15 minutes Iso bridge hold.:)

        • http://www.lovingfit.com/ Lvette_1

          Forget to update this morning. I did this before doing Lean Body Allover.
          It took me 16:59 to complete. Not too sure if my time is a a result of the 5 extra reps and 15 sec.

          • http://www.lovingfit.com/ Lvette_1

            Week 4, day 1: 17:07, I foolishly set my timer for 2 rounds of 1:30 for the Iso Bridge Hold.

  • taltul73

    my Bum thanks you ….hehehe.. did this challenge and the lower body workout from 2 days ago. as always wonderful, hard and fan workout. thank you so much. you are one of a kind.

    much love

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      Thank you sweetie :)

  • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

    Shelley, I am glad you are enjoying my workouts :)

  • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

    Every time you raise your leg up, then to the side then down, counts as 1 rep. First you will do all the reps on one side, then switch sides.

  • http://www.facebook.com/julijana.gircyte Julijana Gircyte

    Hey. Am i the only one or the plies are much harder then they seem? I find it difficult to stand on the fingers alone and then to be able to do 20 reps without wobbling 😀

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      Yep they are quite hard)))

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003784680720 Zarinda Bee

    I just love your mini monthly challenges – this one I started yesterday and I can feel it is going to really work!

    May I suggest an idea for your next one – a chest/upper body challenge that doesn’t involve a pull up bar 😛

    Thanks again for sharing your wisdom x

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      Of course girlie! How about Chest and Shoulders?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003784680720 Zarinda Bee

        sounds great 😀

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    Great challenge, I’m on board :) I did it today for the first time. The second exercise – superman kickouts, is a lot harder than it looks! I did the other three challenges and they really worked, so I’m definitely doing this one too.

    Thank you Tati, these challenges are a great idea!

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      It always looks easier doesn’t it :)

  • amber*loving2BfitwithTati*

    This is exactly what I need! Thank you so much for creating this! Love, love, love, your monthly challenges!

  • sus

    I did this before my lower body workout. It took me 10 min 37 sec to complete 2 rounds. I really slowed down to make sure I could really feel the burn. I have always loved plié squats so I am going to love this challenge. I never started seeing my inner thigh muscles until I Incorporated those into my workouts.

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      That would be tough for me before the workout, cause then I would have a hard time concentrating if I know I still have to do a routine after.

      • SuSu

        It wasn’t bad doing it before. I just did about 5 additional minutes of stretching in between this challenge and then practiced the moves for the workout. It worked out great. Will try it after my workouts next week though to see which I like better!

  • http://www.facebook.com/iris.gomez.31 Iris Gomez

    My workout today:
    Posture challenge warm-up
    I ended up with this Bum and Thigh challenge for one round. I forgot that there were two rounds.

  • KirryKaatje

    Lmao! My legs were shaking so bad during the Plie, I thought I was doing the Gungdam dance instead.
    Btw, Tati.. On the superman kicks sideways. I was sweating buckets during those, they were so tough! I was wondering as well: I can go up with my leg, but sideways… should people with chronic SI-joint troubles do this movement as well? I wasn’t having any troubles or pain, just felt a bit scared to do them. What do you think?

    • KirryKaatje

      Oddly enough, after doing this challenge my backpain vanished the next day. O.o Maybe I stretched something into smooth-mode.

      • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

        Really? Be careful! I’ve done it twice already and I only feel it in my butt and thighs. Make sure you are just using your butt and leg one the lifts, if you are feeling pressure in your back then adjust your hands a little so you are almost holding your self.

        • KirryKaatje

          I’ll be careful and focus really well that the back isn’t being pressured. thank you, Tati.:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Natasha-Zagorodneva/100001064411971 Natasha Zagorodneva

    ????, ?????? ????! ????????? ?? ????? ???????? ? ????, ????? ????????, ???? ??????????. ?????? ?? lower body: ?????????? ?????????? ??????????? ????? ??? ???????, ??????? ?? ????????. ?? ?????? ??????????? ????? ?? ?????? ??????? ??????. ? ??? ??????? ??????????? ???????? ???????????? ? ???? ????? ????????, ??? ??? ?? ? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ?????????? ?? lower body, ??????????? ??? ??????, ????? ???????? ??????????? ?????. ?????????? ???????? workout-??, ???????? ??????????? ??? ???????? ???????????. ??? ??? ???????? ????? ?????????? ?? lower body, ????? ??????? ??????????? ??? ????. ?????????? ? ???????????. ??? ????????? 165/59. ???????!!!

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna


      Eto zavisit ot vashej tehniki vipolnenia, ya vsegda chuvstuu perednuu chast bedra, ochen chasto eto zavisit ot osanki pri vipolnenie upragnenij. Poprobujte prorepetirovat kagdoe upragnenie pered zerkalom chto bi prochuvstvovat perednuu chast.

  • marysunny verdi

    after 20 reps of plie those 5 sec hold are hell.they look like eternity and legs are shaking so bad. same thing for the supermans hold. ohh how they burnn!! cant even think about next week. not giving up. thank you tati

  • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

    Thank you darling :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/iris.gomez.31 Iris Gomez

    I did this challenge today but first, I did Part1 of Purrfect AB Workout.

  • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

    Hi Margaret,

    Welcome to Loving Fit :)!

    Everything depends on your level of fitness, but I can tell you are very strong already. I personally do 4 workouts a week, 2 upper body, 2 lower body. If I don’t have too much time on a particular week I do 3 full body workouts with a day off in between.

    I have a post here where I put together several schedules for different levels, let me know if you have any questions – http://www.lovingfit.com/fitness/creating-your-workout-plan/

  • taltul73

    hey Tati
    i love this challenge. im in the end of my second week into it. i have one more time for this week… i feel my bum and my thighs very well !!!!
    thank you
    have a wonderful week

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      :) glad you like it :)

  • Jeanne

    Maybe it is dumb question, but nevertheless: if I do this challenge on one of my rest days, do I need to warm up before it?
    And also, if it takes me about 45 – 50 mins to do a workout and the challenge, is it still desirable to do some cardio afterwards? I just feel so exhausted, but feel that I have to do cardio to get rid of some fat :)

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      Hey Jeanne,

      Yep you can do this challenge on your rest day, but you can warm-up for about 3 minutes or so, do some skipping or jumping jacks, warm up your back a little.

      If it takes you that long to do a workout, you can skip on cardio ( I do :) )

  • Kim

    Hi Tatianna!! I found your website about three weeks ago and I can’t even remember how I came across it but I’m so glad I did :-)! I can be on your nutrition recipe page for hours haha. Anyway but I was wondering if you were considering doing an upper body challenge? I would love to build my upper body just to have more tone and definition. I am a tall, slender female and it’s been tough for me to get results in the upper body for some reason.

    Thank you for what you do!



  • Guest

    Tati, I just tried this out for the first time today (after your abs of iron workout, which is one of my faves!) and my hips felt pretty tight and I couldn’t turn out as much as I wanted to. Do you have favorite stretches for this?