10 Min Cardio HIIT UNCUT

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Cardio HIIT


Hi everyone,

Thank you for all of your votes on my Facebook :). This is a HIIT cardio routine uncut just as you guys have requested. This 10 minute cardio was a killer!

This routine is perfect to start your day, you can do this when you don’t have a lot of time but you still want to do something. If you are trying to loose weight then I recommend you do this before your breakfast, or 3 hours after you had any type of carbohydrates. This way your body will use fat as fuel instead of carbs fuel in your muscles. You can also do this routine after any strength training workout.

Remember: If you are going to workout on an empty stomach to burn fat, make sure you are doing just short and intensive cardio and NOT strength training. Because strength training or muscle building routines do require for you to have carbohydrates in your system, and you will get better results from your workouts ( my personal experience ).

At the end of the video I also go over every single exercise and variations for beginners.

For this routine I was using my timer, 8 lbs medicine ball, 20 lbs dumbbells ( 10 lbs each ) and my workout log :). Don’t try to keep up with my reps, if you can do more do so, if you can’t then remember build up to it.

Always do a proper warm-up before beginning to exercise.



Workout Explanation


I set my timer for 2 intervals of 10 seconds rest and 20 second maximum effort, for the total of 20 rounds. There were 5 exercises per found and I went through the sequence 4 times.


  • Jump Lunges With Rotation
  • Push-ups on Dumbbells
  • High Knees
  • Kick Back Squats
  • 2 Way Side Jumps


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  • oli

    Thank u very much!!!!!! Today i did this  workout and the uncut abs video, but the weights that i used was lighter!!! i need to buy a new ones…i’ m so happy :)))). This kind of workouts make me work so much hard.
    Thanks,thanks and thanksssss

    • :), glad you liked it, I love these short intense workouts as well. Cause the intervals are so short we push our selves harder, and there for we get better benefits.

      • Di

        Done))) And that was killing)) I still can’t catch my breath))) but i’ve enjoyed it so much. Thank you))

        • You’re welcome Di :), I could’t catch my breath either!

  • vegana76

    Just finished doing it and I am hardly breathing, Here is my score
    Loved it.

    • Thanx for sharing Carmen 🙂

  • AlishisPhillips

    I did this one after the I Won’t Give Up upper body routine because I was only able to complete 2 rounds, and I really wanted to get a sweat going.  Yep, this did the trick, but I didn’t keep my score.  Next time I will.  Oh, also, instead of the push ups on this routine, I just did the high knees back to back, with a jump rope 🙂  My triceps are like jell-o

    • I love this routine as well, it’s quick and like you said – does the trick!  Perfect cardio after a good strength training 🙂 

  • Jennifer James

    I love this Tatianna, I did this before doing the Get your perfect body workout. Its got my heart rate up and a good sweat too. Next I will try to do three rounds. Thank you Tatianna xx

    • Hi Jennifer :),

      Next time try to do the strength training first then cardio after, this way your muscles will work to their full potential.  Cause when we do cardio before strength training we loose glycogen from our muscles. 

      • Jennifer James

         Oh ok then excellent! Will do Tatianna thank you for that advice.

        • You are always welcome Jennifer 🙂

  • Hi Tish, 

    It’s super nice to meet you :), of course I know Z :), she is awesome, I love her new style and channel :).  Thank you very much for spreading the word about my site, I really appreciate it :), let me know if you every have any questions :).

  • Hi Tati,
    After the “Check that booty workout” I did 6 mins abs, and then this routine!

    My Scores:
    9 – 7 – 6 – 5
    6 – 7 – 9 – 7
    49 – 48 – 50 – 41
    9 – 7 – 9 – 9
    4.5 – 8.5 – 8 – 6

    This 10 mins. were no joke! Loved it!! <3

    • Ohh yeah 10 minutes can be quite intense, especially if there is only 10 sec break. Good butt burner though 🙂

  • yboog

    OHHHHHHHHHH! I’m resting tomorrow and will HIIT this one on Tue.! So excited!

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    Good morning Tatianna.

    I started out with my weight training, 3 sets of 12 for each exercise
    1/ wide push ups
    2/ bench press w/ 18 lb dumb bells
    3/ bench flys w/ 15.5 lb dumb bells
    4/ military/close push ups
    5/ overhead one DB tricep extensions w/ 18 lbs
    6/ bent over tricep kick backs w/ 10 lb DB’s

    I then did this lovely little burn….I really concentrated on form in the jump lunges and tried to imitate your form…I have a habit of doing the whole move in one motion instead of the way you do it, so slowed down, 2 separate moves.  My reps.

    1/ JL w/rotation 10 lb ball 11-11-12-12
    2/ one leg PU 12-10-10-11
    3/ HK 66-66-66-68
    4/ squat and kick back 2×10 lb 12-12-12-12
    5/ 4 way plank jump 8-8-8-8

    plus got my 4 sets of 25 push ups in

    • Wow, you guys are all machines!!! Bravo!  That is a great workout you had there, we are about to shoot a lower body routine he he he :), I better step up my game !

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        just wait until you get to meet Maria!!!!!! She will amaze you

        • Can’t wait :), you guys have been so good to me,  I’ve noticed more and more of you guys, thank you for spreading the word 🙂 <3

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            no problem, your site is very professional and informative. the work outs are great, the advice is forth coming, and you really seem like a very nice lady…I’m glad to have “met” you

          • yboog

             Gerri I agree!!!
            OMG! I just HAD to do that!!!
            he, he, he!
            I promise this is the last time I mess around with the comments ; )

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            hey yboog, I’m out from the BR site…just got a bunch of “hate” mail….can’t deal with it any more…there is enough other higher quality wo’s out there for me…please join us if you like

          • tee_w

            ha ha! I dealt with your “haters” today! in a very polite and positive way! luv ya gerri lee! (actually I thought one was mine! lol)

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            thanks Tee…don’t know how posting a link makes it propaganda? weird…haters….the archives over here are great though….I blocked all BR FB feeds and actually unfriended Sean and Freddy…needed the closure..time to move on

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            oh, Tee, I just went to the BR site and read the whole shmoz of our posts….I’m actually sickened by the whole thing…I love that you are still trying to help out with the new people….I love doing that too, but hate that they can’t accept that there is a world outside of their own little personal one…so sad :((((

          • tee_w

            It is sad! and new justice team only has about 10 posts and the last 4 were kind of being mean, and the other person has only made 2 comments ever and one was the nasty one to you! I wouldn’t worry about them, those people who post that stuff don’t even sign up to disqus or ever post, but feel obligated to tell someone not to be negative while being nastier than the original! but that’s OK because we know who we are and who are the positive ones!

          • Kate_CZ


          • Thank you sweetie, I am so glad to have met you guys as well, you are all fun and hard working trainees 🙂

          • yboog

             My cousins KAren and Astrid don’t post….but they are doing your W/Os with me!!!
            So glad t have found you!!!
            I LOVE LOVE VARIETY!!!

          • I am so glad you found me as well 🙂

        • tee_w

          Ha ha! tatianna might get Maria to slow down! We call her a “borg” seven of nine from star trek voyager! Love her!

        • 1Ivana

          OMG…I was thinking the same…wait till you meet THE BORG….hahahaha
          Today after “my ladies” I will try something new, whit my “boss”..and when I come back in autumn I am going on some kind of education to be certified trainer of that Pilates body technique….so I will add that to my work…I am very excited about that…
          So today is my active rest day (not exactly) ..I will have two workouts in a row…and my abs are sore from yesterday…

          I will try this one in a 2-3 days…

          Tatianna you are great!!!!

          kisses to you all

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

         Tatianna, keep doing it your way…we are all enjoying your routines very much…very challenging just the way they are…lol

        • Thank you Gerri 🙂

          • yboog

             are amazing!!!!

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            hahahaha…ybooooooggggggg………………feels good huh?

          • Kate_CZ

            and you are crazy 😀

        • yboog

           Gerri and Tatiana…

      • yboog

         So I am gonna say….

    • yboog

       I love that my comments come up so fast!…

  • yboog

    Thank you so much for the routine!!!
    My cousin and I did it together tonight and we both got an awesome sweat!!!

     20 rounds 10/20 4 Circuits

    • Jump Lunges With Rotation/ 8lb med ball (no jumping): 12,11,11,10

    • Push-ups on Dumbbells: 11,11,10,9

    • High Knees: 56, 58,60,60

    • Kick Back Squats (10lb dumbbells): 11,12,12,11

    • 2 Way Side Jumps: 8,9,8,8

    I then a 12 min BR
    my 100 PUs
    and some yoga!

    Thanks again!!!!

    • Thank you for sharing sweetie 🙂 <3

  • Kate_CZ

    I have many of LovingFit workouts on my TO DO list. This was one of them and I finally find the right time to squeeze it into my schedule. Nice one!

    1) Jump Lunges with rotation (4.5kg) – 12, 9, 9, 7
    2) PU on DB – 9, 8, 7, 8
    3) HK – 56, 55, 55, 52
    4) Kick Back Squats (2 x 4.5kg) – 7, 7, 7, 7
    5) Two Way Plank Side Jumps – 8, 6, 7, 7

    Thank you! 

    • Thank you for sharing Kate 🙂

  • Another great workout – this will become one of my go-to circuits for when I don’t have a lot of time 🙂

    8, 8, 8, 8 (only 1kg – my balance isn’t great on jump lunges)
    8, 8, 10, 12
    62, 60, 60, 58
    9, 9, 10, 11 (2x 3kg)
    11, 12, 11, 10

    • Thank you for sharing sweetie 🙂

  • Evaleen

    Great workout, though my scores sucked lol. Also made a few changes: did two intervals in a row for every move (so one exercise per minute), added hanging knee raises (just cause I wanted to), modified the push-ups, and doubled the whole workout to 24 min.

    1. Jump Lunge with (10lb) DB twist [7.5, 6 / 7,5 / 7,6 / 7,5 ]
    2. Cross-Ankle PU’s off DB’s [ 6,7 / 7,6 / 7,7 / 7,6 ]
    3. High Knees [ 41,40 / 40,33 / 36,33 / 35,27 ]
    4. Kick-Back Squats (two 10lb DB’s) [ 9,10 / 9,10 / 8,9 / ?,? ]
    5. 2-Way Side Jumps [5,5 / 5,4.5 / 5,4 / 4.5,4 ]
    6. Hanging Knee Raises [9,9 / 8,9 / 8,7 / 9,7 ]

    Have to admit, I took three 30 second breaks in the second half of the workout, though one of those I couldn’t help as someone was standing right in front of my &%$*^ pull-up bar -_- wanted to scream MOOOOOOOVEEEEE!!!!!!

    Had a few minutes break then followed with the Abs Climber routine– finished at 9:40.

    • Nice one Evelyn :), I want to do another uncut routine, but I think I will wait until it’s not as hot, cause now I look like a mess by the end of each round, I think the moments I cut out are the funniest cause I literally crawl to my ice pack towel LOL

  • Completed July 7/12 morning. I used 6lb jogi ball & 8lb Dumb bells.
    Warm up: 5 mins, then I did 2 minutes pistol practice.
    1) 11-9-10-11
    2) 4-5-5-5
    3) 30-29-28-31
    4) 5-5-4-5
    Took a 1 minute break, before doing Six Pack Abs & Core HIIT

  • Christian

    I did this Thursday 2 /8. Short but effective WO.

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  • Jennifer

    Hi Tati! I came across this workout and I have a question about doing cardio on an empty stomach. I have been doing IF with a shortened eating window the past few months. In the morning, all I have is coffee and then I do my workout. Previously I would not work out until early afternoon so I have breakfast in the morning and then a few hours later, I would workout. The past few months I have tried eating a small breakfast a couple of times and then working out later in the morning or early afternoon and I end up feeling heavy and weighted down. I don’t feel like I’m at my max potential like when I have only had coffee. My workouts are mixed between circuits and HIIT, weighted and cardio. Is this an issue when it comes to weight loss? I want to lose fat, but obviously not muscle. I have been plateaued for about a year with my weight loss (and I realize that my diet is not the same and that’s partially why). Is working out on just coffee being more detrimental than helpful? Thank you for everything you do!