Anti Aging Anti Cellulite Scrub Bars Homemade

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Homemade Anti Aging Scrub


Hello my Sweeties,

It’s been a while since I’ve made a beauty post, it was definitely due.  I’m gonna start making more of these homemade cosmetics posts, because I really enjoy making my own beauty products at home.  Today I have for you an amazing recipe for Anti-Aging & Anti-Cellulite Scrub bars, I’ve made so many that now I will have enough for at least 1 month and a half.  Here I have 2 kins of bars,  they are quite easy to make, they smell divine, leave your skin exfoliated and 100% natural.

I was only going to make 1 kind of bars, then I had left over ingredients and I’ve made more a bit differently.

I have two recipes and you can make both just like I did, or just one of them.


Recipe # 1



Anti Cellulite Scrub Bars

  • 4 oz of Raw Unrefined Shea Butter ( I got mine on ebay for about 11 dollars for 8 oz, if you click on the link it will take you straight to search results on ebay )
  • 2 oz of Raw Cacao Butter ( also got on ebay, 4 oz of it cost me about 6 dollars, both were free shipping )
  • 3 table spoons of Raw Virgin Coconut Oil ( I’m sure most of you have this oil in your house )
  • 1 cup of ground coffee ( you can add more or less if you like, I like my scrub with lot’s of scrubbing pieces )
  • 1.5 cup of Brown Sugar ( you can add more or less, it all depends on you )
  • 2-3 tea spoons of Cinnamon


For the shapes I used cupcake baking tray ( if you want to get super fancy and creative you can go to art store and get some super cute shapes )




Homemade anti aging scrub


Place all the butters into a pan on low heat so they can melt, you don’t want to use high heat because you need to preserve the nutritional for your skin components of all the products.  Mix it with a spoon until it’s all melted.

Let it cool a bit after like 3-5 minutes or so, because you don’t want it to be too hot, so the sugar doesn’t melt when you mix it inn. 

Place the rest of the ingredients inn ( sugar, coffee and cinnamon ), mix well.  The mixture needs to be quite thick, if you need to add more sugar or coffee do so, you don’t want to have too much oil and not enough of scrubbing ingredients.

Pour into the form holder cups.  Place it into the freezer for exactly 30 minutes. ( I took the first batch a bit early, and they broke apart just a bit, so 30 minutes is your perfect time ).

Then, take it out of the freezer, pull them out from the cupcake holders and place them on plates.  Always keep them in refrigerator, that way they harden just a bit more and they won’t go bad for a long time.


Recipe Number #2

Everything stays the same, except instead of coffee I used ground Oats.  I used 1 full cup of oats, I placed them into a blender until they turned into powder.  This variation is a bit more gentle on your skin.

You can play around with these recipes, you can also use salt instead of sugar ( if your skin is not sensitive ), you can also add grounded almonds as another variation.






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  • Oh I how love this. Recently I made my own scrub using just shredded coconut, brown sugar and little bit of olive oil. It smells so delicious I wanna eat it :))

    • I think you will really love these scrub bars as well 🙂

  • Diana

    Really good idea! 🙂

  • Mary Lou

    This looks fantastic Tati! I’ve been using coffee grounds since I read your article on cellulite and they work wonderfully, better than anything else I’ve tried, but leave quite a mess in the tub. This should solve the problem.

  • Karmalife

    Thanks for the recipes Tatianna! They looks awesome (I actually thought they were peanut butter cups at first- I must be hungry). Now, do you really have cellulite??

    • I’ve never got cellulite, probably because I take really good care of my self. I’ve always used coffee as a scrub and I also do dry skin brushing, doing so will prevent cellulite.

      • Karmalife

        I dry brush too and love it, but I don’t do it enough. And cellulite is hereditary so even if someone takes good care of themselves, works out and eats clean they can still have it:)

  • Courtney

    Yay for homemade cosmetic recipes! One of the things that drew me to your site was that you combined healthy eating and fitness with healthy, homemade beauty products. If we’re going to so much trouble to put good things in our body, why not put some of those same wonderful things on our body? I can’t wait for more in this series.

    Are these meant for use in the shower, so you can rinse off the coffee grounds or oats? Or can this be used like an everyday lotion bar?

    Another great place to get bulk ingredients at a low price (compared to buying them at Whole Foods or a health store) is Mountain Rose Herbs.

    • These are meant to use in the shower, then you will wash off the scrubbing particles but your skin will not need any lotion. You will just take one bar and use it on your body like if it was soap, except it exfoliates, I really love them.

      I’m gonna keep making more natural beauty products.


    • Ha Ha Ha, they do smell amazing!

  • I don’t have cellulite but I like exfoliating my skin. This will be less messy than what I do now…which is rubbing brown sugar and coffee grounds on my skin. The bars looks so edible too. Thanks for sharing; and I’m looking forward to more beauty posting.
    ps. Can I store the finished product in the freezer?

    • You can definitely store it in the freezer or just in the regular fridge section either way ( I store them in the fridge ).

  • tee_w

    Ok these muffins look like they will break your teeth!

    • tee_w

      Oh wait not muffins, oops! Just joking, this is kind of cool! 🙂

  • oberlee

    I made this, and it didn’t come out right, HOWEVER, it still works and I know what I did wrong! I used coffee grounds that had been used…which is fine, but they were WET, whcih I think messed it up. Basically, when I went to take them out of the cups, the top was a nice bar, but the bottom was just mushy coffee grounds, with no cohesion.

    However, I just took the whole mush and put it in a bowl and use it like a scrub. There are bar pieces in there, but it still does the same thing. Oh–also, I didn’t have cocoa butter, so I used olive oil instead. At any rate, it makes my skin feel divine, but my shower a mess! 🙂 So, in conclusion: use dry coffee grounds! If they are used, dry them out. Thanks, love! xoxo

  • Lucilla

    Does anyone know how to store the coffee scrub to use all week? Thank you..:)

    • You can store it in the refrigerator 🙂