How To Reach Your Dreams And Goals ( Talkchology )

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Happy New Year my Lovies!

This has been a very nice holiday season for me, this year I decided to have more personal time and less work time.  I believe that around the holidays we should be focusing on spending more time with family and friends, I personally love to spend this time of the year in a lot of self reflection, meditation and dream work.  At this time of the year I focus more on my inner world rather than my physical form.  Because of this I’ve been inspired to do more Talkchology Videos, and being the creature driven only by inspiration I do what feels right for me to do at the moment, that’s why I haven’t made any new workout videos, all though I have plenty new ones ready on paper.

In todays video I am going to share with you a very great tool for achieving goals and dreams.  This idea came to me through my meditation and I knew right away I had to share it with you guys.  I’m also going to share some of my inner struggles that I had to deal with this year, I think it might help some of you guys to reevaluate things in your inner world.

Enjoy the video!





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