No Sugar Challenge!

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Hello my Darlings,

I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend! Welcome to the NO Sugar Challenge for this week!  This challenge is going to last from today – Monday until Sunday.  I noticed that a lot of you are on board so that makes me very exited and motivated.  I periodically do these types of challenged from time to time because it’s good to get rid of the excess sugar in our body. Good thing I love my coffee black he he :).

Sugars to Avoid All Week:


  • Processed Sugars of any kind which include cakes, cookies, candies, chocolate, ice-cream, soda etc.
  • Maple Syrup
  • Honey
  • Especially Artificial Sugars ( you should avoid these for life )
  • Any food produce that has over 5 g of sugar per serving ( breads, pastas etc )


Sugars we are allowed to eat during this challenge


  • 2 servings of fruit of your choice per day 🙂 – very humble per sa
  • Any food produce that has less than 5 g of sugars per serving


If any of you are taking things such as protein shakes that has has sugar in it, you can do two things:  a) Skip one serving of fruit.  b) Have real food after your workout :).  I’ve been doing that for a while now and I really love the real food approach.

Now, I don’t want you to be fainting or anything so if for any reason you are not feeling well ( and just craving sugar doesn’t really count as not feeling well ) then you can have just a little bit of raw honey, a teaspoon, but don’t a greedy Totem ;).

In the comment sections we can all share our daily thoughts and feelings about this challenge,  and this way we can support each other.  Guys, I am really exited that you are doing this with me, I love you guys!


Let’s get this party started!!!




PS – What do you guys think if I create a special section on the blog just for ” Challenges ” ?


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  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    Hi Tatianna,

    No sugar isn’t a problem for me…don’t eat processed foods…no sweets, no soda, no bread, nothing with artificial sweeteners…I do have one banana with my protein smoothy in the am, and some fruit with my yogurt at lunch, and usually an orange or apple during the day too.  Good luck to every one that has a sweet tooth  :))))

    • I will miss my clif bar, but those things are crazy with the amount of sugar, something like 25 g, and I’ve really got into the habit of eating them.

      • sannia

         Good morning sugar babe 🙂
        Dont you miss anything…throw those clif bars or  giv them to somebody now… you hear me now i will say this onley once:)  Who wants a little, have all, who wants nothing, that one is free, and who does not have and does not want  is a man equal to the gods.

  • super!new section is a brill idea;)now i’ve just eaten breakfast with honey and some granny’s jam..but,honestly,i’m about to srart the party already this day!yep

    • Happy to have you on board! 

  • Talei_thaliwal

    Hi Tatianna

     I personally cut most sugars & processed foods out of my diet a while ago for medical reasons and would rather go without than rely on sugar substitutions but I’m just wondering what you think of the popular substitutions for sugar such as stevia or agave syrup ?

    • Well, you know I think the companies promote these sweeteners as good for you and they actually could be if they came right from the leaf or the agave it self, but by the time it makes it to the store it has been processed one way or another.  I think raw honey is definitely the best sweetener, and it has so many live enzymes, agave syrup and stevia can’t compare to that, so why not have a good for you sweetener 🙂

  • Bibi

    Oooohh… the point is, that I acutally do this challenge everyday as I don’t eat candies etc. and dont’t sweeten my food. But today I will hand in my final paper and on thursday there will be our graduation party and I will have one or two glasses of wine or something. So, I will defer this challenge to the next week and mind the sugar even more than usually 🙂 !
    And I think an extra section for challenges would be cool because you could choose a challenge every time you want to or when it kind of fits your daily plan.

    • Then challenge section it is!!!

  • Mariasole Verdi

    i just read this after my workout+15 mins bike ride and breakfast. i had: 2 boiled eggs, barley coffee with no sugar,1 tomato, 1 carrot, and 2 toasted italian bread slices with chopped tomato and little parmesan cheese on top of it (oh gosh did not know i had to skip bread and pasta!). surely i am not hungry till midday (my lunch time). ill start the challenge at lunch then! got to go and prepare all the veggies for the day!!! bye all! p.s.: how many eggs can we eat per day/week? ive heard somewhere that eating to many eggs may produce bad colesterhol… btw love the challenge section

    • Hi Mariasole, 

      You can have bread just make sure it has less than 5 g of sugar per serving, so the low sugar bread.  I eat about 4 eggs a day, as long as you buy good farm raised eggs they are very healthy. 

  • Romy69

    Prievyet Tati!! 

    I am on board with you!!!!!!! I am gonna miss my coffee with unsweetened almond milk WITHOUT STEVIA in it!!! but it’s ok!! it’s for the good purpose!!! I already had my chapati bread with olive oil instead of organic almond butter.  I am happy to do this challenge and test my willpower a little bit!! It’s good to challenge oneself from time to time. It makes oneself tougher!!

    • Glad you are doing it with us :), I’m gonna miss my clif bar but it’s only one week :), we can do it 🙂

  • daybelis garcia

    I will also join you hun just a question: is stevia ok to use?

  • sus

    I am so excited about this challenge.  I also think a section on the blog for challenges is a great idea. 

  • AlishisPhillips

    Ok, here it goes.  My problem is as soon as I tell myself I “can’t have something”, that something becomes the number one thing on my mind!  A MUST HAVE!  Its totally psychological…I love maple syrup.  I mean, L-O-V-E maple syrup.  One week without it is doable.  What about agave nectar?

    • Well, I would say no agave nectar, think about it this way :  It’s only one week 🙂

  • Evaleen

    I’m actually quite confident this will be a breeze. 🙂 I bought like 20lbs of produce yesterday, so I’ll be cooking and eating great all week! Favorite recipes and new ones, so plenty of fun to take my mind off of honey and those (heavenly) medjool dates. :p Think I’ll limit my starches too, maybe every other day in place of a fruit serving… or keep the fruit if I feel I need it.

    Either way, this week is gonna be all about zee food! And black coffee– love love love it! xD

    • I love black coffee too 🙂

      • Evaleen

        What’s your favorite type btw? 🙂 I don’t really stick with the same brand myself, I just know I only like medium or dark roast :p like French or Italian– so nice and smoky!

        • Yep I also love medium to dark roast :), nice and smoky 🙂

          • Evaleen

            And sometimes chocolate-y! 😀 That’s gotta be my favorite.

            If anyone wants to try one like that, Starbucks brand (in the grocery store) has a kind called Cafe Verona, “dark cocoa roast”– is very nice!

          • Ellen65

             I love the dark chocolatey taste really good dark roast coffee can have.  I’ve had Cafe Verona it is a good one.

          • Ohh yeah I’ve had it and it’s good!

  • Carmen

    I’m in! It will be hard for me not to have what I call ice cream-frozen banana mix with carob powder, carob chips and shreded coconut- for dessert. I am glad I read the post before going grocery shopping otherwise dates, dark chocolate chips would have made it to my cart.

    • It’s only one week :), you can do it )))

  • Ellen65

    I’m in but it will be tough not to have honey in my coffee.  : ) I think it would be great to have a challenges section, as we could go back and try different challenges on our own too.

    • Yep, I am definitely making a challenge section 🙂

  • tee_w

    It’s funny, until you started talking about no sugar, I didn’t even realize that since I have almost fully gone over to eating paleo “like” I actually haven’t really had any sugar or even craved it. (only a couple of times! I could count on one hand( maybe two) in the last couple months!) That is awesome, as I was a sugaraholic!

    pretty picture though!

    • Thanks Tee, I though it was a cool looking picture as well 🙂

      • tee_w

        ha ha!  tatianna!  I tried the honey mask I read on here last night, I didn’t have all the ingredients for any others, this doesn’t count against me in the no sugar challenge does it?  lol

        • Ha Ha Ha Tee, I guess you can have a honey mask cause there is no rule that says your face can’t have sugar 🙂

  • Romy69

    Good morning Tati! 

    I don’t know if it’s ok but this morning I spread some organic raw almond butter on my chapatis. I read on the ingredients label : sugar: 1,4 g. As long it’s below 5g I can have some, right? Have a nice day. Just did the 10 mn cardio HIIT workout…a killer!! but sooooo good!!!! I feel energized!!!


    • Hi Romy, 

      Of course it’s OK, they don’t usually add extra sugar in Almond Butter, I mean they do but if it’s only has 1.5 then this brand sounds like it doesn’t have any sugar. 

  • Good morning guys!!!

    Our second day of NO SUGAR :), how is everyone doing so far?  I have to say I’m doing good, I’m about to have breakfast and then we are filming a new lower body workout 🙂

    • daybelis garcia

       yay new workout lol, i was running out and as far as the no sugar challenge im doing quite well, I never really was a sweet tooth . I’ve limited my fruits to just 2 a day and so far so good:)

      • Yep, it’s only the second day but I feel pretty good 🙂

    • Romy69

      Dobra Dyen!! 

      I am still on it!!!! I was in the mall with my two year old daughter this afternoon and I got her an ice cream…OMG!!! I was about to fall off the wagon to get one but I hold tight and didn’t get any!!! and that’s because I am doing the challenge with you guys. Making challenges like this help a lot!! Ah.. GOD, my eyes were behind the tiramisu one!!! lol… I am still holding the fort!! 🙂  
      I can’t wait to see your lower body workout!! 

      Have a nice day!! 

      • Romy good job for staying on!!! It’s only one week we can definitely do it!!!

    • I saw that challenge right now and gonna start it))) so tomorrow is my 1st day)

      • Yay!!! So happy you are joining us 🙂

    • jt

      I’m onboard!!! coincidentally, i decided to cut my morning fruit shakes for a while. I thought that might be too much fructose just to do it everyday. On time for the challenge then! 😀

    • Evaleen

      Hmm, lets see… I’m a former cereal addict, living in a shared household that has at least a dozen boxes of sweet cereal lining our food shelves. Such a thing used to “torture me”, but now I just don’t care lol. So yeah, I’m doing great! xD

      • I’m doing pretty good too :), I think I look thinner 

    • Ellen65

      I didn’t think it would be this tough. Yesterday I blew it when I ordered a soy latte, because the soy milk had sugar in it. Who knew there was sugar in so many things. Do you know that my salt even has sugar added (Windsor brand)!

      • It’s ok Ellen just start over, we’re just human and all we have to do is start again :). Yes it’s pretty crazy how they add sugar in everything these days.

    • sus

      I am still doing good! Wednesday has been hardest so far bc I was volunteering with some kids and they kept offering me cookies and brownies. I just said no thank you…THEN my husband bought me one of my favorite candy bars (almond joy) and I had to put it in the freezer so I don’t get tempted.

      • OMG I use to love almond joy when I was a kid, but in Russia it was called bounty, ahh it’s so good!

    • tonysaboo

      Finding it a bit tough today to limit fruit intake 🙁 but will handle it till the end of week. I can’t wait to try your workout tomorrow.

  • You can do it!  It’s only one week 🙂

  • Good morning!

    May i join? i’d like to sooo much!

    • Of course 🙂 welcome aboard !!!

  • ltwin

    Privetik Tatiann-dorogaya..

    ya uzhe 3 dnya ne treniruus..nadeyus zawtra smogu…:(
    ya takaya ustawshaya, netu sili, neznayu w 4em dela… poetomu ya otdihala nimnozhko..
    a s etoi challenge ya s wami 😉 i horosho derzhus!

    zhelau tebe otli4nogo dnya i do zawtra 😉

    • Privet moya dorogaya :), ya tolko sejchas zametila tvoj kommentarij :).  Otdohni, inogda nam ochen nugen otdih tak chto ne peregivaj, naberis sil i potom potrenerueshsya 🙂

      • ltwin

        Drorogaya moya..
        spasibo tebe 4to razreshila mne otdohnut..;)) teper menya dazhe sowest ne mu4aet..
        posmotru kak ya sebya segodnya 4uwstwowat budu posle raboti..
        a yesle net, tak budu otdihat…
        TI SUPERSKI TRAINER! SAMII SAMII lu4shei na swete!

        • Privet Solnishko :), konechno otdihaj, esli organizm trebuet to nado slushatsya!

  • I bet, yesterday I ate twice then I fasted until morning cause I felt kind of stuffed and it’s so hot that all I want is cold water!

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  • sus

    2 days done and so far so good.  Nothing has really changed in my diet except about 1 less fruit a day. Love this.  I know someone is going to offer me chocolate though I am sure, and that is when it will be hard to say no!

    • Keep hanging in there Sus, I am using this body butter that is made with cacao butter, imagine how I feel putting it on every day, I just want to bite into my own arm LOL

  • Carmen

    My second day went fast. I limited my fruits to only two servings and increased my vegetables with a delicious carrot, beet, celery, radish, cilantro, apple -this is where the second fruit serving went- juice. I did not even crave anything sweet all day. P.S: It was funny to heard my husband having dessert after dinner saying “0h, I cannot do this. It’s burning, this challenge is torture but I know I must continue”. He cracked me up wit his sarcasm.

    • Ha Ha Ha, that’s funny!!! It’s only one week it will literally run by 🙂

  • ashlie winner

    I will be late starting this one- I have a pesky cold! I came here this morning looking to see if you have a post on colds…

    • Ashlie hey hey hey girlie!!! I need to make a post about cold, good idea!

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  • Tonysaboo

    I’m stating to find it hard today to limit my fruit intake as I love my fruit. However I will make it till monday, mind over matter. We are in it all together 🙂

  • Mariasole Verdi

    hi its thursday i am on the 4th day of this challenge. i just crave for more fruits today but i hold on to discipline. its bed time another day went by. goodnight everyone!

    • Good night Mariasole !!! Few more days left 🙂

  • Dani Stevens

    This sounds great!!! For those that wish to follow my journey you can “like” my FB page and come join my Google friend followers

    I’m starting a 6 week challenge as of Monday so this is something I’d love to incorporate. So thankful I came across your website Tati & YES do a separate tab on challenges and do vary them eg: 12 week challenge, 6 week challenge even a mini 4 week challenge. Split them over the months and of course break them up for our bodies to have a bit of a break.

    You look amazing!!! Xox pozdrava iz Australije

    • Hi Dani,

      Thank you very much :), I will definitely have a separate page for challenges.

  • Mariasole Verdi

    its my 6th day of this challenge. my trousers and skirt are larger now. wowww. its quite hard cause i have to deal with nutella and bread for the breakfast of my kids. i dont give up thou. i will certainly end this challenge stronger then before. i now know how to manage sugar cravings for the next future as i always thought i wouldnt /couldnt live with some sweets 🙂 thanks a lot

    • OMG Nutella would be pretty hard for me to resist, that’s why I never buy it.

  • Katerina

    I have been doing this challenge for the last 6 days. It’s almost over and I’m sure I’ll make it 😉 I’ve been having some health problems for the past week, but I’m getting better and I can’t wait to do your new workouts. Than you for this challenge, it made me feel like I’m in control of my fitness eve though I’m not able to workout 🙂

    • I hope you feel better soon, but I can already feel you are very positive and will bel able to get back on track with your workouts. One more day without sugar… Ahhh, the first thing I am going to get on Monday is a whole watermelon and eat it in one sitting 🙂

  • mariasole verdi

    7 no sugar days are gone! so can i start the breakfast with a tiny slice of home made ciambellone? goodnight tatianna goodnight all!!

    • Of course you can 🙂 go right ahead :). I am starting my breakfast tomorrow with a whole watermelon and a muffin 🙂

  • Evaleen

    Had made it through the week with no real cravings, till the very last night. :p So first thing the next morning, had one of those amazing peanut-butter-date protein bars– so good! 😀

    • Wow that sounds amazing! I had chocolate for breakfast on Monday, but now I think I am going back to no sugar till Sunday, I really like this challenge 🙂

      • Evaleen

        Hehe, had some of that with my coffee today. :p

        I do think I leaned up a tad last week, but did have some occasional tiredness too… so maybe doing this challenge every other week would suit me. :p

  • Evaleen

    Apologies to all, but I must rant about something… it’s about sugar, actually. Just saw this today from a website (been reading a few articles there, has some pretty informative stuff), this is about the school lunch reform here in the U.S:

    That sickens me honestly… for one, I don’t believe in dictating how others choose to live (including what they eat), but even worse when the enforced standards are downright stupid!!! Where in that set outline is the mention of banning REFINED SUGAR??? Or processed foods in general? Or incorporating more whole fruits and veggies, or other natural foods? Nope, instead the same old archaic advice: cut calories, go low-fat… and restrict vegetables(!) cause of their starch content, just WHAT?!?!!

    Now I don’t want to take anything away from personal accountability here– I fully admit that many of my own problems were from avoiding responsibility, or taking the easy route. But, I also believe whole-heartedly, that I would NOT have struggled so much all these years, if it wasn’t for all the refined sugar in my diet (even in the “healthy” foods I relied on). Now we all know that sugar is “bad”, but I don’t think most people truly understand just how powerful a drug it really is, or that most commercial foods only feed their addiction to it. I didn’t either till I took real measures to cut it out, and nourish myself properly with REAL food… and now it’s no more obsessive/neurotic cravings for me, only more vitality than I ever remember having!

    • OMG I’ve read the article, as I started reading: Michele Obama consulted with Jillian Michaels, Kate Koss…. What?! When did Kate Moss became a poster child for nutrition, don’t want to point fingers but last time I checked her way of loosing weigh was playing the role of a vacuum, I can understand it in the modeling world which is not of my business but the kids know what’s up and that’s scary.

      That article is pretty darn stupid, I cannot believe they are teaching children to cut out vegetables and this is where the world is going…

      • Evaleen

        Yeah, that bit had slipped my mind– that they went to “celebrities” of all people! A model and two business icons… and not a shred of proper nutrition to be had. :/

        I really need to stop reading these things, it’s making me go out of my mind… I just can’t stand seeing so much (harmful) misinformation being propagated.

        • I am so happy you showed me this article, because I write for every friday ( it’s like a weekly article ), and I was looking for material for this week, then you came with this little Gem, now I got my material :). Thank you Evaleen 🙂

          • Evaleen

            Cool, look forward to reading it! 🙂

  • l-p-r

    Wonderful! ..sugar is a challenge! ..something about coffee. Keep up the good work!

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    • Irochka spasibo chto napisali :).

      Ya vosnovnom piu koffee bez sahara ili meda, lublu chernij koffee. Ochen rada chto ti nakones podtyanulas, ya obogau takie upragneniya oni dejstvitelno pridaut sili ne tolko nashemu telu no i nashej sile voli.

  • Espe17

    Hi, Tatiana! I discovered your blog not long ago and love it! Without knowing it, I made this challenge last week during five days, adding some things, like eating 5 times a day, always join proteins with vegetables or fruit and drink plenty of water. I have lost about 3 kg, never had been on 60 kilos! Also I use Stevia to sweeten my cofee ir tea…;))

    • Hi there 🙂

      I am so happy you lost weight, this is one of my favorite challenges but I don’t use stevia.

  • I started this challenge yesterday and I really think I must have some terrible sugar addiction as its now the morning after and I feel hungover without having any booze (i very rarely drink anyway but do know what a hangover feels like haha). Will be tricky tonight as it is movie night with some friends and I have a weakness for maltesers which I tend to eat all during the trailers…(chocolate covered biscuity malted honeycomb – they’re amazing btw!). This is definitely going to be more of a challenge your will power…will update in a few days to see if my sugar hangover goes or if I stick to this! Wish me luck!

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  • tryste

    Hey, just had a brainwave — what about doing this challenge again in the new year, once the holidays have past? That might help some of us detox from what is bound to be a time of happy indulgence! 🙂

  • Salina Oraz

    I’m quiet late with my “50 cents”, but I’ve started this challenge a week ago with my sister & its until 30th September. I want to completely get rid of the cravings for sugar, so my body completely forgets what’s sugar… You have inspired me to do this! and for that – THANK YOU! 🙂 x

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