Diet Challenge: More Fiber Less Starch

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Hello my Darlings,

Few weeks ago we did ” No Sugar Challenge ” which I really enjoy if I may add :), so this week I though it was time for another one. Today I asked your opinions about the challenge on my Facebook and most of you agreed that this week we should focus on lowering the amount of starchy carbohydrates that we consume and I wanted to add more fibrous carbs. The reason we do these challenges is to create better habits and change our eating approach over time instead of all at once.

When we take drastic measures in our diet such as changing the way we eat all at once we are setting our selves up for a fail, but when we slowly learn how to eat better our body has the time to adjust as well as our mind.


Now for this week’s challenge


This week we are going to focus on adding more high fiber vegetables and fruits every time we eat and limiting the amount of starchy carbs and grains to only one meal per day, your post workout meal.
Each meal you eat except for post workout meal must only include high fiber vegetable or fruit or both as your source of carbohydrates.


This is what your plate should look like every time you eat:



1 is Fat, 2 is Protein, 3 is High Fiber Carbohydrates. This is the ratio for all of your meals except your post workout meal.  The reason I wanted to give you this ratio is just a reminder of how we should eat.

In your post workout meal you can add a starchy carbohydrate of your choice but not a refined carbohydrate so it will still have a lot of fiber in it.


Now,  your post workout meal will look like this:



0 – is Fat ( the reason I marked it as a 0 because after our workout we want to keep the fat as low as possible or none at all. Fat slows down digestion and after our workout we need the nutrients to get to our muscles as fast as possible. 2 – will still be Protein, 3 – can be a starchy carb of your choice.


Here is a list of High Fiber vegetables which you will add to all of your meals as a carbs:


  • Kale
  • Collard
  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Carrots
  • Garbanzo Beans ( not canned )
  • Sweet Potatoes


List Of Fruits


  • Apples
  • Bananas ( ripe banana )
  • Berries
  • Guava
  • Kiwi
  • Orange
  • pears


Carbs that you will only eat as you post workout meal


  • Oats
  • Amaranth
  • Quinoa
  • Buckwheat
  • Any whole grain bread
  • Regular potatoes
  • Beans ( not canned )


Foods That You Should Avoid At all times during this challenge


  • Anything refined or processed


Guys, we are only doing this challenge for a week and maybe 2 weeks if you wish, so everyone is gonna live and there is no need to panic. We are not doing any crash dieting here, we are just learning better habits.

If you are worried to not have enough energy for your workouts don’t be, to give you that great amount of energy make sure to have 1-2 bananas and a handful of mulberries as part of your carbs for breakfast, if you want to take it to the next level then I suggest drinking a cup of Yerba Mate Tea before your workout, that will give you wings right up :).


PS – if there is something you feel I should add to this challenged speak up :).

I also decided to add challenges section to the site.  Now in the Exercise & Workouts section you will find ” Challenges ” section, I will soon start to add fun exercise challenges in there.  In the Nutrition section I added ” Diet Challenges” page and this is where all of our diet challenges will be.


Have Fun with this challenge!




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  • Sabine_Gemany

    Hey Tatianna,
    i love this challenge! But just one question: I always add a little bit of cacao or peanut-butter or coconut (about 10gram) to my post-workout-shake, because I thought a bit fat would be necessary to absorb all nutrients?
    Should I eliminate the cacao or the peanut-butter?
    Big hugs,

    • Yes definitely, I always suggest either no fat or very low fat after the workout because fat slows down digestion. After the workout our body is open to receive nutrients so we don’t need the fat to help us digest it. But our other meals we do need healthy fats. I suggest you add cacao before your workout, it will give you energy for your workout.

  • Christian

    Love this challenge! This week i’m having a week off from Ex, focusing on in my nutrition, my finiteness goal and just relaxing!
    Since you last wrote about Fibers i’m eating more chia and linseed seeds, which is packed with fiber.
    Have a nice day all!

    • Yes Chia is very good, I want to try linseeds 🙂

      • Zarinda Bee

        use ground linseeds rather than the whole ones since they are so small they don’t digest as well as the ground but… be careful with linseeds since they can have a strong laxative effect on some people !!!

        • OMG thank you for telling me, imagine I would of ate lot’s of them LOL

  • mariasole verdi

    hi, i will follow this challenge in order to educate myself to eat better. one thing i want to ask ive seen some of the foods that you listed are not easy to find now in my town cause not seasonal i want to ask if i can substitute with other fruits and veggies of the season (zucchini eggplants tomatoes green beans, fresh figs i have a tree in my garden with a lot of figs 🙂 etc) As for the protein is it ok to eat sometimes fresh dairies food (ricotta or cottage cheese or a little piece of parmesan d.o.p? thanks for this opportunity byeee all

    • Of course you can substitute for other foods, I listed these foods but there are many other foods that are very high in fiber. I do not recommend dairy as a primary source of protein, you need more complete protein, fish, chicken and eggs.

    • jt

      You’re so luck to have a fig tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))) I totally love them, enjoy!!!

  • AlishisPhillips

    I guess I should start this tomorrow, I just ate a nice bowl of oatmeal, chia seeds, peanut butter and agave.

  • Evaleen

    Already been doing this quite a while (starch only for post-workout, or rarely for breakfast too), so I’m good to go. :p

  • jt

    Totally onboard with this challenge!! 🙂 And the only thing I’ll be able to do for this week, as I have a horribly stiff muscle (under the left trapeze, the elevator “something i can’t remember” the physio said). Oh well 🙂 Have a great weekend Tati and everyone!! :)))

    • Hey girl, try to stretch out that muscle, it always helps me with stiffness.

    • Naomi

      Probably the levator scapulae, it elevates your scapula (or the chicken wing bone as I like to call it). Just tilt your head to the right and, put a hand on your head and try to stretch it.

      • jt

        Thank you very much Naomi and Tati!! Yes, I think that’s the name Naomi! When I do what you’re saying, I can totally feel it! 🙂 (it’s still very sore the darn thing lol…)

  • I’m in on this challenge. My breakfast/post workout meal is already this way. I find a pressure cooker is a most for cooking your own beans. Second best investment I made as a cook after my Vitamix .

    • Yay so happy you are in 🙂

    • jt

      I want one too! They take sooo long otherwise 🙂

      • It’s worth the investment…in one hour the beans are cooked. I cook two different types of beans on Sunday to last me for the week.:)

        • jt

          I steam them in an spaghetti pot and they take about 1h 15-30m depending on the bean, they’re soft enough but not super soft. A lentil stew takes about 2 hours+ in a normal pot, on your pressure one would take just one, mhmm I thinking forward for next Winter 🙂

          It’s also a great tip to cook a significant amount in advance, I also like to cook and leave them prepared for the week, it’s really a bit about being organized and a couple other things to eat healthy, isn’t it? 🙂

          • The cooker cooks hard beans (chick beans, black beans etc) in an hour. Before the cooker, I had to presoak for 1hr, then cooking was at least 2 plus hours.

          • jt

            I had forgotten that, no presoaking??? Didn’t know that!! 🙂

    • I am so happy so many of you guys are in on this challenge with me :), it’s actually been pretty easy breeze for me 🙂

      • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

        It should be easier in the Summertime (when we naturally crave more raw “cooling” foods…)

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    well, I only eat non-veggie carbs with my evening meal, small amount of pasta, brown rice, quinoa, occasional spud….I hardly ever eat bread or crackers, I do eat yogurt, but I’ve decided to try to cut that out as my lunch protein and sub in meat or eggs, tuna is just too smelly to eat at work LOL…I eat chia seeds with my yogurt right now, but I can just add them into a fruit snack…I work out at around 6 am, so no pre-WO snack…lol…would make me sick

    • I rarely eat bread too, when I do it’s only homemade.

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        my hubby is a big time bread fiend, but he makes it himself, so sometimes it’s hard to say no to, but only with ceasar salad for me

        • Ohh no I could never say no to homemade bread, but since I almost never make it, it will be a pretty easy challenge for me. I do love me some toasted oats in the morning, but today I went fine with just 2 bananas and mulberries instead of oats.

        • Saturday is a bread day at my house. We make a five grain Irish soda bread.We grind the grains at home. The bread is so dense and chewy, it is to die for.

          • Evaleen

            Can haz recipe please?!?! I love dense and chewy bread. 😀

          • Hi Evaleen,

            Here is what you will need: Preheat oven 325F. Bake time 1:15 minutes. We grind the cracked wheat, steel cut oatmeal and kamut in our vitamixer. Buying organic is not neccesary, it’s all depends on what you want. Also vegan alternative can be used in place of all the liquids.

            Step 1: in a large bowl whisk together,
            1 cup organic whole wheat flour
            2 cup cracked organic wheat
            1 cup steel cut oatmeal
            1 cup organic whole kamut
            half cup wheat germ
            half cup oat bran
            half cup sugar
            1 tsp baking soda
            2 TB Baking powder

            Then, cut in 1 stick butter in flour mixture until it looks like a coarse meal. Set aside.

            In a seperate bowl whisk together 3 whole eggs and 2
            cups buttermilk and quarter cup molases (Molases gives the bread a brownish colour and added flavour).

            Now mix the wet and dry together until the mixture hold together. If it too dry add a little water. Knead dough on a flour surface. Form into 2 mediun round loaves.Tranfer to prepared sheet. Slash an X on top of loaves,brush top with milk.

            Rotate the loaves half way through the baking. Bread is ready when is sound hallow if you tap the bottom. Transfer to a rack for cooling. I usually freeze one of the loaf. Enjoy!

          • Evaleen

            Thank you so much! 🙂 That looks so good I think I can taste it already! xD

            Also looking forward to it cause I REALLY miss my bread making… stupid carb restrictions lol.

          • I forgot to mention the loaves should be checked after 50min to see if they’re ready. Also, the grains can be exchange with other grains(the whole wheat stays the same.) I’ve used quinoa, spelt, millet & Barley. Seeds can be added too.

          • sus

            IS the cracked wheat the same as bulgur?

          • Evaleen

            Hehe, I had the same question… but I read this on wikipedia, so not the same thing:

            “Raw wheat can be ground into flour or, using hard durum wheat only, can be ground into semolina; germinated and dried creating malt; crushed or cut into cracked wheat; parboiled (or steamed), dried, crushed and de-branned into bulgur also known as groats.”

          • sus

            thanks! I knew that bulgur was parboiled but wasn’t sure if it could be used. Thanks for the fast reply!

          • You know I kind of have this belief but I could be wrong, if I don’t see grain being Whole and it’s in a form of something like bread or pasta, then it’s not whole anymore.

          • Hi Sus,
            No & Yes, cracked wheat is still whole and the grain is not parboiled like bulgur. In cracked wheat all the bran is still in it while the outer layer and bran is removed from bulgur. I’ve also use wheatberries when I’m out of cracked wheat. If you live in Canada superstore sell cracked wheat in their bulk food section.

        • jt

          My man would take his bread even with pizza if that wasn’t ridiculous lol, sometimes he asks me if I want some and I say “thanks, I already have” if we’re eating some kind of pasta or something with potatoes 🙂

  • sus

    I just now read the rules and just finished breakfast (I had a piece of toast with my eggs). I will start this today/tomorrow. This is a great challenge.

  • steffi_dk

    I already eat like that, so that will be just as easy as the no sugar challenge for me:) I tried and failed though in my “no food in the evening” challenge. But then I read about Intermittent Fasting and that I´m not the only one getting hungry from breakfast. So I gave that a try and I love it!! I´m on day 5 now and it´s just great! I don´t have to prepare food all the time or eat all the time, I´m even thinking less about food! And the best thing is, I can eat portions that are satisfying. It´s a great experience, before I was hungry all the time even though I ate 5-8 meals a day. Now I eat from 2pm-8pm and it´s much easier than I thought. Today I wasn´t even really hungry before 2pm, my body adapted already. I also feel more energized, didn´t expect that:)

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  • tonysaboo

    Love this challenge 🙂 Love everything about this site. You are simply awesome, thank you for all you do.

  • ????????

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    • Sdravstvujte,

      Da son ochen vliyaet na metabolizm, chto bi vse funksii v organizme rabotali pravilno mi dolgni spat kak minimum 8 chasov. Esli me ne spim to organizm stressuet i videlyaetsya cortisol, nemnogo cortisola eto polezno no pri nedostatki sna cortizol videlyaetsya v bolshih kollichestvah i eto vliyaet na vse funksii v tele, takge otkladivaetsya gir v givote.

  • Evaleen

    Am copy-pasting this recipe elsewhere, so redundant post. :p

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    • Da ya dumau luchshe ne vibrasivat a prosto sohranyat i kushat v sleduuchij raz, ya vsegda doedau vse na sleduuchij den.

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  • ashlie winner

    Sweet! I just made buck wheat +steel cut oatcakes 😉 What about raw honey and pure maple syrup? Is that off the table?

    • You can definitely have raw honey, I’d cut out the maple syrup though.

  • sus

    I am failing at this challenge (which means it is a great challenge). I made bulgur right before you posted the rules and now I need to eat it up because my husband doesn’t care for it. Will try to only have it post workout.

    • Susu, you can definitely have it post workout 🙂

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  • Elena

    Priwetik Tatianna! Ja toshe s sawtrshnego dnja nachinaju ety challange i y menja pary waprisikow! A arbuzi , dini moshno kushat? I esli ja dapustim w obed salat delaju 1 chaimunuju loshku masla dabawljat moshno ?Tanjush i eshjo odin wapros, y menja tolko wremja est wecherom trenerawaza, mne togda dapustim tolko na sledyshi den moshno carbs kushat?

    • Privetik, arbuzu i dini konechno mogno kushat )) Maslo toge dobavlyat mogno luchshe vsego olivkovoe, kokosovoe i mindalnoe. Posle trenirovki kushat vse zavisit ot vashih selej, esli hotite pohudet to luchshe ne kushat a prosto pit chaj. No esli vi hotite pribavit mishsi to luchshe skushat yabloko ili banan, nemnogo meda i 1 yajso.

      • Elena

        Spasibo sa Otwet Tanjsh) Y menja Zel poxydet ja poxydela yshe na okolo 20 xochu eshjo 10 no stota dalshe ne idjot wsjo wremja + 2 – 2kg no kak ja ponila carbs tolko 1 ras wden moshno? Esli ja dapustim wecherom potrenerawalas to na sledyshij den esli ja ytrom owsjanky sjem to dapustim kartoshky mne yshe w obed kushat nelsja prwelno?

  • what are nuts considered to be – fat or protein? I thought that avo counts as good fat)))

    • Nuts are a good source of healthy fats and some protein, but the protein that nuts have is incomplete.

      • So since I’m vegan it’s better to take hemp protein after the workout in order to avoid fat intake, right?

  • Jos

    This is pretty much how I usually eat…in general I don’t consume grains and legumes at all and post WO starch carbs are only from sweet potatoes or squashes. Works great for me

    • I eat like that most of the time as well, since I’ve been buying mulberry all the time that is all I need for my workout.

      • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

        + some stored glycogen, I guess ! 🙂

  • You know I don’t count my carbs, I eat intuitively, I found this approach the best. Our body knows how many carbs it needs so I just stay away from processed foods and don’t do any counting at all.