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Hello My Lovies,

Tomorrow we are filming a new super hard upper body workout for you guys cause my hubby is back :). Today I have another Vlog video, I filmed a few days ago but subtitling takes a while so I’m just now posting it.  I made this video because of the question that I had from one of my Russian subscribers, she asked me: ” How can I be positive when all I see around me is negativity? “. I wanted to address it right away because I get asked this question all the time.

Sometimes I get surprised by these kinds of questions because I always assume that everyone knows how positivity and law of attraction works, but I guess I am wrong, not everyone knows about it and people who don’t know or don’t believe it, really struggle in life.

I wrote a post called ” Karma “, which was one of my first posts, check it out if you get a chance. In that post I go over different laws of the Universe, and how things work from my point of view. Karma is just a big fancy word, so don’t get scared to read it :).

A few words I’d like to add to the video:

Our thoughts are very very powerful, they are a lot more powerful then some of us give them credit. I think a thought is even more powerful than an action because it’s much harder to stop. We get millions of thoughts per day and we aren’t aware of every single one of them as much as we are aware of our actions. As soon as we think something we release it into the Universe, in turn Universe will make more energy around the thought and that’s how things come together and become a reality ( this is just a fast way of explaining it, it’s a bit more complex ).

  • Each and every one of us, only see the world based on a reflection of our selves, if our inner wold is happy and positive that’s how the outer world will look, and that’s how all the people in our outer world will be, happy and positive. If our inner world is negative, that’s what the Universe will show us on the outside as well. You will only see what you think about the most.

I found that to always be happy and positive, we have to appreciate everything that we have in life, even the smallest of things, and we have to take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions.

Everything that surrounds us is there only because we thought it there, we are the creators of our world. Once I understood that, I was able to make a lot of magic happen in my own life, and it really hurts me to see people who still don’t understand it and struggle by the belief that something else is in charge of their life.

  • They way I think we can help others who have a hard time to stay positive or believe in change. If we see someone struggling we have to be positive for them, we can’t make them understand it, but we can help them by creating a positive world for them in our own mind.

And now, here is the video 🙂



If you guys have any great books that you would like to recommend on this subject, or quotes, or sites or movies that would be awesome!

I also would like to thank all of you guys for your amazing support, kindness and positivity that you gift me with every day. Thank you so much to all of you.




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  • Helen

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    • Spasibo bolshoe za poddergku 🙂

  • Gina Melissa Robles

    Thank you for this post. I’ve always been a positive person, and I just ended a three year relationship, because he was way to negative, I gave myself a challenge to help him become more positive. However I think I failed at that, he was draining all my positive energy to the point I was becoming negative and angry towards the world, I even started getting migraines. I just knew that the task I wanted to accomplish was bigger than me or I just didn’t know how to do it. The point is that I ended up breaking up with him and moved out of his house a month ago. I’ve been reading a lot of meditation books and watching your videos (because you have such a positive energy) and I’m now the happiest I’ve ever been. Keep spreading the love 🙂
    Gina Melissa

    • Hi Gina,

      You did the right thing by ending the relationship, because we cannot change others we can only change our selves and hope others will get inspired. I used to have a friend who was very negative and I tried to help her for years because I knew that deep down, there was a good person somewhere in there, but after years and years I just realized this friend of mine was not going to change, cause she didn’t want to and I had to let her go. Now I just pray for her and hope that someday she will see the light.



    • Spasibo bolshoe :), ya ochen rada darit vam poddergku 🙂

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    • Katenka spasibo ogromnoe 🙂

      Ya kogda poedu v Moskvu obyazatelno priobretu etu knigu :


  • loyoya

    Great post Tati! I was always a very negative angry person. I was so badly hurt about a lot of things also. Also I´ve been born with a borderline personality disorder. I do not do freaky stuff, but I was always very angry, impulsive and very depressed. I never understood where the feelings came from. They had no reason at all. I had an awesome family and loving parents. So it was very confusing. Until a few years ago I was so sick of everything and I hated positive people…but something drew me to this positive karma thing. I believe in God and I´ve opened up the Bible and I was listening to Joyce Meyer and she talked about changing your thoughts. Not let them control you, but you control your thoughts. I had to learn what loving myself and loving other people. It is an awesome journey, but now years later I´m myself motivating other people to be positive. I´m not depressed anymore. I´m not a bitter angry person anymore. I do not have a lot in life, but my heart I´m happy. I strongle…like today was a sad day for me…allthough it is my birthday. I miss someone special so much…and some other things…but I´m not negative…because tomorrow will be a better day. I´m not worried…not getting crazy…haha! I relax because I know better days will come. This will passover too…nothing is forever. So karma is very important. We are the creators of our own life. We can choose anything. What is in your heart is your true wealth. I love life…and see problems as opportunities to grow in life. Problems can be painful…but afterwards things are more clear why…you can always learn and grow. Looking forward to the new workout Tati…hug hugs and spread the good words….a positive happy loving karma from me to you!! xxx

    • Hi Sweetie :),

      Thank you for your kind words 🙂

      I would like to say – Happy Birthday! This is a beautiful day, you came into this world today and changed the lives of so many who are blessed to have you! May all your wishes come true ( and they always do ), I wish you much more happiness and love 🙂



    • Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and may all your wishes come true. Just remember ‘setbacks’ are always a ‘setup’ for a ‘comeback’, you keep coming back and that is a good thing. And I am thankful that you had such a loving network of people around you. Cheers.

  • Vivi

    I would like to spread my attitude of gratitude and thank Tati, Miguel, and LovingFit followers for this wonderful online gathering place that is like a safe haven for people who are seeking physical, spiritual, and psychological self-improvement.

    Know that you are loved!

    • Thank you so much Vivi!

      Me and Miguel are very thankful to you guys, you’re all so wonderful and kind,


    • This is a lovely comment, Vivi. I agree with every word you have said.

  • Video doesn’t work for me, but I hope I can watch it as fast as possible 😀 tatianna did I ever tell you that I have often cravings for a russian speciality? Yeah for Konfekt! (If I would have the right keyboard I would love do write it in Russian) I totally love it! Well thats kinf of a problem for my shape 😀
    Greetings from Germania 😉

    • Thank you Marie 🙂

      Try a different browser, sometimes if you can’t see a video it’s the browser, or try clearing the cache.

      I love Russian Konfeti 🙂

  • Tatianna, thank you for the great and inspirational post. Well done beautiful lady.

    • Thank you Violet :), you are very sweet

  • Zivenaberry

    I think I needed to see this today. I have been sick for over a week now, not just head cold, but a deep cough and I simply cannot exercise with severe chest congestion. I’ve been feeling like such a loser and saying nasty things to myself about being lazy and such because I haven’t been able to do much besides watch tv and do very light housework. I’ve tried twice in the past week to get something easy in, and I just can’t breathe at all and then my chest hurts and I start coughing really bad. I know I’m doing more harm than good, but I just couldn’t get that toxicity out of my head that I’m being lazy and I’ll lose strength, blah blah blah. I need to be positive, and it’s obvious my body needs to rest. Taking care of myself isn’t just about exercise and food, I need to work on being positive to stay healthy as well. Thank you ((hugs)).

    • Sweetie,

      Don’t feel guilty when you are sick, because even if you were to workout it will be a waste cause our bodies can’t build muscle when we are sick, because our immune system is down. So please recover first, relax and watch TV, it’s OK to do that. I am going to send you positive vibes and you will recover faster. I also suggest you trying some of the EmergenC vitamin C packs, when I get sick I just take 5 packets at a time, twice daily, and within 2 days you will feel recovered.


  • daybelis garcia

    Such a beautiful video. I definitely needed to hear this. This past week I’ve been feeling a but distressed with so many family issues and stressors at home. I was beginning to feel physically inable to get out of bed to tackle my day. Ive always felt the need to resolve issues, and when I can’t I feel mad and disappointed. I realized though that I can’t ruin my day thinking so much about matters I can’t change. I can’t change people and the way they think, and I also can’t stop negativity from existing. I can though try my best to stay away from it and find ways to relieve my stress in a healthy manner. Thank you for this love….as always you look so pretty!:)

    • Hey Honey Bunny 🙂

      I’m sorry you’ve been down lately, but trust me we need a little turbulence at times to make us appreciate the good in life, I always found that darker times make us see life clearly, it helps us grow, but this too shall pass 🙂


      • Vivi

        Dearest Daybelis and Tati,
        Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, a Nazi concentration camp prisoner and survivor, argues that the best time to find the meaning of one’s life is when you feel mental anguish, emotional suffering of any kind, or when any difficult conditions surface. Why? Because when these conditions surface, you must journey into the garden of your soul and examine your conscious mind which leads you to question your ideals and values. This leads you to test whether or not to abandon them or fulfill them. At this point you must ask yourself, what are you going to do with your life now that such and such has happened. So, in agreeance with Tati, the darker times make us see life clearly. Use this experience to further your understanding of your life’s purpose.

        Best wishes, Vivi

        • Hey Vivi,

          I totally agree, it is in those moments we always find the light, I actually do a meditation with this specific passage, it was created by a guy who was always looking for suffering so he can grow his spirit really fast. It’s called meditation for difficult times, I always listen to it in my car.

          I was going thorough some difficulties at the beginning of the year, and in 3 weeks of emotional suffering I found a whole new appreciation for things in my life, it was a true blessing and in the end everything worked out better than I could of hoped for.

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Fantastic post, Tati!
    People have always admired me for being so forever-positive.
    Through the years, this has made me think a lot about: “WHY are you more positive than most of the people surrounding you, Maria?” I found the answer = I appreciate all I have every single day!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Love, Maria

    • That’s right, the more we appreciate the more happier we are!

  • I wanted to share a wonderful little app that helps for cultivating gratitude it’s called 1thing and you can set it to send you a reminder at a set time every day. then you type in up to six things you are grateful for and you can make one of them public. you can also read what other people are grateful for. every day one of the gratitudes also gets drawn by a resident artist, which is kind of fun (..and exciting when yours is chosen!)
    Here’s the link: 1THINGapp.com

    • That is super cute! Thank you sweetie, now I definitely need an Iphone!

  • Evaleen

    I’ll be honest, staying positive often feels like a struggle… mostly because in the last few years anxiety has become an issue for me– an underlying anxiousness that can cause my heart to speed up, put ‘knots’ in my stomach, or lead to stressful dreams (they’re worst when I wake repeatedly). Though these ‘ailments’ are usually temporary, they have also lasted for days or even weeks straight. Anyway, I always try to rationalize and guard against the thoughts that provoke such reactions, and simply try to enjoy every happy day I’m blessed to have. And without aching at the notion that they may end at any time.

    And Tatianna, you look so beautiful here, I also simply LOVE that hairstyle! 🙂 I watched this vid the other day, when I wasn’t feeling so great… and when it came to the part with the dancing flower, I almost cried tbh. Letting hurtful things affect me that much is my own doing, but it makes a bit of innocence like that feel all the more precious, you know? A tiny but genuinely sweet ‘escape’… I’m hugely sentimental anyway though, so go figure lol.

    • I totally understand you girl, I am so sentimental too, I cry for the little things all the time. I’ve read this quote form Dalai Lama the other day and I really loved it ” Don’t let the actions of others to disturb your inner peace “. I think sometimes we struggle because we think about the actions of other people or let things influence us, when I feel anxiety or have bad dreams I always analyze them, to find out what triggered it, there is always a cause, if we find the cause it’s much easier to deal.

  • Thank you Anne, I am glad I could make you smile 🙂

  • The idea of being positive can be off putting to some people, mostly when it’s viewed in a bubbly la la way. A positive attitude towards life/world does not mean a person is naïve to the very serious and
    negative aspect of life. Yes, there is unspeakable suffering in the world, which cannot be erased even if viewed through rose coloured glasses (sometime bad is just plain bad.) The question becomes how to deal with the so-called “bad” within and around us.
    For me, positive thinking does not mean that there are no negative thoughts. It’s more about how to handle the negatives. Getting rid of negative feeling is not the main goal, the concern for me is the afterwards. By having a positive psychology I’m more able to function and thrive amidst the chaos. I can cry about the state of things/world but I’m not paralyzed by my crying or feel hopeless. Negative thoughts for me are not the problem, but how I behave (my reactions) to those thoughts is what matters. In a strange way, having negative thoughts and self-talk once in a while tells me I’m a functioning human being who is dealing with “being human”.
    Now, the question is how to achieve a state of positive psychology. Personally, just as I exercise for physical health, I train my mind daily for emotional and mental health. Practice, practice!! And if need be, fake it until you’ve achieve it.

  • Thank you for your words JL :), I agree!

  • Elena

    Tatianna priwetik! Ja sanju sto y tebja ochen mnogo del! No nemogla bi ti saglinut na mail ja tebe tam pismo napisala. Y menja est takoi kakbi skasat po shisni wapros. Mne sechas ochen xotelas bi yslishat twoi sowet!

    Spasibi bilsoe

  • Ahh, Tati, I just saw this post and wanted to thank you for it. I really needed it. As soon as the video showed that flower, I started pouring my eyes out, it was SO lovely! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience, it means a lot. 🙂