Monday Mingle #36

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Meet Me On Monday


Hello my sweeties,

Happy Monday! Welcome to the 36th Edition of Monday Mingle, a little question-answer game we play every Monday to have fun and get to know each other on many different levels.

This week’s quote: ( I’ve posted this on my Facebook a while ago, but I love this saying so much that I want to share it again, to remind you guys ):


What is the difference between good and evil?

When you walk into a room filled with darkness and light a tiny candle, immediately the darkness will fleet. But you cannot do the opposite. You cannot walk into a room full of light, positivity and kindness and bring in the darkness, because no amount of darkness can outshine a room full of light.

This is why it’s so important to always stay positive. One positive thought, can outshine many negative one’s. Being positive makes you aligned to your higher purpose. If you feel positive and happy, you are exactly where your higher purpose wants you to be. If you feel sad, negative or unhappy it means you are out of tune with your higher state of being and your real wishes. Your deeper self, knows you much better than your physical self. So if you are feeling negative ask your self: Which thought caused me to think that way?  Find that thought and adjust your thinking. Our outside circumstances do not have influence on how we feel on the inside, because you are not in the world, the world is in you.
Focus on the positive feelings, the are the one’s which will take you where you need to go.


This week’s questions:

  • What was the last thing you did before you went to bed yesterday?

  • What do u think about the most throughout the day?

  • What is your favorite flower?

  • What is your favorite beauty product at the moment?

  • How do you express your self creatively?


My Answers:

  • Q – What was the last thing you did before you went to bed yesterday?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

The last thing I do every night before going to bed is stretch :).  I do that daily for at least 15 minutes.


  • Q – What do u think about the most throughout the day?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

Lately my focus is on staying in the present moment no matter what I do. But if my thoughts do tend to drift it’s usually to come up with workout routines, or write something, since these kind of thoughts serve the higher purpose I let them drift :).


  • Q – What is your favorite flower?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

Right now my favorite flower is Sunflower, I love it because of it’s color and the feeling I get inside when looking at a sunflower, it’s the feeling of happiness and positivity.


  • Q – What is your favorite beauty product at the moment?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

My favorite beauty product at the moment is a face mask I’ve discovered by accident a few month’s ago, I gave it a try because it was on sale and I fell in love. Ever since it has became my absolute favorite mask of all time, it’s Elizabeth Arden Peel & Reveal. Every time I peel off this mask, my skin looks 10 years younger, it’s not the most natural product, but the results are so amazing that I don’t care so much.


  • Q – How do you express your self creatively?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

My main creativity outputs is writing poetry and creating workout routines, in that exact order.  I can also take pictures, and I would love to know how to paint pictures.


Let’s mingle Loves!



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  • ???????, ??????????!!!
    ??????? ?? ????????? Monday mingle 🙂

    What was the last thing you did before you went to bed yesterday?
    ????? ???? ????? ? ??????? ????????? ??????, ???? Enya , Didulya 🙂
    What do u think about the most throughout the day?
    ? ???? ???? ????????? ????, ??????? ??????? ????????? ? ?????, ??????? ????????? ? ??????? ??? ? ??????????? ??????? ? ???:)
    What is your favorite flower?
    ?? ?????? ?????? – ?????????? ??????? ?????:) ??? ???? ???????? ??????????? ????????? ? ??????? ???????????:)
    What is your favorite beauty product at the moment?
    ????? ??? ?????????? ? ????? ????? ?? Natura Siberica. ??? ????????????? ??????????? ?????, ??? ?????? ????? ?????? ?? ????????????? ????????? ????? ? ?????? ??????? ?????:) ?????? ??? ??? ??????) ???? ???????!!!
    How do you express your self creatively?
    ? ??????? ????? ???? ??????????? ?????? ?????) ? ?? ??? ????? ?????? ??????? ????????!!! ????? ????? ?????? ???? ????????!!! ???? ????? ??????????, ?? ???????? ????? ? ????????? ?????????:) ??? ???? ????????? – ???????????? ???????? ?????????? ? ????????, ? ??????? ??? ??????? ?? ???????? ????-?? ?????????:))))
    ??? ?????? ? ????? ?????? ????, ?? ?????? ?? ??????, ? ? ???????? ?????:)

    ???????? ???? ???, ??????? ??????!
    ???? ?????????????? ???????!

    • Wow, kak zdorovo! Kakie vi s mugem kreativnie :)), ya toge ochen lublu igrat na gitare i pet pesni, pisat stihi toge obogau. Vot risovat ya probovala eche s detstva, no pochemuto ya vsegda risuu kak kurisa lapoj, no ya konechno staraus, ochen hochetsya nauchitsya krasivo risovat.

  • Marija

    2nd mingle for me .. 🙂

    What was the last thing you did before you went to bed yesterday?
    I said a prayer for my grandma who is very sick at the hospital.

    What do u think about the most throughout the day?
    Since most of my day is spent at the office my thoughts always wonder off to my boyfriend and all the amazing things we always do togeher after he picks me up from work: gym, walks along the sea, we laugh a lot every day, dance, listen to music, we don’t own a tv so every day is fun and new because we never waste time on the couch . 🙂

    What is your favorite flower?
    It’s definitely freesias, ten years ago my mum gave me a beaufitul bouquet of freesias for my birthday which is in March and it just took my breath away, it was colorful, it just looked so bright and happy and it looked and smelled like spring. Since then she’s been giving me a bouquet of freesias every year for my birthday and it still makes me so happy. Just like it did 9 days ago when she gave it to me again .. 🙂 Just love it ..

    What is your favorite beauty product at the moment?
    It’s an all natural face cream my cousin sent me a month ago. It’s nature in a small cup .. I love it … It’s called Salvia.

    How do you express your self creatively?
    I write. I don’t force it but when it takes over me its like there’s something inside me that must come out, sometimes the release of that creativity fills me with energy and positivity and sometimes its so intense and strong it drains me. I also always explore new things that interest me, from law school to peronsal trainer certificate to free on line nutrition, writing and psychology courses on Coursera, I just love learning new things and growing every day.

    • Sending your grandma positive and healing energy 🙂

      • Marija

        Thank you so much, 2 days after I posted this she passed away. It is still so hard to believe she is gone, she was the one who practically raised me, but I know she’s always with me, I’ll just miss her smile and her hugs, the love will never leave me…

  • Hello Folks!

    1. Wash my feet…they were ripe from wearing boots all day.
    2. Mostly random thoughts lately.
    3. Habiscus, we had them growing in front of our house when I was growing up.
    4. Home made lip scrub. I got the recipe from Honestly WTF.
    5. This is something I’m trying to find.

    • I tried so many lip scrubs, but my lips always seems to be cracky, I’ve been using this microdermabrasion towel lately, that’s the only thing that can get the dead skin off my lips.

  • Sarah Conor

    Hi, Tati!!

    Last thing i did, i kissed my sons before i went to bed yesterday.

    I think throughout the day most my sons and what to cook for them.

    My favourite flower is red tulip.

    My favourite beauty product is NAKED hair conditioner.

    I sew clothes, bake delicious cakes.

    Love Sarah

    • MMMM cakes :))) ahh how I love cakes 😛

  • 1) Last thing I did was lay out the clothes I had planed to wear today.
    2) I think of food, people who surround me, workouts I plan to do e t.c. Actually, I don’t think of anything only when I workout, I just count 😉
    3) I love red roses
    4) I don’t really have a favorite beauty product
    5) I sing while listening to my favorite music and lately I also cook.

    Have a great week everybody!

    What was the last thing you did before you went to bed yesterday? Read some psalms and cuddles with my husband.
    What do u think about the most throughout the day? Whatever task is at hand I guess?
    What is your favorite flower? Hmm…I do really love sunflower because they are so big! But I love windflowers, a filed of windflowers.
    What is your favorite beauty product at the moment? Organic tea tree oil with my organic sunflower oil on face before bed…works wonders…tea tree oil is amazing!
    How do you express your self creatively? Through clothing design! I also love writing poetry, but it’s only ever good when I’m mad. Haha.

    • I heard that tea tree oil is pretty amazing, I’ve tried it a couple of times but it really burned my face 🙁

      • It has to have a carrier oil. It isn’t supposed to be applied directly. I use coconut oil or sunflower oil (1/4 tsp) and 1-2 drops. When I apply it, I avoid the eyes as well. But it is not for everyone.

  • YAY, mingle time!!! 🙂

    What was the last thing you did before you went to bed yesterday?
    Hugged my boyfriend all the way to sleep 🙂

    What do u think about the most throughout the day?
    Lately I think about too many things at once, but in general I mostly think about how happy I am in this stage of my life right now.

    What is your favorite flower?
    Gerbera 🙂 I prefer the red or pink ones :))) I don’t like roses.

    What is your favorite beauty product at the moment?
    Coconut oil 😀 I don’t really use any beauty products…

    How do you express your self creatively?
    I love to sing, play guitar and play with graphic designs, and lately I really love to cook/bake/make FOOD 😀

    • I’m so happy to know that you are happy girlie 🙂

  • TessuCroft

    Woot woot! Happy Monday! It´s good to be healthy again! =D

    1. The last thing before bed? I watched The Walking Dead and I laid on my fakirmat at the same time. I´m a fakir! =D

    2. Thoughts during the day? I think food a lot. =D I like to eat. Also I think fitness, writing and reading, weather and some random stuff.

    3. Favourite flower? Maybe white arum lily or just basic white lily. Or something blue “ish” or purple!

    4. Favourite beauty product? I don´t think I have any… Maybe mascara. I have long eyelashes, so mascara make them really pop up. =D

    5.My self creatively? I´m a writer, so this is easy; by writing. =D I write short stories and longer scripts and blog posts.

    • Love writers :), how is the walking dead coming? I saw the first two seasons a long time ago, but I haven’t really watched any TV since.

      • TessuCroft

        I liked the first season, then the second was a bit blaah… I wasn´t that excited about the third season, but I kept watching… And I´m glad that I did, because this current season is so good! I have really enjoyed it a lot! =D I do still have quite many tv-shows I watch, but I have cutted them down a bit.

  • ??????,????! ! ? ????? ?????? ????? ????? ???? ???????? ?????? ?????????? ??? ????.?? ???? ??? ??? ? ????????? ???? ?????? ???? ???????? ??? ?? ??????? ??? ??? ???????????2.? ??????? ??? ? ?????? ???????? ?????? ? ??? ??? ? ?????? ?? ?????? ???????,?????? ??????????? ?????? ???.??? ? ?????.3.??? ?????? ??????? ?????? -??? ??????.4.??? ??? ???????? ????????????? ???????? ? ????????? ???????? ?????? ???? ????.????????? ?? ???????? ??????? ??????????? ????.5??????????? ??????? ? ???????? ???? ??? ??? ???? ??? ???? ??????.??? ????????? ? ? ???? ????? ?????? ???????????.?????,????.??????? ??????!!!

    • Privet,

      Ya sama stala interesovatsya takoj gimnastikoj dlya lisa. Tak kak na lise u nas est mishsi, ih toge nugno trenerovat, inache so vremenem oni obvisaut. Duamu chto mne uge pora nachinat samoj eto delat.

  • oberlee

    Good morning!

    **What was the last thing you did before you went to bed

    Nothing special! Washed dishes, brushed my teeth, washed my face.

    **What do u think about the most throughout the day? **

    Okay, this is a great question for me because having you ask this of me realized I’m caught up in a lot of negative thinking right now…So, to answer the question honestly, I think the thoughts I think about most are things like, “what a loser I am” or “will I ever act again?” or “what the hell am I doing and where is my life going?” It’s not bad to have these thoughts, but I need to turn this into an opportunity to think where I WANT to go and what I WANT to be doing on a daily basis. Just in a rut right now, and thought patterns are stubborn to change.

    **What is your favorite flower? **

    I love lilies.

    **What is your favorite beauty product at the moment? **

    I love the Dr. Hauschka face creme. It feels so good going on, and I love that it’s used for your whole face–the undereye area as well. It makes my face really hydrated and happy.

    **How do you express your self creatively? **


    Happy Monday!!!

    • Hi Kendra,
      When I read your answer about what you think about throughout the day, it made me sad and I wanted to say “don’t think of yourself in that way”. Only to realize, you know what, I am doing the same thing to myself. Not about acting, of course, because I am not an actor but my life in general. I catch myself saying foolish things especially when I am stuck in a rut. Then that just fuels other things, like eating stupid. Gosh, why do we make life so hard on ourselves? I know we all have different lives, different stories but we still knock ourselves down every now and again. I have become better at not doing it so often over the years and I think I pull myself out of it quicker when it does happen but I sure can’t wait for the day when I don’t pull myself down, ever… never ever ever 🙂
      So, hold your chin up high girl and smile every time you look at yourself in the mirror. Now, I am going to go practice what I am preaching 🙂

      • oberlee

        Thanks, Violet! Those aren’t my conscious thoughts, but they are the ones behind the scenes, so to speak, and I need to change them! Yes, it’s so easy to think those things and not even realize it. And having Tatianna ask that and have to answer was really a wake-up call to myself. I think we are just habitual creatures, so the more we get used to having positive thoughts behind the scenes, the more comfortable and habitual they will become. Thanks for the support, and good luck on your own journey as well! xo

    • Kendra, I so get your answer for #2. I just want to say “this rut shall pass, the opportunities are coming for you.” Thanks for your honesty. <3

      • oberlee

        <3! Thanks Lvette!

    • Hey sweetie,

      I’m gonna make a vlog about this – the negative thought pattern. The good thing about these thoughts is that they give rise to our desires, which helps us on our expansion process, what happens is this: As we experience a negative thought or a situation, it immediately gives rise to the opposite of that thought or experience, at that moment our ( Soul Self aka our Higher Self ) changes vibration to that desire, and starts pulling us like a magnet into that direction. Now, here is the thing, if we keep on holding on to our old thought pattern we are going against the flow, out of tune with the already improved vibration that is now became our ( Soul Self ). The emotions is what you have to listen to, because emotions tell you either you are going with the flow and is pulled into the right direction, or if you are out of tune and going against the flow to which you are now being pulled towards. If you’re feeling negative, sad, depressed etc, your current thought that caused you to feel this way is out of tune with your higher desires ( that you have already created and your Soul Self took form of ), if you’re feeling positive, happy, joyful etc you have aligned your self with the desires of your Soul Self ( or your improved desires ).

      We attract only what we think about the most and where your focus is, so when you think a thought that causes you to feel emotionally negative, ask your self: Does this thought serves me and my desires?

      Understanding that you are completely in control of your thoughts is very important, and it’s very freeing, you control your thoughts they can’t control you, which means it gives you a complete upper hand in being the Creator that you are :).

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…

    first of all I am so sorry for your lost…

    Well, I have been so busy past 10 days or so, with the new job (that I LOVE), and I had some extra massages (that I also do), and I was in Zagreb (capital of Croatia) in school that I just realized that I haven’t open this page in days (or any other..)

    But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that I don’t work out (since the school and the job is being a trainer/instructor)..

    as for the questions:

    1.last thing…read a book

    2.thinking in a is mostly about the job, it is new and it is occupying me a lot, and I am learning A LOT

    3.flower…any kind of field flowers, as long as they are NOT picked..on a meadow

    4.product..don’t have any it is hard to explain that thing that I do..I have posted some of my “drawings” here, I find old furniture and I make it mine and colorful, I dance, I act ( in normal life, I am so expressive,mine stories always came out like a sketch..)etc

    kisses to you all

    • I agree about the flower picking, I now tell my husband if he is going to bring me flowers I want them to be growing not dead.

  • What was the last thing you did before you went to bed yesterday?
    I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and prayed.

    What do u think about the most throughout the day?
    Too many things, my mind is a crazy place, I can’t focus on one thought.

    What is your favorite flower?
    I don’t really have a specific one, if it’s cool looking then I like it.

    What is your favorite beauty product at the moment?
    I don’t have one.

    How do you express your self creatively?

    I write Poetry.

    Tati,I wanted to ask you if you have a recipe for a soap or product that can get rid of black spots left by acne and zits on my face. If you don’t have a recipe but know of a good product that gets the job done that’s not super expensive, that would be good too. thanks.

    • Hmm will have to look into my natural cosmetics book, but I do know of some amazing, non expensive products that are Organic and don’t test on Animals. It’s from company called Shea Moisture, I’ve been using their products for a long time now, and just recently they came out with a skin care line, they have one for acne prone skin and aging skin. I just got their acne mask and I’m also really into their shea butter, I use it on my face and it does make spots fade. They are absolutely the most amazing products that is natural that I’ve ever tried, here is their facebook page –

  • Vera G


    Let’s mingle:

    1 -The last thing I do every night before bed is to give a kiss to my husband

    2- Preparing my neurophysiology lessons … My students give me a lot of work!

    3 – Orchids, just love them

    4 – My banana shampoo and conditioner from the body shop

    5 – Cooking, I love to try new recipes
    Have a great week 🙂

  • Evaleen

    What was the last thing you did before you went to bed yesterday? — Washed fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. Also cuddled my kittehs.

    What do u think about the most throughout the day? — My thoughts are usually all over the place, but if I have some upcoming task (shopping trip, hard workout, baking project, etc) I can get rather preoccupied with that till I’ve finished it. So no mysteries of the mind here, haha.

    What is your favorite flower? — White roses I think, or orchids. But I’ve also always loved these little blue flowers (called Persian Speedwell) that grow every spring, here in the Carolinas.

    What is your favorite beauty product at the moment? – Don’t have one. 🙂

    How do you express your self creatively? – Writing, workouts, drawing/photo-shopping, baking and decorating confections, making jewelry or other knick-knacks… all sorts of little ways. 🙂

    P.S. Love the ‘kitty’ photo! 😀

    • I used to love making jewelry before as well, I need to get back into it again.

  • ? FitLover ? Beth ?

    1) What was the last thing you did before you went to bed yesterday? -The one thing I always try to get focused on & think of before going to bed is my tommorow’s nutrition & exercise plan. If I got that written down, my mind is settled & I feel ready to what ever’s coming!
    2) What do u think about the most throughout the day? -My future..! what’s tempting me most & the people I hang out with/surround myself with.
    3) What is your favorite flower? -Well think like Any type of flower ! 🙂
    4) What is your favorite beauty product at the moment? -my hand cream maybe? 🙂
    5) How do you express your self creatively? -Well I think that one of the best ways to increase one’s creativity is by using simple Excel charts! Playing sims! 😀 yeah !!!

    • I’ve played sims a few times, it’s fun and I like that there is no need to kill anything. Is there a sims you can recommend me? I’m trying to get something for my phone to play on.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    Hi Tati,

    Last thing I did before bed? have a little ritual…..tend to sit in front of the fire place and unwind for about 20 minutes……..then……….clean my face………moisturize, brush my teeth, get a big glass of water, hug my husband, think about the morning wo that I usually don’t have planned yet………lay down and hope to fall asleep

    think about most during the day….tough one………..FOOD !!!!!!!!!!! my work outs………my preparation for running a 20 k Spartan obstacle race in September…..yikes………lots of business stuff happening right now…..exciting and scary at the same time

    favorite flower? there is a gorgeous flower called a arrowleaf balsamroot that grows every spring here, still have a month plus before they show up, but they are so lovely…… a small sunflower……or a large brown eye betty …… it, they cover entire hill sides and make me smile :)))

    favorite beauty product? I use Clinique “moisture” very soothing for the skin

    express myself creatively? not really sure I do in the traditional sense………no music….no painting…no acting……..I like to think of my person as being my creative expression…….some get me, but most do not

    • Wow 20 k Spartan, sounds very tough! But you can easily do it, you’re quite strong!

  • ??????, ????. ??????? ? ????? ???? ?? youtube, ?? ?????????????! ??? ?????????? ?????. ? ???? ???? ????? ????????? ? ????????, ????? ???????? ?????? ?????????? (??? ? ????????? ??????). ??????? ???? ? ???????? ?? 18 ?? – ????? + ?????. ????? ? ????????? ???. ????? ???? ? ?? ???????????, ?? ??????? ???? ?? ????? ? ????? ????? ? ?????????? ???? ????. ???? ?????????? ???? ? ????????? ????????? ?????? ?????. ??????? ???? ???? ? ???? ????? ??? ? ???? ???????! ?????!

    ??? ?????????? ?? ???????, ??? ? ???????, ?????? ??? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ?????, ?? ???? ???????? ?? ???.

    What was the last thing you did before you went to bed yesterday?
    Answer: I wrote a pedagogical project (it is a lesson plan). Everyday I must write this English and German lesson plans, I’m sick and tired of them.

    What do u think about the most throughout the day?
    Answer: My thoughts… all of them are about my University and about my body, diet, sport. I’m obsessed with some ideas… I want to make changes in my life.

    What is your favorite flower?
    Answer: I don’t like flowers.

    What is your favorite beauty product at the moment?
    Answer: ???? – ??????????? ????, ??????? + ???????? ?????. ???? ????? (Eveline Cosmetics)

    How do you express your self creatively?
    I use to express myself in writing, drawing and photography.

    • Privet :), ochen priyatno poznakomitsya!!!