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Hello My Lovies!

Merry Christmas and Happy Monday!!!  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post a mingle on the day before Christmas because I know that a lot of you will be spending time with families, but we can always mingle when we have time.  So welcome to the 25th edition of Monday Mingle, a question answer game we play every Monday to get to know each other better. Each Monday I ask 5 questions that we all get to answer and mingle around.


This Week’s Quote:

“There is only one you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself.” ~ Anthony Rapp


This quote got me thinking about society’s need to categorize things in order to understand something. Every day I get questions from people about my beliefs, religion and understanding of life in general, and each person always tries to place me into a category of some sort. You see, I am the type of person that doesn’t belong in a category, because I believe as soon as we place our self into one, we stop evolving.  It is very important to just be your self, without the need to be in a category of any kind.  We shouldn’t be afraid of what others might think, it doesn’t matter, but what matters is what we our self, think of our self.  I know it’s not always easy because of the way our society is build, but we need to break free in order to grow.


And now for today’s questions:


  • What will you be having for dinner this Christmas?

  • How old were you when you learned how to drive?

  • What would you do if you win a lottery?

  • Are you a talker or a listener?

  • What is the most important quality that you look for in a person?


My Answers:

Q – What will you be having for dinner this Christmas?


Meet Me On Monday



This year we are finally making it to real Christmas Dinner with Miguel’s family. They are probably gonna cook so much food that my imagination can’t even go this far, but I can tell you for sure, I am planning to stuff my face :P.


Q – How old were you when you learned how to drive?


Meet me On Monday



You are gonna laugh, but I was 26 when I started driving. Before I used to walk or take taxi.


Q – What would you do if you win a lottery?


Meet me On Monday



I would give some money to our family to pay off their house or what ever bills they have for the rest of their life, then I would love to travel the world and help people everywhere with food and clean water.


Q – Are you a talker or a listener?


Meet Me On Monday



I would like to say that I am both, I can be a taker and I can be a listener, and I like to do both. All though I do talk too much sometimes :).


Q – What is the most important quality that you look for in a person?


Meet Me On Monday



Hands down – Kindness. This is the most important quality that I look for in a person, it is definitely my number one.

Let’s mingle my sweets and have a  Merry Christmas!!!  Have fun with your family tonight, eat lot’s of good food, don’t hold back!




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  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    Hi Tati, merry Christmas to you guys! We celebrate ours on the 7th of January so I’ll have to wait a little longer to get into holiday mode 🙂

    1. I will probably have some meat for Christmas dinner, home made bagels and cake for desert. My mother cooks dinner so I assume she will traditionally make this kind of dinner.

    2. I am 26 and I don’t know how to drive. I live in a small town and I love to walk. If I have to carry something heavy, I put it in a backpack 🙂

    3. If I won the lottery, I would use it to build a place where me and my boyfriend could live and start our own family. I would also like to invest in a local business and employ young people from my town.

    4. I am usually a talker and I try a little too hard to help by giving advice. I am aware of this thought, and I’am trying to be a better listener.

    5. I also think that kindness is the most important quality in a person.

    Thank you for posting these questions, I would have missed Monday Mingle if you didn’t 🙂

    Enjoy the holidays guys!

  • Diana

    Hi Tati and everyone! Merry Christmas! 🙂

    1) Menü will be: stuffed cabbage, fried chicken, meat soup and traditional cakes. 🙂
    2) I dont drive. I never had the feeling that I need to learn… In the cities where I lived we had really good public transportation. …and I think the number of accidents would be increased exponentially if I started to drive… LOL
    3) I would put aside money for my brother to have a house of his dreams, to launch his business. Then I would build a house for my parents where they can have a doggy and my parents would never have to work again… Then I think I would finish uni and move abroad to my boyfriend. Then I would donate to the bigger animal shelters and emergency clinics… The rest I would put in the bank and I would live from the interests of it… 😀
    4) I am rather a listener, though I also can speak a lot. I just find myself not talking cos I dont think that my problems are so important… 🙂
    5) I try to l “listen” to the whole personality. If I see kindness that meets with intelligence (emotional and not geeky lol) then it is friendship from my side .

    • Ohh yes intelligence is another very very important one for me )))

      Merry Christmas sweetie!

  • kate_cz

    Happy Monday and Merry Christmas to you Tati and Miguel and to all you people out there! It has always been a pleasure for me to stop by here and learn something ninteresting from you all. Thank you!

    1) MENU – According to our tradition – chestnat soup; fried carp + potato salad; little sweets.
    2) DRIVE – Since my 18.
    3) LOTTERY – I would change all notes for coins, put them in one place and try to swim like uncle Scrooge.
    4) LISTENER.
    5) PERSON´s QUALITY – I like people who are happy. Is that a quality?

    • 1Ivana

      Yes it is!! happy people..nice!!!

    • I like your lottery plan:)

      • katerina_w

        If I ever won I will invite you to join 😉

    • OMG what are those divine treats!!! I love sweets the most, sometimes I skip the dinner and get straight to the sugar ( very naughty of me )

      Merry Christmas coolest chick!!!

      • katerina_w

        Hihi, the same by me 😉 I can´t imagine a normal dish without anything sweet after.

    • Lili Suke

      Your desserts looks like ours:-) are you from
      Czech Republic? Hihi your idea of lottery is very funny:-)))

      • katerina_w

        Yes I am from CZ. You are Hungarian? Your Christmas dish seems pretty same too. Nice! Vivat potato salad 😉

        • Lili Suke

          Ahoj:-) i am from slovakia, but my mother tounge is hungarian (i am from a hungarian minority living in south slovakia):-) dufam, ze si mala prijemne vianoce:) odkial si z ciech? Akurat sa tam chystame do Sumavy:-)

          • katerina_w

            Ahoooj 🙂 That´s cool. I am from Prague but I know Slovakia quite well. I dated a man from Martin for 3 years and in April I am going to Michalovce to my brother´s wedding. I was warned that it´s gonna be huge 😉

            Šumavu si užijte, ale opatrtko! N?jak p?íliš mnoho úraz? a bohužel i pár smrtelných b?hem letošních svátk? 🙁

          • Lili Suke

            Ahooj :)) Dakujem, uz sme spat. Prsalo, tak sme moc nelyzovali. Uzi si svadbu 🙂 ahoooj 🙂

  • Lili Suke

    1) we will have traditional hungaian dish: lentil soup, fish and potatoe salad 🙂
    2)i actually did my license last year, when i was 30.. Until then i was walking everywhere and carrying all the groceries.. im sill trying to walk as much as i can.
    3) i would also pay all the depts of my family, help to start their business, which they cant afford now.. Build a family house and travel:) i think the million would be gone by all these:)
    4)i can listen but i can also talk a lot:-) fortunately i have good listeners around me:-)))
    5)emotionally independent and intelligent.Also kind and open hearted person:-)

    Thank you Tati and Merry Christmas

    • I always felt like I was the only one who got my license so late, now I am happy that I’m not. I actually enjoy walking more than driving.

      Merry Christmas !!!

      • Lili Suke

        thank you:-) happy holidays:-)))

  • tee_w

    Hey everyone! Merry Christmas Eve!

    Going to SIL for christmas dinner, I suppose there will be turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, some sort of veg and pumpkin pie. Nothing I really care for LOL. I will probably have something before I go there so I’m not too hungry, and hopefully I will be able to nab some crispy skin! My favourite! couldn’t care less about the meat! LOL Me and my kids are just not into christmas dinner foods at all. We had a potluck party tonight with tons of food and my one son ate plain shrimp and potato salad and a bun!

    I learned to drive when I was 16 years old. I turned 16 in the summer but put off taking the test until my learners was almost expiring, so ended up going out in Dec in the middle of a giant snowstorm! They didn’t want to take me out – but since they had taken out one of my friends the day before ( a boy) I told the instructor he just didn’t want to take me out because I was a girl! He took me out but told me if he had to drive me back I would never get a license from him! LOL. I had my 4 wheel drive dammit and I was going out! LOL I passed!

    What would I do if I won the lottery? Fall over since I don’t buy tickets! But I would quit my job in a heartbeat, pay off anything I might need to, put away enough money so could live the rest of life without having to work, then I would like to figure out something I could do to help others, and my family if they needed it, and donate to all sorts of things! ( oh going on some sort of trip might be nice too). That’s really hard as I’ve never really cared about money or really have any to give much out! Lol. Used to thinking small! Lol

    I am a listener mostly. Rather shy, so much easier to listen but I can talk too much at times, sometimes from nerves, sometimes because I am comfy with the person and sometimes because I am alone a lot during the day and then I work alone at night and suddenly there is someone to talk to! LOL

    Most important quality I look for in a person? I like people who smile, seem happy, kind and generous. Sometimes it seems so rare! So many people nowadays are so self centered and snobbish. 🙁 I hate when I’m trying to talk to someone and all they can do is tell you something that amounts to “look at me, see what I did, I’m so important!” I prefer humble people who are generous!

    I am happy for you Tatianna, have fun with Miguel’s family! Take pictures so we can see! 🙂 Have a good holiday!

    Oh PS – my brother is 54 and still hasn’t got his license, has had to walk everywhere his whole life or dependant on other people to drive him. My 18 yr old son is showing no signs of being willing to get a license either.

    • Wow!! Tee, you let it loose on this mingle…never read so much from you. I like it!:) I sometimes talk a lot too when I’m nervous.

    • I know ha, Tee let loose this Mingle – I love it!!!

      I am about to run out of the house to drive to Tampa, ( for the dinner ). Everyone is having such an amazing time now, I wish Christmas season lasted forever.

      Merry Christmas Tee!!!

      • tee_w

        You too sweetie!

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…

    first of all happy happy holidays..:)


    1. this year we are going to my mums brother to dinner, so I really don’t know, but knowing my aunt it will be delicious..

    2.I was 19, and I drive since first car was old, and small,and funny but I loved it, it was mine alone

    3.lottery money…first some money to my family and friends so they can all pay their dues, and I want to live in a woods so a house will be great, and if anything is left I will travel travel travel..

    4.talker…always has been…but I am learning how to listen…this past 2 years or so I am working hard on my inner self..

    5.acceptance, kindness, positivism..

    kisses to you all

    • Kisses darling!!!

      Merry Christmas!

  • Happy Christmas to all! :)))
    1) Potato salad and fish at home with my boyfriend 🙂 This is our first Christmas as a couple so we are really enjoying all the classic traditions and our special things :)))
    2) Never learned to drive 😀
    3) I would buy a perfect small house for me and my boyfriend and I would travel a bit. I have never been anywhere (really ANYWHERE) outside Czech Republic and I really wanna see some nice places (think Ireland, Iceland, Scotland, not Las Vegas or New York) :))
    4) Listener. And thinker. I listen and analyze a lot. I am an introvert, but I fake being extrovert quite successfully. I do talk a lot, but only to hide my real personality 😀
    5) Honesty, tolerance, being able to enjoy small things. And being positive 🙂

    • Hello Nina 🙂

      I love your answer of listener and thinker :), I’m a big thinker my self, I analyze everything, sometimes a bit too much.

      Merry Christmas girl!!

  • Mary Lou

    Merry Christmas everyone!
    1.) Prime Rib and Pork Tenderloin tonight at my mother in laws, and goose and turkey tomorrow at my house, a total pig out.

    2.) by 16 anyway.
    3.) Pay off all the bills and move somewhere WARM!
    4.) Definitely a listener, you can learn so much more.
    5.) Taking the time to listen and be kind at the right time can change a person’s life.

  • Happy Holiday Folks! May we all enjoy the simple beauty of the season.
    I was wondering if there will be a mingle to day…I’m glad you posted one.
    1. I’m the cook in the house. We are having ham, yam, brussel sprouts, green beans, banana cream pie and fruit strudel.
    2. My uncle taught me when I was thirteen, but I got my Driver’s Licence at 19 years when I got my first car.
    3. Give it all to charitable foundations.
    4. Both, but mostly a listner.
    5. I like when a person is their true self. I don’t care if you are fantastic, caring , mean or nasty. Don’t just try to be somthing you are not.

    • Hello love :),

      What a nice dinner you are going to be having tonight, I drooled reading it 🙂

      Merry Christmas!!!

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    Good Morning and happy holiday. This year we are alone for the holidays, but sometimes that is nice too, we’ve had several very big ones over the last couple of years and they can be stressful. Too much family politics for my liking.

    1/ dinner……..this year is traditional, turkey, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and carrots, stuffing and gravy and of course pumpkin pie………….last year we had lasagna :))))

    2/ learned to drive when I was 16, got my motorcycle license when I was 19………..I love driving….some of my favorite holidays are the ones when we just wake up, get in the car, and go…….no plans, just drive

    3/ won the lottery? I would disappear……………travel actually, but like a local, I like to blend in and observe

    4/ a listener for sure………I’m always very aware of what is happening around me and constantly amaze people at how observant I am

    5/ most important quality in a person? honesty………just being who they BS…… games

    • Hello you naughty naughty girl!!! I saw that pic on facebook ;P Merry Christmas sweetie!

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        hahahaha…that will last me a long time….Merry Christmas back at you

  • Skippie22

    Merry Christmas Tati and all you Loving Fitters!

    1. My husband and I have almost never had Christmas dinner with family…we live fa-a-ar from everyone we’re related to, and my performing schedule just makes it too hard at this time of year because this is when I work the most! SO…we’ve had a few traditions of our own throughout our marriage (12 years). On Christmas Eve when we open our gifts to each other we ALWAYS watch “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” We used to also have pizza..but a few years ago we had a “cheeseburger” (or something) pizza from Papa John’s…and since that fateful night, neither of us has been interested in even a taste of pizza ever again. Tonight we’ve decided to have the amazing “wings and wedges” from Buffalo Wild Wings while we watch the movie with our two puppies. 🙂 Oh, and tomorrow I’m making a Beef & Mushroom Crockpot recipe…special but EASY (I sing two concerts today and then I’m done!! I need REST)
    2. My 16th birthday.
    3. I’ve never bought a lottery ticket…but “unlimited money” to me would mean giving it away to family and dear friends, buying a property and building my husband’s dream “lodge” somewhere in Whistler, B.C., and seeing our world-wide friends by chartering cruise-ships to tropical locations–as in, they make their vacation a cruise with us, “on us” :-).
    4. I’m a very good listener, but my interest wanes severely if I never get a turn.
    5. This is such a tough question….but I’d like to think that if a person is “Unselfish” as their main quality, then all of their other qualities will fall into line in a wonderful way.

    • Hello Beautiful !!! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you too!!! Have fun with your movie and wings tonight :)))

    • Skippie – I love your lottery idea. What a wonderful way that would be to give your family something special while getting to spend time with them and see beautiful places. Brilliant!

  • Vanessa Haagvod

    Hi Tati and everyone,
    1) What will you be having for dinner this Christmas? I’ll actually be having a Christmas lunch, according to Northern Italy’s tradition, but I have no idea exactly what I’ll be eating as my Mum will cook. Something very good, for sure.
    2) How old were you when you learned to drive? I got my driving licence when I was 18, but I am a lousy driver and a worse car-parker.
    3) What would you do if you won the lottery? It depends on the amount of money. If the amount of money were really very high, I guess I’d try not to keep it all. Very rich is hard, especially if it happens all of a sudden.
    4) Are you a talker or a listerner? Mainly talker, but I also like to listen.
    5) What is the most important quality you look for in a person? I agree with GL on the “no BS, no games”, but I also like intelligence, sense of humor and, down deep, people who are truly “nice”.

    • Mum’s cooking :)) Sounds delish!!! My mom can’t cook, well she can but mainly coffee and toast.

      Merry Christmas Vanessa!

  • Yay!!! Happy Monday Mingle, everyone! Merry Christmas Eve!

    ***What will you be having for dinner this Christmas?

    This year, my boyfriend’s kids are with us, ages 12 and 17–YAY! I call them my stepkids because we’ve been together for a long time, and I’ve raised one of them for more than 7 years. It’s truly a blessing to have them here with us and to be able to just spend time together. So, our Christmas will be the four of us at home, and we can make anything we want. I have this cookbook from one of our favorite restaurants, and we decided to make dinner from that. So we’re having chicken tacos, LOL!!! We never had traditional food on Xmas growing up, so I like having whatever we want.

    How old were you when you learned how to drive?

    16, I believe. Got my license at age 17.

    What would you do if you win a lottery?

    I would use it to fill in the gaps and get things for my family. I would buy us a house. That is the #1 thing I want that I don’t have that’s material. But it’s more about having a home I love to be at and can nurture. After that, I would pay off my debts. I’d then invest some money so that I wouldn’t have to worry about having a job to make it. There is definitely a trip to Italy and a trip to Costa Rica in here. And then college tuition money for the kids… I would happily donate money after that. All in all, I would try to be very practical with the money! It can ruin you if you get too greedy with it.

    Are you a talker or a listener?

    Listener, mostly! I got good at it being the youngest in a room full of adults. Though sometimes I can be very bad and just LOOK like I’m listening whereas I’m not at all… especially when Gabe talks football in depth for too long… very, very bad of me… 🙂

    What is the most important quality that you look for in a person?
    A desire to always improve as a human being, to come to a better understanding of oneself and the world. Well, that’s the number 1 quality I look for in a partner. Kindness is important too, and for just being a friend that would be it, but to be a partner I need someone who has forward momentum.

    Merry Christmas Tatianna! Have a lovely, lovely dinner with your family. And Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

    • Merry Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas to you my dear!!! I am very happy to have met you and got to know you, you are a truly wonderful person and I can tell an amazing actress as well!


      • Oh, Tatianna, that means sooooo much to me, sweetie! You are truly a blessing. I am so grateful for your knowledge and your workouts, but most of all your big, huge heart and generous spirit. So incredibly happy to have met you as well. To another wonderful year for you and everyone here! xoxo

  • Rachel

    These are great questions, Tati!

    What will you be having for dinner this Christmas? I have the traditional Jewish Christmas, Chinese/Japanese food and a movie.

    How old were you when you learned how to drive? I was 16

    What would you do if you win a lottery? I would donate a lot to charity, give some to family and invest the rest.

    Are you a talker or a listener? I am learned to be a better listener.

    What is the most important quality that you look for in a person? Honesty and integrity.

    • Have fun tonight!!!

      I love Japanese food the most, but I would love to try authentic Chinese, I’m sure it’s a bit different.

      Merry Christmas Rachel!

  • SuSu

    CHRISTMAS DINNER: My husband and I are doing our very first ever Christmas by ourselves! We are really excited too! So we are not having much, but will have turkey, salad, corn, and sparkling cider. Oh and pistachios!
    LEARNED TO DRIVE: learned at 16, got my license at 17.
    LOTTERY WINNER: I have no clue…do not ever play.
    TALKER OR LISTENER: listener
    QUALITY IN PEOPLE: kindness is a good one…and compassion, love, how they react when people treat them wrong.

  • Merry, merry Christmas!

    1. Christmas dinner? We already had our dinner, because we Finns celebrate the “main Christmas” already at Christmas Eve. I think we are impatient or something. =D I had ham, carrot-, rubaga- and liver casseroles, beet and potatoes salad, normal salad and Christmas bread. It´s all traditional Christmas food in my country. And a lot of chocolate for the dessert! =D

    2. Driver´s license? I don´t drive! I´m 31, and I´m not planing to get a driver´s license like… ever. =D

    3. Lottery? I would buy a house to myself, and then I would pay all the loans my mom and my sister have. I would do some travelling also.

    4. Talker or listener? I do talk a lot when I´m on the mood! Sometimes I notice I should listen better; I do listen, I´m not saying I don´t, but sometimes I just keep talking maybe too much… I can also be very quiet. I do my best. =D

    5. Quality in a person? If this is about some random person, I think I say respect. But if it´s about someone close to me, then I say loyalty.

    • Yam all those delicious things :PPP

      I love that I can meet people from different countries and cultures, and I love to find out what people eat and do, it totally fascinates me. I think if I were to live in Russia I wouldn’t drive either, I was totally afraid of driving, but I needed to lear because I had to drive my self to work here when we moved.

      Merry Merry Christmas Tessu!!!

      • Thank you so much! =D It´s so nice and fun that you communicate with your followers/ sweeties/fitness buddies (?) this actively.

        Now I should get back on track for a few days, then it´s New Year´s celebration. =D

  • Angela Barba

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    • Wow kak zdorovo chto vi givete v Italii!!! Ochen mechtau pobivat tam i poprobovat nastoyachuu Italiyanskuu edu.

      Seluu s Rogdestvom!!!

  • Evaleen

    Merry Christmas everyone!!! 🙂

    #1 – Nothing extravagant for dinner, the main course will probably be roast beef and/or seasoned chicken, and for sides I plan on baked potatoes and my homemade dressing (i.e, stuffing that’s baked and cut into pieces). And of course, homemade pumpkin pie for dessert. 😀
    #2 – I started driving a bit late, around 19-20? These days though, I almost always share a ride rather than drive myself, cause it’s the least expensive/wasteful.
    #3 – This is something I rarely think about, but if I won a lot of money I’d share it with family members first. Then, the only practical thing I’d buy right away for myself is a car– the rest I’d save (for now).
    #4 – Would like to think I’m a good balance of both, but I can definitely jab on too much at times. :p
    #5 – For sure, kindness… to me, the genuine desire to treat others like they matter, precedes all other great qualities. 🙂

    • Merry Christmas to you and your kitties Evaleen !!!!

  • Yes spirituality is another biggie for me, it one of the most important things to me as well.

    Merry Christmas JoAnne :)!!!

  • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

    What will you be having for dinner this Christmas? No christmas for us.

    How old were you when you learned how to drive? I’m currentky learning for my dricing license 🙂

    What would you do if you win a lottery? I would do my best investing it for smart decisions.

    Are you a talker or a listener? I think I’m a Listener most of the time.

    What is the most important quality that you look for in a person? Open Minded !

    Great day Eve’body ! 😀

  • Hi Tati 🙂

    I know I am late to answer, but I will anyways so you can get to know me.

    For Christmas dinner I was at my boyfriend’s mom and dad’s house. They cooked a delicious Cuban dinner of meat (which I think was pork, I don’t know because I don’t eat it), boiled yuca with mojo (my favorite), jasmine rice with black beans and lots of flavor (like garlic, green pepper, cilantro, onions), platanos, and we drank some red wine also.

    I was about 17 when I learned to drive but unfortunately wasn’t able to get my license til a few months ago – I am 23 now!

    If I could win the lottery i would pay off both mine and my boyfriend’s debt (student loans), buy a new house for my grandparents, put some money to a worthy and honest charity, buy a new car since mine broke down last month, and put some into savings.

    I am very good at both and love doing both and can be more of either one in certain situations.

    The most important quality in a person is honesty. Call me paranoid but it is hard for me to trust someone after they lie about even something small. While I do know how to forgive (and do it very often) it is hard for me to fully trust someone after they lie. And I don’t know how to keep a good relationship after that has happened.

    Anyway I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and stuffed your face with yummy foods 🙂

  • Karmalife

    Hi Tatiana! I know I’m late but I’ve been dying to join in on a Mingle so here goes:

    What will you be having for dinner this Christmas?
    I made vegan eggplant parm, brussel sprouts w/ shallots and almonds, a spinach/hazelnut/pear/cherry salad and a vegan artichoke and white bean dip. Everything was amazing although I ate way too much 🙁

    How old were you when you learned how to drive?
    15! You can get your learner’s permit here at 15 and nine months…

    What would you do if you win a lottery?
    I would invest half and spend the rest on opening up a vegetarian cafe with my husband

    Are you a talker or a listener?
    I love to listen and think it is an essential skill. I talk sometimes but only if I can offer advice. Hubby would probably say I’m a talker though so I’m not sure!

    What is the most important quality that you look for in a person?
    Compassion and empathy.

    • What a beautiful idea of a Vegetarian Caffe, I recently discovered one in my city and I love love love it so much.

  • Karmalife

    Oh, and I hope you had an amazing Christmas! Thanks for all that you do, your workouts have changed my life!

    • Thank you sweetie!!! I am so happy to be helpful to you:)) Happy holidays!!!