Homeopathy VS Traditional Medicine ( My Experience )

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Homeopathy and Traditional Medicine


Hippocrates, the father of western medicine believed that the body has the power to heal it self, all we need is the right nourishment. It seems that many have forgotten that with our modern way of living and prescription medications seems to be an answer to every illness. It seems that every time I bring up the subject of natural medicine, people either look at me like I am insane or try to argue with me and prove me wrong.

I am one of the biggest supporters of homeopathy simply because it worked for me, and it was always the original method of healing the body and the mind. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that traditional medicine made a lot of progress and some people can benefit from it’s advantages as well but I personally do prefer homeopathy – it just makes more sense to me.

The difference I believe is that homeopathy works on a deeper level and connects the body and mind, tries to find the root of the problem. Where traditional medicine mostly works on treating the symptoms and usually if you have several symptoms it will take several different medications to treat those symptoms. The way I see it is this: The problem with treating only the symptoms is that it creates a chain reactions in the body creating other problems and there are always side effects – always. Homeopathic way finds imbalances in your system and helps the body to heal it self.

If you read one of my earlier posts ” How Fitness Helped me Alleviate a Bipolar disorder ” and  ” Herniated Disc and How I healed My back ” you will find more details on why homeopathic way worked best for me.  For now I just wanted to share my experiences with both:


My experience with a traditional doctor


Traditionally you go to a doctor, they weigh you, take your blood pressure, they ask you to write down all the symptoms you are experiencing and then after the doctor sees you for 10 minutes or so, then you walk out of there with some kind of prescription based on the symptoms you described. Sometimes they do a blood test, but not very often.

This has been my experience every single time I went to a regular clinic. At first I thought maybe it’s just not the right doctor, so I started doing some research. I finally found a good doctor and I made my appointment appointment. When I came for my visit, 2 hours later I was still waiting, then I was advices that the reason I am waiting is because this doctor is the best of the best and he really cares about his patients, that’s why there is always a wait. Then 2 more hours later, I was notified to just go home and wait few more hours until they call me. I did just that. Finally I got the phone call, I came back to the clinic, they gladly opened a room for me and said – ” the doctor will be in very soon “. Two more hours later ( and I am not exaggerating ), I started to get really upset, and the doctor finally shows up. He sat down with me and started asking me all kinds of questions this time it was for about an hour, I thought wow this doctor is seems great.  An hour later I walked out of there with 2 prescriptions to calm my thoughts and an appointment in 3 weeks, I was also notified there was going to be a wait.  So I wasted all this time, and in the end I ended up with the same thing, there was no other solution, just prescription.

I was very frustrated, I felt trapped. I tried to explain to him that I don’t want to take any pills, that they made me feel sick, but he kept saying if you want to feel better you are gonna have to. Really?


Homeopathy Vs Traditional Medicine


My experience with a homeopathic doctor


I came in didn’t really know what to expect, of course there was a wait, and I was in a lot of pain ( that’s when I had a back injury ). The doctor finally came in, she had a huge notebook. She put on some relaxing music and some incense I believe, she said it was going to help me relax. Then she started asking me a lot, I mean A LOT of questions, starting with my childhood, dental care, previous injuries, nutrition, dreams and a lot more personal questions. She analyzed my tongue ( In Chinese medicine they believe that the tongue holds answers to a body’s state ), my pulse beat, my eyes. She placed a very big focus on my resent dreams because she said our body always tries to tell us the problems it’s having through our dreams. Then she followed with a homeopathic shot into my back and acupuncture. She recommended me some herbs and teas, because it’s all about helping your body recover. I walked out of there with a whole new belief in medicine, I felt relieved.



Homeopathy Vs Traditional Medicine


You see, when I was growing up in Russia we didn’t’ have prescription medicine at that time, if you had a cold you drink a mixture of honey, vodka and tea. If you had a headache, there were herbs for that as well. If you were overweight you work out and eat better, because we knew there was no magic pill. And there still isn’t!

The good news is that more and more people are beginning to embrace the natural movement in medicine. Now days, the system is finally beginning to accept homeopathy as an alternative solution, there are schools, certifications, and practice centers. You can even get most insurance companies to cover your visit to homeopathic clinics. I think it makes things more fair for people who don’t wish to take the traditional route – like me.

On the closing note, I don’t’ want anyone to think that I am completely against traditional medicine, I think it has it’s advantages as well but the reason I prefer homeopathy because it just makes more sense.


Have you ever had experience with homeopathy?


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  • l-p-r

    Food for thought!  

    He was one of the first physicians of his day to promote the idea of preventive
    medicine and the philosophy that physicians should focus on treating the
    disease rather than just the symptoms.  Andrew Taylor Still, M.D., D.O. (August 6, 1828 – December 12, 1917) is
    considered the father of osteopathy and osteopathic
    ..thought to include this…

    Still founded the first school of osteopathy – the American School of
    Osteopathy (now A. T. Still University of the Health
    Sciences) in Kirksville, Missouri in 1892
      ..gOOd jOb!

    • Thank you for all the cool links you always leave me 🙂

  • Hey Tatianna!

    Great post!

    I have never been to a homeopathic doctor, but I have been to traditional doctors who push homeopathic remedies.  I honestly don’t like going to traditional doctors, because I know the goal is to treat my symptom and I kind of do that myself without the prescription medicine.  

    Traditional doctors have their place, though.  Prevention is key!

    I enjoy reading your experiences.  I learn so much from you.

    Take care,


    • Hi Evelyn!

      Yes I agree, traditional doctors do have their place, I think we are lucky to have options.

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  • ashliewinner

    Being a nurse I see Western medicine at its finest everyday! My favorite is DM II (adult onset diabetes) or as I call it lifestyle diabetes. While I know genetics play a big part of our ailments, I tend to fare on the environmental side… When I take care of a diabetic patient who is insulin dependent I try to get information about why/when/how he or she became dependent on it. Usually there is a stress factor (divorce, bereavement etc.) involved and in most it spirals out of control with eating/sedentary habits as a side effect. The sad part is over half of my patients say they are able to eat whatever they want as long as they “shoot up.” This never ceases to make me want to cry!

    I have to tell them that the insulin does not stop the absorption on nutrients into the body, in fact it expedites it by taking it out of the blood and storing it, usually in the mid section viscerally around the organs which then leads to CAD, CHF and kidney  failure and so many more. Aiy Yai Yai! Yes PREVENTION is key! This is why I will forever and always fall back on education Every Time! It’s the only way! Unfortunately, there is no money to be made from healthy people who Prevent illness. The money is made when an 80,000 quadruple bypass is needed 🙁 It is so sad! Unless we take profit out of the equation or find a way to generate profit from people in preventative maintenence we will fail. Homepathic medicine is a great start and I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to healthcare; I used to tell my dad I will save the world someday. I try to do it one patient at a time. For the diabetics I plant a seed in them by telling them about a Chinese study conducted to reverse DM II using QiGong (you should look it up T 😉 Its purpose is to balance Yin and Yang… Focusing on the whole and detoxing the negativity (usually stress induced) who would have thought there are so many underlying issues that can be related to an illness. My grandmother was 100% sedentary almost insulin dependent with a diet of bacon and eggs (“I can eat that because there aren’t any carbs” she used to say.) to working out 5x a week, stopping all her meds including her statin and eating fruit and whole grains. Plus losing 60# in 6 months- she is soon to be 75!!! She has made so many friends doing this and her eyes are more sparkly =) The proof is in her blood work, her A1c is normal, her lidid panel udivitel?nyi?  (I looked it up lol), her cbc, also amazing!

    This is my favorite post of yours so far- I don’t even know you but you feel like a sister to me, expressing what I think about everyday and ponder what my part in it is and how I can help? People just don’t know; they trust doctors, they save lives. If there is anything I learned from being a nurse is that doctors treat illnesses, not people!!! They correct the Yin but the Yang is still broken and the Yang….. it is our Soul.

    Thank you for everything! We have to keep fighting the good fight!

    PS: Going to make dark cherry energy bars so Dan (my bf) and I can enjoy them as a snack after the gym 🙂

    • Ahh Ashlie, you made me tear eyes, reading your comment I got so emotional. I started this blog about a year ago, and in the beginning I was kind of afraid to write about certain things such as this post, because so many people attack homeopathy. But now I want to speak up even more and I can see my mission in life more clear. I am so happy that this world is not lost and there are people here like me and you who believe in better life, and someday it will happen.

      Reading such a wonderful comment from you really motivates me to say things that I want to say and be my self, thank you Ashlie :), I am so happy I’ve met you.

      • ashliewinner

        I know what you mean about writing certain things, they usually bring out a big political debate. My friend (who is my running/exercise bestie that moved far away) sent me a photo after a semi public debate on facebook that was going nowhere. It was actually about the drug testing for welfare in FL… Anyways the picture said, “You are not the jerk whisperer you can not help everyone.” And that is so true. People can find all kind of faults in everything- we have the internet! But it takes a person really open to Objectivity to, listen, really let it sink in and metabolize it.  The mind is a powerful tool so if it works in your mind, I believe its manifestations will become physical- BUT you have to let it… That kind of belief is not for everyone. I too believe that conventional healthcare has its place (it has just gotten too big and for the wrong rea$son$!).

        I am also so glad I have met you! This blog and your strength and motivation for, not just a better you but, a better world serves me daily! Thank You

        • Ashlie, you are one great person!!!

          I decided that from now on I will always write what I think and not filter my self. There is so much I want to express and the thoughts sometimes overwhelm me.

          The mind is a very powerful tool, ever since I’ve discovered what I can do with it, it’s been pretty amazing. A few month’s ago I went for a jog and twisted my ankle, at first I panicked because the pain was so intense. Then I just sat there and told my self that the pain is going away and my ankle is ok, I didn’t look at it because I didn’t want to feed my mind any ideas. A few minutes later the pain was gone and I went on to finish my run. I felt absolutely nothing, when I got home and looked down my foot was crazy swollen, but I still didn’t feel any pain. I just iced it, and told my self that my foot is ok, and I was able to workout the next day. It’s seriously amazing what our mind can do when we don’t feed it the ideas of illness.

  • Abi

    No, never had experience with homeopathy, but I will add to other commentators and agree that traditional western medicine has its time and place.  In the event that a person suffers serious physical injuries, traditional medicine is a wonderful tool in the emergency department.  On the other hand, when individuals are struggling with debilitating diseases that involve the auto-immune system (all forms of arthritis, thyroid issues, lupus, MS, fibromyalgia, etc.), traditional western medicine fails miserably.  Medications are so “normal” that in North America we think there is no other way to deal with these diseases.  Not only are the medications not healing our diseases, our bodies are being assaulted with drugs that create other problems (damaging our vital organs).

    I know of a lady who had Graves disease (thyroid) a number of years ago.  She was sent to a specialist (endocrinologist) who prescribed a Beta blocker to slow down her heart.  This drug is hard on your liver.  At any rate, she was told of her options… radiate her thyroid or have it surgically removed (and then use thyroid medication the rest of her life).  She didn’t like either option and decided to begin learning all she could about the disease and what other options she might have.  To make a long story short, she made some big changes in her life and for one year ate completely different.  It took that whole year for her body to heal.  Her thyroid began to function normally again and to this day her thyroid results come back normal.  

    One of the bigger problems in our society is that the general population is not willing to make the necessary changes to allow their bodies to heal. Many people would rather “swallow a pill” to get relief from their symptoms so  they can carry on with life as usual than listen to the “cries” from their body and make changes.

    • Yes it is sad but true, people rather take pills then figure out the problem.  I think all things have their place, it’s how we apply the knowledge and understanding to not overuse anything.  For me when something hurts or I’m feeling sick the first thing I do is google the herbs that are good to treat it, I’ve been to so many doctors but they always seem to try giving me some kinds of pills, I think it’s bizarre sometimes.

  • jt

    Tatianna, I can relate so much to your story..!!! I know exactly how it feels and how depressing can it be.
    Back in 2008, one day I was yawning and stretching my arms and back like a cat (if you know what I mean), then I noticed some numbness around my left breast. While “inspecting” it, sparked a sudden pain and the whole breast became hard as a rock. It was awfully painfull and I noticed my heart rate going up, and that the muscles were like pushing my heart in some way (or so I could feel). I tried to relax and it took me several minutes to do so. My left arm was numb after that. I had no idea what that could have been, but I was worried. My breast stayed kind of numb but apart from that, there didn’t seem to be anything weird.
    A week later or so, having forgotten the incident, I stretched on my chair and… BAM!!! Same crap again!!! But it was WORSE, because after that, I felt as if my left breast was going to fall off my chest. My left arm felt kind of weak also, and the problem didn’t go away after that day, or the following weeks… I had that problem fo MONTHS. I couldn’t even carry A THING with that arm. Sometimes I wore a pashmina as a “bandage” to hold my arm next to my breast/chest and avoid feeling as it was going to stick out (which was painful too). Sleeping was a nightmare and the mere touch of skin was like awakening the “Alien” as I called it.
    In between these horrible days until they were over, I visited several doctors (and from different areas), they got me tested with X-rays and ecos but most of them didn’t even LOOK or aimed for a right diagnose as I later knew. It was emotionally devastating too, I had to quit seeing my general doctor at that time because he called silly and “hypocondriac”!!!!! Truly unfair, I got out of his office in tears that day. I couldn’t believe it!!! The “specialists” were any better. The last traumatolgyst I had seen directly prescribed me painkillers.
    I went to the “best” chiropractor in the area and I felt a slight improvement, but the problem was still there, and he didn’t say anything about what my problem was. He just ordered to go once a month and do physio every week (at a quite pricey fare, and the physio sessions were about 15 minutes).
    I also paid for the “best” supposed traumatologist in the area too, and I only know that he sacked me 80 euros for a visit and was expecting another 600 euros (in MRIs, xrays etc) to just get a diagnosis. My oh my!!

    I was kinda living with it, then my mom, who had “Fibromyalgia” for years, according to the public system (again, incorrectly diagnosed – she has arthrosis in a disc in her sacro area which irradiated to her knee and she already has another preexisting problems unrelated to that), had discovered a physiotherapist that really helped her.
    I went there and spent like an hour and a half, he asked me a lot of questions too, and in only 2 sessions, I experienced an exponential improvement. He also explained a lot of things to me, and how to take care of myself regarding this issue. I went there with no Xrays or anything to show, but he found out there was a vertebrae out of place, like pushed in, and that compressed 2 main nerves related to my areas of pain (one of them ends in the sternum). I did like 4 sessions total including chiropractic maneuvers in 2 of them (the other 2 were over months) and THAT WAS IT. 
    You can imagine how happy I was to just be able to elevate my arm! I must still be careful anyway, and the rehab of my muscle, which had contracted for a long time, was the most difficult part.

    Later in time I had an ankle sprain, and guess what, the ER “doctor” told me I could walk the next day, she only prescribed me some painkillers and “ice, a lot of ice”. I was in bed for 20 DAYS, couldn’t touch the floor with my bad foot, so I thought hey this isn’t normal is it?? Went to my beloved physio, and left WALKING (on crutches for precaution, still walking!).
    I can’t stress how much I love my physio lol :). He’s just incredible and if it hadn’t been for him, I wouldn’t be in such a good place now. He’s one of those professionals that seem to truly love what they do and help others, and that shows. Same as it shows here with your articles Tatianna, you care more about leading workouts in a healthy way and giving us priceless advice to prevent injury and improve, while others just seem to want to look like Superwoman not caring about what their message would be.

    Sorry for the long post, but I felt like sharing it 🙂

    • jt

      BTW…. my injury didn’t come from yawning lol . Doing a lot of memory search, I think the problem could have started one day I was playing with a male friend, who is just about my height (petite :)) and I told him I could lift him, but I didn’t feel anything wrong. 
      But about a year after, I was playing the same thing with another friend who is like 2m tall and quite muscular. I did lift him, like 2 cm off the ground lol, but my back arched and I remember a little “click” (can’t tell exactly where that was), but I felt a bit strange afterwards. My problem started 2 years later.
      Just to clarify the possible origin, not to be confused with normal yawning lol 🙂

      • Wow JT, thank you so much for sharing this.  I know a lot of incidents where doctors, MD doctors misdiagnose and it’s terrible.  You could of probably opened some lawsuits with your situation.  That’s why I don’t go to doctors anymore.  If I feel extremely sick then homeopathic doctor is my option, and it works.  With MD’s they always just gave me pills and send me on my way, and no matter how much I tried telling them pills make me sick the answer was always the same, ” Don’t worry honey, you will get use to it “.  Never in hell will I be use to that!

        • jt

          I read your other post about your case – and I don’t know when some “doctors” become so souless as to think that the best solution would be to live like robots, with no motivation and no feelings at all (unfortunately, I knew how that felt like for a short period of time and it’s exactly as you said, ZOMBIE-like, and it felt so wrong too, like I wanted to cry and get over that but there was like another “someone” in an upper-layer of myself who couldn’t care less about anything, that’s was the medicine-induced one!).
          I can only imagine how it would be like for some people get really addicted to that, their pain must be so big and they must feel so weak that they leave that crap lead their lives… ok well enough for now, I can get really carried away with a keyboard lol 😉 Thanks for sharing your personal story on the other post 🙂

          • Hey JT :), you described it exactly! like there was another someone in an upper-layer of my self, that’s how I felt.  I always remember that feeling, and it’s very creepy feeling. I’m just happy to be living a pill free life, thank God to my own common sense. 

  • Tatianna, it’s so bad…I’m at work and totally just reading your blog because I don’t have much to do, LOL. Anyway, I wanted to say that I, too, like natural/homeopathic remedies and believe in them. I also am into LOA (Law of Attraction), so I think also the best way to treat something is the way that makes you feel the best about it.

    I got into a car accident about 7 or 8 years ago and I was, for the most part, fine. The only thing medically wrong with me from the car accident was that my back was EXTREMELY tight, since all those muscles tense up in an accident and have a hard time releasing. Well, the doctor gave me a bunch of muscle relaxants to help with that. I tried them, and the only thing I noticed was that while I was more sedated, I was depressed and sad and didn’t want to move. And my back stayed tense. At the time, however, I was taking a psychic meditation class, and we were experimenting with running energy through our bodies, and I found that I could much more effectively relax my back with meditation than I EVER could with medication. So I ditched the meds and ended up healing myself! That was a great lesson to learn about the shortcomings, or rather the short sight, of medicine. And I think most people follow medical advice blindly because they think the doctor knows better.

    People think I’m crazy that I don’t have medical insurance, and yeah, I kind of am, I know–it’s the result of where my job and finances are more than a choice. However, it’s made me less dependent on medicine and for that I’m grateful. I think that the whole obsession our culture has with medicine, technology, experts etc. has really made us focus on negatives, and I think that’s really not good. I think we are perfect the way we are made, and I think also we have the ability to heal ourselves a lot more than we think. I also have very strong feelings about the ease with which people prescribe psychiatric medicine…some young lady very dear to me is misunderstood and is being given medicine because they think there is something wrong with her, which isn’t true. It makes me livid, because of course, if you want to, you can look at every child and concoct some reason there is something “wrong” with them, but the reality is that they are just kids, and they aren’t fully formed, and they are learning a lot about the world and how to behave. It’s a way for her mother to attempt to “fix” her, where if you ask me, the person whose behavior and perspective that needs fixing is her own. Anyway–tangent! But a huge I AGREE to your post. 🙂

    • Hi Kendra,

      Talk about law of attraction, I believe we attract same people in our lives as us, and when you told me about your psychic meditation class I was WOW how incredible is that!!! I meditate all the time and try to increase my intuition, now I am so sensitive to everything I see things ahead way before they even come.

      It is so sad with medications and how it’s given to people. A few month’s ago I was on Huffington Post and I was reading a post about Depression and medication. So I let people know my story and how depression can be treated without medication. And then I got slammed with hate mail, it was crazy!!! I the beginning I kept answering it but then it just got worst and worst, so I realized one thing, we can’t help people who don’t want to get help, all we can do is lead by example. I think people who take medication for years deep down know that this is not a solution.

      • So true! I don’t have any experience with depression or anything similar, so I can’t speak with any authority, but I do believe there must be another way. I think you said you wrote a post about it somewhere–I’ll try to find it.

        YES–psychic meditation class was REALLY wonderful. I live in Berkeley, CA, where it’s no surprise there’s a psychic institute with classes and all, but it was actually one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. It was fun, practical, helpful, and very de-stressing. I learned lots of tools that I still use every day, and I’m sure we only scratched the surface.

  • Hallie

    I love your blog! I believe we have a lot of the same philosophies. But you are very inspiring. I am a big supporter of homeopathy because I see it work—whereas with most synthetic drugs used to treat symptoms I believe just create more problems…