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Jul 26, 2013 by

Buns of Steel


Hello my Sweeties,

Today I have quite the amazing Lower Body routine for you guys. This workout will give you an amazing burn on your glutes and an amazing burn on your legs as well. I’ve been focusing on Glutes quite a bit in every single latest workout that I’ve been doing. I also have been doing bridges of different variations including isometric bridges, before my Lower Body routines and sometimes even after.

What we did with with this video is we filmed first part and first round of the workout live and we filmed the second part of the workout same way. There is gong to be a lot of timer changing and it might seem complicated at first, but trust me it’s all going to be worth it and your butt will thank you for it.

For all the Newbies to Loving Fit

Things to remember before, during and after your workout

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Always Practice Good Form
  3. Stretch



Workout Explanation


In this routine I was using a 17.5 lb dumbbell, 30 lbs sandbag, a balance ball and my Gymboss Timer. I did not time the routine, because my goal is proper form of each rep not speed. But, it should take around 30 min.

Prior to doing my workout, I completed 5 rounds of

  • Bridges with 10lbs dumbbell – 20 reps
  • Bag Swing ( 30 lbs ) – 20 reps


This will give you that extra push for your glutes.


Actual Workout

Part 1 – Complete 3 rounds of the following sequence

  • Weighted Side Lunges Right Leg – 16 reps
  • Bodyweight Side Lunges Right Leg – 10 reps
  • Isometric One Leg Bridge Right Leg – 30 Sec hold
  • One Leg Bridge Right Leg – 10 reps

Now same thing on the left leg

  • Weighted Side Lunges Left Leg – 16 reps
  • Bodyweight Side Lunges Left Leg – 10 reps
  • Isometric One Leg Bridge Left Leg – 30 Sec hold
  • One Leg Bridge Left Leg – 10 reps


Part 2 – Complete 3 rounds of both part “a” and part “b”


Set your Gymboss Timer for 2 intervals, of 20/20, for the total of 4 rounds. Or you can set it for 8 rounds of 20 second interval. There is 2 exercises back to back, no breaks

  • Weighted Squat
  • Semi Low Side Steps


  • Isometric Thrust Hold on a Balance Ball – 40 seconds
  • Thrusts on a Balance Ball – 20 reps


Today is also going to be my 5th day of the 7 day Six Pack Abs Challenge I have to say it’s tough even for me, I am so sore and today is another day of torture, but I’m hanging in there :), and I hope you guys are as well.


Have a wonderful weekend my Lovies,



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  • steffi_dk


  • This looks aaaamazing, Monday is my lower body… Tomorrow is completely off and Sunday is upper 😀 can’t wait

  • oberlee

    Looks awesome! Now how long did this bad boy take you? I’m shiverin’ in mah boots! 😀

    • This took me about 27 minutes total with the pre workout she did and using 25lbs.

      • oberlee

        Oooo, thanks SuSu!!! That’s totally do-able!

  • Cassidy Croskey

    Oooooh, I’m excited for this! 🙂 I’ll do it for my first workout after my recovery week is over.
    It’s rare I look forward to a Monday…haha! XD

  • Hey TatiTat!
    I just finished this workout plus the Pre-Workout and Day 4 of the 7 Day Six Pack Abs Challenge. My booty and abs hurt so much!! I used my 25lb kettlebell for all the weighted exersises (except the pre workout bridges). I know I will be sore tomorrow. I am looking forward to my active rest days tomorrow and Sunday. Love these workouts so much.

    • I’m so happy you are enjoying these workouts Susu, I am on the 6th day today ( of the Abs Challenge ) super sore, but loving it 🙂

  • perla

    Great 🙂 I was looking for something like this, about to workout right now!! thank you, thank you, thank you……muahhhhh

  • YAYYY a lower body routine with no jumping (its mentally easier for me)!!! my lower body is sore from this workout which i did yesterday (killer wo btw). cant wait to try this one!

  • Svea

    Loved it! This workout gave an amazing burn to my lower body. Thank you so much for all the amazing workouts Tatianna 🙂

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    looks like a good one, will try to get it into the schedule next week :))

  • taltul73

    hello beautiful Tati..
    i just finish this routine and wow!!!!! this is going to my number one list…and its a winner!!!!

    I know i will be back to it few times…
    me and my lower body are thankful to you…. 😉

  • oberlee

    Great stuff! I finished the pre-workout in about 8 min, then 17:42 for part 2 and 14:01 for part 2. I did a cardio made up of Leg Slimming Bodyweight Workout moves.

  • Following such
    routine makes you feel so full of energy and confidence, this can actually be
    a winner for all lower body workouts. The explanation in this article is so
    much helpful and easy to follow who crave for a perfect toned lower

  • Cassidy Croskey

    It feels good to be back working out. I needed that rest week, but by Day 5, I was itching for some serious movement. 😛

    Pre-workout: I didn’t time myself, just focused on my form. I let myself move pretty slow, but not sluggish or anything.

    Part 1: Using 16 lbs, my time was 16:38. Once again, I tried not to rush. I absolutely loved this! I tend to emphasize my quads rather than my glutes when I do lower body, but I need to train both evenly. I loved that butt-burn. lol >:)

    Part 2: I didn’t time myself or count reps, just moved my tired ass, haha. XD I got a good burn in my lower back from part b, which was nice. Loved this one just as much as Part 1! I used my 30 lbs. sandbag.

    And noooow, I think I’m going to finish up with five minutes of planks. Another great workout, Tati! <3

  • Done! I like the peace and burn of this one, I reeeally feel my butt popped
    14 kilos bag for swings, 8 kilos dumbbell for side lunges and 20 kilos big dumbbell for squats…

    I timed every set.
    For the bridges and swings: 7:49
    First part: 14:04
    Second part: 13:18
    I don’t care about time, just like to know how long it took me the routine, I focus on form instead of Speed. There fore, I ended with 21 minutes of HIIT, just because I’m a HIIT person 😀 love it (high knees, jacks, abs kicks on dip, some Squats to lunges with sand bag, mule kicks and jump (one exercise from zuzka that elevates my heart rate a lot)

    Great sweat, great burn!! Thaaaank you Tati 😀

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    in and done 🙂 Used a 40 lb T-handle for the swings, 20 lb hand weight, and 32 lb SB, nice wo Tati, thanks

  • Guest

    I love your workouts and have been seeing amazing results 😀 the only thing I have been having trouble with is my lower body. Im really skinny but I have been able to gained muscle in my arms and abdomen area but have not seen much difference on my legs. My legs look toned now but I want to get bigger legs and glutes. I use the same amount of weight as you do so I dont know what I might be doing wrong 🙁 one week they’ll be one inch bigger and the following week they’ll go back down to the way they were. I have been doing the workouts according to the advanced section from your creating your workout plan. please help 🙁

  • Mary Lou

    This one is great!! I did it twice this week (Mon & Fri) with 30# swings and squats and a 15# Db.

  • Aweeeeeeee! I really really like this routine.
    Warm up: Basic warm up routine, plus 4 round of 1 minute elevated plank moving plank. I set my timer for 10 rounds of 15 secs/ 20 secs Isometric Bridge Hold with 10lbs dumbbell. Followed with 5 rounds of 20 reps bag swings (15lbs kettlebell).

    Part 1 and Part 2 took a bit over 35 minutes to complete. Part 1 15lbs kettlebell, part 2 35lbs sandbag. I should have break before doing day 7 of abs challenge, but I did not…so I struggled with the challenge. I did take a 5 minutes break before going for a light 12 minute jog. I finished with a nice 10 minutes stretch.

  • Jeanne

    Tatianna, I agree with everything that has been said already. This one is great and just what I needed!!! Good strength routine with weights that really works your glutes. I loved that it doesn’t have any crazy jumps (my downstairs neighbors are back from vacation…) but still works quite a bit of sweat. I have been missing some good weight exercises lately. I did backward lunges instead of side to side steps because I felt they work glutes better. I hope there will be more of such routines!
    part 1 – 8 kg kettlebell
    Part 2 – 13 – 14 kg sandbag.
    I finished with the Day 1 of the recent abs challenge. That resulted in puddles of sweat around my exercise mat – brutal!

  • Suriane Lewis

    I did this today. I had to add some ankle weights for part a and weights to part b for extra burn. I love the pace of it. No rushing, just paying attention to proper form. Loved it. Thanks Tati!

  • I made this WO again today! want to experiment with different weight
    The butt warm up: 8:55 14kg sand bag for swings and for bridges too, Sooo good!! (Last time 7:49 but less weight for bridges 10 punds)

    First part: 15:35 10 kg dumbbell (old 14:04 8kg)
    Second part: 13:36 23kg big dumbbell in between my legs for squats (old 20 kg 13:18)

    I took my time and don’t care abut speed, just wach my form, then finished with 12min cardio 24 rounds10/20, jump lunges, high needs, mountain climbers, vertical leap (one of my favorites now) plank jumps… Yesterday was more HIIT, it motivates me when next day is different, today no jumps on the circuit training, just for cardio at the end!
    Great WO!!
    Thank you again Tati 😀

  • Alondra Sol

    Hi tati! Im from Mexico and kind of new here,but not a beginner ,I’m 25 ,weight 54kg, and 1,60 cms tall :P, I’ve been doing BRock workouts, and yours, but I’m kinda stuck here, my goal is to gain some muscles in legs,butt ,abs and loose fat in my arms,haha (I think is what every girl wants)I try to eat clean 5 or 6 days in a week ,and to be honest my one or 2 rest day I go kind of crazy with food so.. …my workout “plan ” is: first : I go 5 minutes bike ride and then running 5 times up and down a hill(10 min) , and get back to my house and rest for 15 min, and do a WO for 20 o 30 min , after that I drink one bananna smothie (without protein because of $) , the next day I do 50 stairs up and down for 5 rounds (its like 10 or 12 min total) and then the workout, so I dont know iF i’m doing wrong doing this high” cardio first, because I’ve seen that you recomend it at the end of your workouts, So I dont know why but my butt and legs looks smaller and obviously I dont like it haha , hope you can give some tips ,please!

    oh and sorry for my english is not good enough 😛

  • This routine as moved up to top 5 for me…my buns and legs kinda like the torture.

    Warm up: Basic warm up routine.

    Mini Pre-work: 150 reps body weight thrust on a balance ball, then 4 rounds of 10lbs KB swings.

    Part 1: I used 20lbs DB for the WSL…17:26.

    HITT: 10/10 of 9 rounds jump tuck jump and mountain climber.

    Part 2: 35lbs sandbag for squats

    HITT: 10/10 of 9 rounds jump tuck jump and mountain climber.

    Cool down and stretching 15 minutes.

  • Evaleen

    This routine certainly looked great 🙂 though I didn’t feel strong enough to complete more than just part one (including 50 total BW bridges and 50 swings beforehand). I’ll try to finish the second part later today– I should be feeling a bit better by then. 🙂

  • Karen O

    I’m guessing my glutes are going to KILL tomorrow. Great workout.

  • Revisiting this fab lower body workout was fun. I’m still sore from the full body routine I did on Monday…so I was feeling my legs big time through out this routine.

    Warm up: Basic warm up routine

    Pre -work: 5 rounds of 20 reps bridges & 20 reps 15lbs KB swing

    Part 1: 17:50 ( used 15lbs KB for the weighted exercise)

    Part 2: 30lbs bag for the weighted squats….section B was a total butt burner

    Cool down & Stretching: 10 minutes

  • DenizA

    The first I did this, I had just started to work out the Tati-way so I didn’t have much strength. Now after 3 months of only doing Tati’s workouts, I notice I focus a lot more on the form, and I use more weight. My times aren’t great, it’s like that in all your workouts, Tati. I focus a lot on the movement at the moment and try to do it perfectly, but in advanced form. So that’s why I am a little bit slower, but I guess that’s also better for building muscle and strength. When I have reached a certain point I will become faster, I guess.

    -Warm up: 13 minutes, my own warm up but it ressembles Tatis basic warm up routine a lot
    – for the Booty: 50 reps Bridges 30 lbs with 2-3 second hold at the top, very slow. After that 20 reps Bag swings
    Part 1: first round I used 26 lbs then I dropped to 18 because my legs were killing me and I didn’t want to lose form.
    finished all three rounds in 30,41.
    Part 2: I used 26 lbs for the Squats. I am proud that I learned the proper form of Hip Thrusts after a lot of practice, now my lower back doesn’t hurt at all, and my glutes do all the work.

    I wanted to do Planks, but I was whiped out, plus I have been feeling weak in the last 2 weeks because I was sick, I guess I still have an infection in me.
    Thanks for this awesome workout!!

  • Michelle_G

    Just did this one again. First time in a long time.
    My scores/weights

    Part 1: 9:09 with 35lb BB and 30 lb BK
    PART 2: 18:31 with 20 lb KB
    Part3: 14:53 with 30 lb SB


    Thank you

  • Olga Tihencaia

    Prior 09:03
    Part1 19:32
    Part2 13:07
    100 bridges with sandbag)
    Thank You!!!!!!