Light As Air Workout

Apr 25, 2012 by

Upper Body Workout


Hello my beautiful friends 🙂

I have a new bodyweight only upper body routine for you today :).  This routine is completely equipment free and just to let you know I will be doing more and more of these routines, this way you can take a workout with you if you travel :).   This workout was not very long but it was very fun.  It was not the hardest workout I’ve ever done but you will get a great burn from it, because not every workout you do should be intensive.  We need to use periodization, and that means we need to alternate between hight intensity training and low intensity training.  This routine is actually right in the middle.

I also wanted to let you guys know that this week I am planning to focus on filming a few video requests that I had from you guys, I’m gonna try to do at least 3 of those requests instead of workout routines.


Now Let’s Get To The Workout!



Workout Explanation


Before you begin this workout make sure you do your Warm-Up, don’t even think of starting a workout without it!   And… You know what’s coming 🙂 – ” Proper Exercise Form Is Always More Important Than Speed! ”  Please watch the workout recap part of the video for explanation of the proper form.

This workout is broken down into 2 parts.  The first part of this workout is only 5 minutes long, the second part is a circuit that is done for time.


Part 1

Set your timer for one interval of 5 minutes ( count down ).  There is only 1 combo and you will repeat it until the time runs out.

  • Push-Off – 2 Spider Man Push-Ups – Roll To The Side – Pike Up ( that’s one rep )


Part 2

Set your timer as a stopwatch.  There is 4 exercises and you will do all for for the total of 3 rounds.

  • The Dancer Exercise – 30 reps
  • Back Lifts – 15 Reps
  • Oblique Climber Jump Push-Up – 15 reps
  • Street Bicycle – 30 Reps


My Time

In First Part Of This Routine I completed 11 rounds

Second part took me 9 minutes and 34 seconds


Nutrition Tip –

I’ve been getting more and more questions about supplements and one very popular question is – ” Do you or do you not need to drink a protein shake? ” Well, protein shake such as whey isolate is very convenient to drink and has a lot of benefits, but don’t’ get discouraged because if you don’t’ have it, then real food is just as good.  The perfect post workout meal would be tuna and a side of fruit.


PS – This routine was suppose to be up yesterday but YouTube was having some issues with uploading :).


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  • Yay! New workout!! It looks fun! Can’t wait to try it out!!

    • Yep that’s what I said when I finally posted it! YAY!  It took over 12 hours to upload, YouTube should totally consider having an emblem of a turtle.  Sometimes it’s fast and sometimes it takes forever, but it’s finally here 🙂

      • I know what you mean! Sometimes it can be kinda fustrating!

        I’m glad to read you’ll be doing some request videos to answer some questions!!  If possible pls consider to make one on how to improve push-ups and pull-ups! 🙂 Pls pls pls!

        • I was so gonna do that :), you’ve read my mind :).  I was going to make the video about improving push-ups ( Pull-ups I think I will make it into a separate video ), and I also was going to make a video about common mistakes in proper form for some of the common exercises. ( still working out the name of the video LOL ). 

          • Hahahahaha!!! I bet you are!! Just thinking for a name’s video is another head “workout” loll

            Yay!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad to hear that!!!!!! That’ll be so helpful for many of us!!!!

          • YAY!!! Then that video will be coming first 🙂

          • Woooohoooooo!!!
            Thank you Tatianna!!  <3

          • You are so welcome Elizabeth 🙂

          • WorkItOutYourself

            Hi Tati, 
            That’s a great idea. “Common mistakes of common exercises” is a pretty good name, because it will contain exactly that. And yes , please do explain how to get better with the push ups. I need that too.

          • Yes I’m glad to do these videos cause they are much needed and it will break up my usual cycle of video routines. 🙂

  • taltul73

    happy to see you up and healthy. i missed you!!!!! just need to finish some things and im going to enjoy this fun routine . yep. THANK YOU. 

    • Hey sweet Tali 🙂 I missed you as well, how have you been?

  • taltul73

    hey Tatianna, 
    just finished the workout. was a good one and time pass fast. im still taking it slowly to watch after my back for full recovery. i do feel better with the therapy im doing. but still more to go before full recovery. 

    part 1 i did 11 sets. could not get my knee to meet my elbow yet. 
    part 2. took me 15:37 in the last round i had to modify some of the exercises. 
    (i can see you feeling much better with your time of 9:34…. that was fast)

    i will love seeing you in a real time workout again, like the one with the abs you did. 
    what do you think about natural roasted soy beans as a snack?

    wish a wonderful day. 


    • Hi Tali 🙂

      I will definitely be doing real time workouts, those are fun :).  I personally don’t eat anything soy cause soy has a lot of estrogen in it and if we have more estrogen in our body then we need then we get cellulite.

  • Can’t wait to do this one!  You came out with the bodyweight only workouts in time!  I’m going out of town and won’t have any equipment so this, as well as the lower body, will be perfect!  Thank you!  Glad you are feeling better!

    • Thank you sweetie, I am glad to be feeling better too. In this workout I was still quite weak.  Have fun on your trip :).

      • I hadn’t worked out the last couple days because I was not feeling well.  I did the Hot Tushie workout today and I barely made it thru!  LOL!  Thank you!  Going to visit family and friends, so excited!  I might get  my mom to do this workout with me!  She will have to modify but I think she will really like it!

        • Ahh that would be so cool if you and your mom will do a workout together :).  I need to make my mom do my workouts, but I think she might be afraid of gaining a muscle she is old school, she thinks bones are more attractive then muscles LOL.

          • LOL!  Good luck on trying to get her to do your workouts!  My mom just lost almost 40 lbs and I haven’t seen her since she started losing weight so I am really excited to see the new mom.  

          • Wow 40 lbs that’a awesome!!! It will be exiting for you to see your mom :).  Now you guys definitely gong to workout together! 

  • jt

    “medium intensity”???!??!?!??! omg!!!!! it feels sore just by watching it lol… gonna do it soon but with some modifications, still not able to do a proper push up xD

    • Ha Ha Ha, trust me you will have fun with it :).  I am doing a video tonight about learning how to do push-ups and how to get good at them, I can already tell that many of you guys will enjoy learning how about push-ups. 🙂

      • jt

        yes it’s so hard!! especially when you have no one to watch at your form, you’re never too sure if you’re doing them right, looking forward to your video!! 🙂

        • It’s tough but this is what you can do:  Get in front of the mirror, get into the position of the exercise before you do it ( I do that all the time and that’s how I improve my form, I practice each move until I feel how the proper form feels ). 

          I just finished the video and uploading it, I’m hoping it’s gonna hurry up so I can post it right away :).  I also created a program on how to increase the amount of push-ups you can do, I think it will really help you to improve :).

          • jt

            Thanks a MILLION!!! :))))) Your dedication and help is sooooo well received and inspiring!

          • Ah you are so sweet 🙂

          • jt

            ohh you’re gonna make me blush 😉

          • Tatianna


          • 🙂

  • You are so sweet, I’m definitely not perfect, but I practice form all the time and I watch my videos over and over again so I can see my mistakes.  I got better with time 🙂

  • erlingtonjames

    Good Evening/Afternoon Tatianna, glad to see you are feeling better. I just wanted to ask is this workout a full body workout? I will be doing this tomorrow can’t wait! 

    • Good evening doll 🙂

      This is an upper body workout but I always incorporate full body movements into some of the exercises, but the next day you will feel very mild soreness all over.  Make sure you do proper form in every exercise and keep your body tight the whole workout.  Also on oblique climber jumps keep your abs engaged the whole time.  

  • sarroz21

    my friend yesica and i did this workout today, we did 14 and 12 rounds for the first part and i am embarrassed to say it took me 19 minutes to do the second part. those oblique plank cliimber push ups i had to do in sets of five they were really wearing me out! i got dizzy doing the dancers and fell which also delayed us because we could not stop laughing at how uncoordinated i am.  But its done and now its my weekend, time for some grass fed steak and red wine 😉 
    have a good day!

    • Wow grass fed steak and red wine 🙂 That sounds like a perfect plan!

  • Thank you for this amazing workout!

    • You are very welcome Marilyn 🙂

  • Thank you so much :), I am so happy to be helpful.  Let me know if you ever have any questions, I am always happy to help :).

  • Girl you are such a machine!  You’re so young and full of energy!

  • Went to the park today and did this workout.  It was great–I really enjoyed it!  It isn’t the most brutal of your workouts, but it’s a great moderate burn.I should have watched the video explanation (bad Kendra!) because the dancer exercise I didn’t move my feet like you did.  First round I just pivoted, and the second and third rounds I found that if I lifted the foot that was moving to the bottom and put it behind I could feel everything in my triceps more.  
    part 1: 22 rounds 
    part 2: 13:02

    Followed with an HIIT 12 min workout for cardio, and now to read my book (Dance with Dragons, book 5 of Song of Ice and Fire) in the sun by the pool!  Hope you and everyone here is having a great Saturday!

    • Hi Kendra :), yep It was Light As Air :), this one wasn’t very hard but it’s good to switch training intensity, I took it easy here.  Sometimes we need a light workout, they are especially good if you just want to do something to get your blood circulating.  

      I did some Ethan’s hourlies yesterday, I got to say it’s a great way of building strength, I am going to do those once or twice a week from now :).  I am just chilling today playing a new game I rented a week ago but haven’t had a change to get around to it :). 

      Have fun reading Dance with Dragons 🙂

  • sedindriuke

    I did it tonight and did 16 rounds in first part (but I used my knees from 8th round..) and 2nd part took me 16:55 min ‘coz I did 4 rounds. Afterwards 12×10/50s  cardio. I like this WO. For bigger challenge I believe it can be done maybe 7 or 8 rounds. It would be tough 🙂
    Tomorrow today’s Full body workout Crossfit Diva 🙂 Thanx

    p.s. Today I got my Cocoa Butter from Akoma Skincare, I hope yours order is on its way 😉

    • Ohh yes I got mine as well :), I mixed it with some hazelnut oil and now I drench my body in that heaven every day 🙂

  • annebelwind

    Hi Tatianna, i was really slow today.. Had a migraine yesterday.. So that seem to have taken its toll.. I did 8 rounds in the first part, kept proper form.. The second part took me 17.26 min.. almost twice your time.. Don’t know what happend there.. i didn’t really stop or anything.. I was slow on the first exercise though.. Maybe that slowed me down.. Found it hard on the shoulders, so had to slow down at about 10 reps.. Liked the workout.. First part was a real ab-killer!

    • This workout was meant to be a little on the lighter side, we need to do that to periodize our training. I’m sorry about your migraine, usually it’s a sign that something is missing in your diet or lack of sleep. Every time you get the migraine try to drink 1-2 glasses of water.

  • Gwyneth

    Just perfect for today. This week has been very busy and while I wanted to fit in five workouts I only did four, but I’ve been so active that I don’t think having that one day “off” really hurt me. If anything it probably will help in the long run. I lost track of keeping count of the first exercise in this routine, but I was pleased with my effort and really focused on good, solid form. I completed the second part in 14:16. I needed to run downstairs to get some weights to use while in the plank position of the oblique exercise as my right wrist has been a little ouchy after being in that position for too long. Being able to keep my wrists straight by using the weight helped a ton. Great workout:) Thanks, Tati!

    • I just noticed I missed this comment, 🙁 sorry Gwyneth

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  • Naomi

    This was yesterday’s upper body workout for me. I managed 17 combos for part 1, but my time for 3 rounds of part 2 ended up at 11:14. Between this and Curvy Silhouette my body hurts (in a good way) from knees to elbows. My abs almost never hurt, but now they are on fire! Thanks for the explanation on how to do the roll while engaging the abs. I have never picked up my feet during the roll before, but I did it this time and I really felt it in the abs. Loved this simple but effective bodyweight workout!

    • Ohh yes the keeping your feet in the air is the key to make your abs really engaged.

  • marienchenkäfer

    Hi Tatianna and everyone else;)
    did this one today, loved the first part- that one was definitely challenging, I forgot to count, that says enough. 2. part took me 12:07, you can be proud of me Tatianna, I really really really watched my form, for the 1. time even with a mirror. Wasn’t as weird as expected and loved the dancers!
    Have a great evening and I am looking forward to tomorrow, doing lower body..

    • Thank you for sharing Karoline 🙂

  • Vivi

    Oy vey! I completed 21 sets for part 1 and part 2 took me exactly 11 minutes.
    Thanks Tati! Have a beautiful day everyone!

    • Hey Vivi 🙂

      Thank you for sharing,

      Have a beautiful day as well!

  • Warm up:10 mins, Dynamic Stretching: 5 mins, Plank Jacks 4 x 1min.
    Part 1: I completed 11 reps in 5 mins, the last six pike up was done single leg.
    Part 2: Took me 23:26 for 3 rounds. Instead of jumping on the Oblique Climber Jump Push-up, I just step in position then pushed up.
    My cardio for the day was Killer Six Pack Abs, followed by 10 mins of cooldown and stretching.

  • I fall in love with this workout. My time was 15 minutes. I ended up with 20 minutes of treadmill hign intensity running.

  • JB

    Hello! Yet another workout that I completed in my hotel room while traveling for work. This was killer!!!
    Here are my times:
    Part 1: 15 combos – I pushed hard on this one.
    Part 2: round 1: 5min, 75sec; round 2: 5min, 8sec; round 3: 5min, 19sec
    finished with abs climber routine and some stretching.
    I had to modify the oblique climbers pretty much the while time – that bummed me out big time b/c I wanted to do them “hard-core” but just couldn’t keep my form! And…hello to the crab move – who knew that would be so difficult??? Ouch – looked so innocent on the video 🙂

  • Christian

    Did this today!
    Part one. I completed 12 reps.
    Part 2 took me 18.31 Min.
    Have a nice afternoon dear!

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  • wgf

    Is this really for the absolute beginner who is out of shape? I think this may be more of an intermediate workout. Anyone know where a beginner work out is?

  • Sophie

    Hi! Thank you for the amazing workouts you have. I am a teenage athelite and I was wondering if you could do a specific workout for people like me. I play tennis, lacrosse, and horseback riding. Thank you so much!

  • Warm up: Basic warm up routine.

    Part 1: 13 reps

    Part 2: 19:37

    Post-workout: 4 rounds of 20 reps Elevated plank tucks & 1 minute handstand switch.

    Cool down and stretching: 10 minutes.

  • Jaris

    Hi what should you do if the exercises start to become easier? Would you have more rounds?