It Girl Booty Workout

Dec 21, 2011 by

It Girl Booty Workout


Today’s workout was focused on the lower body such as booty, legs and some abs ;). I did this workout last week but we didn’t have time to record it and I really enjoyed this routine. It was a combination of interval training and time challenges. After completing this workout I felt amazing, I just love the feeling right after a great training!  Make sure you check out a post I wrote a few days ago ” How To Train For Best Results “, because it is very important to know how to train properly and not just working out in blindfold.

Around this time in December I think everyone is searching for them selves trying to look for things to change within our selves to thrive for something higher. This is my favorite time of the year, because I always begin my New Year resolutions a month before the year ends. This year was truly amazing for me, I started this journey with my blog LovingFit and I am very happy to have finally found my passion and I’ve met  so many amazing new people, I feel very lucky :).

Since we only have a few weeks left until the end of 2111 we should all begin a great deal of work on our selves – mind, body and spirit so we can enter 2012 in feeling our best.

For some reason I really don’t feel like eating any holiday food, this is the most focused I’ve been all year. Normally there is always some kind of images of chocolate or cakes floating around my brain, but not now. Now all I see is a perfect six pack image that just won’t leave my mind and I can’t even look at junk food – I’m starting to wonder if I’ve been replaced, LOL. Is there anyone else who feels the same?

Enough blah blah, let’s get to the workout :)!

Make sure you always do a proper warm-up before starting any workout. This will prevent you from injuring your self especially your knees and back.

In this workout I was using my timer, a set of dumbbells ( 20 lbs ), and a medicine ball ( 12 lbs ).


It Girl Booty Workout Video


Workout Recap & Beginner Variation



Workout Explanation


This workout took me under 30 minutes to complete and it was broken down in 3 parts. Every part was an interval training followed by a time challenge combo.

Part 1 ( a ) ( Interval Training & Time Challenge )

Set your timer for 2 intervals of 10 seconds rest and 45 seconds maximum effort for the total of 6 rounds. There is only one exercise and you will switch sides after every interval.

  • Low Squat to Diagonal Lunge

( b )

Set your timer as a stopwatch, this is a time challenge of a full body combo.

  • Squat to Roll & Butt Lift back to Squat & 5 overhead press squats with dumbbells – ( This was one rep ) – Do 10 reps all together ( make sure to watch workout recap video for the proper explanation ).


Part 2 ( a ) ( Interval Training & Time Challenge )

The timer stays with the same two intervals 10 sec and 45 seconds for the the total of 6 rounds. There is 2 exercises and you will go through them 3 times.

  • Advanced Toe Touches with a Medicine Ball ( I am using 12 lbs )
  • Leg Switch ( watch the workout recap for proper explanation of this exercise )

( b )

  • The same as the part one ( b ). Set your timer as a stop watch and repeat 10 reps of the Full Body Combo.


Part 3 ( a ) ( Interval Training & Time Challenge )

The timer stays the same as the previous 2 parts – 10/45=6. There is only one exercise combo.

Stretching Surfer & Side Jump Lunge

( b )

  • Full body combo – 10 reps


My scores

Part one


Right Leg – 12, 11, 10

Left Leg – 11, 11, 10



Part 2


1) 14, 11, 9

2) 27, 23, 19





Part 3


8, 7, 6, 6, 5, 5

3: 42


Share your scores!



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  • Anonymous

    ????? ?????????? ??????????:) ?? ???? ?????? ????????:)

    • Da mne toge ponravilas eto trenirovka, ya delala na proshloj nedele i vot segodnya toge :).

  • 🙂  You have been replaced … by a fitness-fanatic.  Enjoy!

    Finding ways to make fitness enjoyable and long-lasting does that.  It becomes … part of who you are and affects everything.  (Not like a gym rat who thinks about nothing but working out — that’s bad.)  

    Have a Merry Christmas and be ready for an even better year ahead in 2012!

    • Thank you Troy :).  I am so exited for this year’s Christmas and New Year, I think it is going to be magical for everyone :).  

      Have a Merry Christmas as well and a beautiful New Year!

  • Tough cookie

    Hi Tatianna,

    Back after a week off.  Pretty good workout to start with!

    Part 1a : 12-11-11-11-11-11
    Part 1b : 4:29

    Part 2a
    1) 11-8-9
    2) 28-16-14

    Part 2b : 3:43

    Part 3a : did not count I was exhausted….around the same numbers as yours
    Part 3b : 3: 40

    I did my best!

    • Hey Tough Cookie welcome back!  I’m glad you took a week off, cause it really helps our body to recover and regain strength.  You will start noticing better results from your trainings as well.  You did pretty darn good for not working out in a week!

  • Anonymous

    ??? ???? ?????????!!!!:) ????: 1? ????? 12 11 10 ?????? 11 10 10; 1? 4.25
    2? 12 12 10 ? 39 29 30 (???? ??????? ?? ???????); 2? 4.18
    3? 8 8 8 9 7 8 (????!) 3? 4.18 ????? ????????? ?????? ???????? ????? ??????? ????? 5…
    ?????? ???????? ????? 11 ??, ??? 5??. ??? ?????? ????? ??? ??? 20 ????? ??????????:))???????:)? ??????????? ???:)

    • Ne za chto :), s praznikami vas i s nastupaushim novim godom madam 🙂 ! 

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  • ltwin

    Dorogaja Tatianna,
    as always, a super great workout!! Did it few hours ago and still feeling great.
    I’m sooo happy that I found your site and thank you very much for all the effort, amazing workouts and very helpful information!
    Spasibo4ki i privitiki 😉

    • Moe solnishko Lilija,

      Spasibo ogromnoe za Interval Timer, you are so so so sweet, and I happy that you workout with me 🙂


  • Annebel Wind

    Hi Tati, I have done only the first two rounds of this routine.. I have been sick the past few days.. So have to start easy.. And allready feel it burning.. So it’s enough for now.. Thanks.. i will do a upper body tomorrow.. Just see what I can handle.. 😀

  • Christian

    I did this yesterday. First part was killer.
    Here are my scores
    .Part 1
    A. Left leg 11,12,10
    Right leg 10,11,10
    B. 6.15

    Part 2

    B. 6.18
    Part 3
    B. 6.30

  • Great workout! After this, then my cardio intuitive interval training with a combo of 5 jump lunges and a burpee, then week 4 day 1 of the booty challenge, I am TOOOOAST! I almost didn’t finish the booty challenge. The first round each week is the hardest–those extra 5 reps seem endless. But I just told myself it wasn’t a time challenge, there was no hurry, and I just chilled out and took rests as I needed to to finish. I am SO glad I finished! I was so close to just finishing it another day…but now there’s only one day of the booty challenge left! Hurrah!

    Okay, so this workout–great fun, and a great sweat! Everyone was saying part 1 was super hard, and so I expected the abs to be moderate but NO! It’s funny how those leg switches seem so easy but get tiring after a while. I love it when the second round of an exercise has a huge drop in reps. 10lb medicine ball, and I used two 12.5lbs weights (25 total) for all the b parts, and for the first 4 of 6 rounds of part 1a. I dropped down to two 10lb-ers for the last left and right sides of that part.

    part 1a:
    low squat to diagonal lunge L: 11.5-10-10
    low squat to diagonal lunge R: 10-10-9

    1b: 4:15
    part 2a:
    toe touch w/med ball: 13-11-10
    leg switch: 32-24-26
    2b: 4:09
    part 3a:
    streching surfer and side jump lunge: 6-7.5-8-7-7-7
    3b: 4:26

    Towards the end of 3b I was getting this sensation–I get it sometimes when I’m working my legs a lot–like a sharp sensation in my quad. It’s not a pain, it’s like a nerve firing off or something. Do you know what this is? It doesn’t feel harmful, just kind of annoying and funny.

    Hugs to you!

    • Hugs girl!

      I am so glad everyone has been enjoying intuitive training, makes me feel so happy and cosy inside 🙂

    • tee_w

      This looks fun, I think it might be my next lower body workout! I also get what you mean with the booty challenge, I’m glad I finished it today! Whew! I think I have to incorporate the one legged ones into my workouts more as I hate them and I suck at them! You know what that means- do them more! Lol
      I think the abs will be the worst part for me

  • tee_w

    Hi! did this workout today!
    low squat/skater – 12, 11, 11, 10, 9, 10 first two rounds I held a 8lb ball in front but switched it after that as this bothers my low back. put it behind my head and on my head lol
    b) 4min 17 sec using 8lb ball for thrusters
    leg lift/toe touch 6lb ball – 9, 10, 14
    scissor – 22, 21, 20
    I had to take a phone call in this and it got me muddled up a bit
    b) 2 min 35 sec no weight
    surfer/side lunge I think 8 each time – I cannot figure these out, surfers totally confuse me for some reason!
    b) 2 min 17 sec no weight.

  • I did this loving workout today.

  • I’ve not worked out in the evening for a long time….last time was about 15 years ago…had free time this evening. I love this routine, it has great cardio, abs and lower body combination. My part b’s need improvement for sure…my transitions from roll to a butt lift back to squat were not smooth.

    Warm up: 4 rounds of 50 high knee marches & 10 reps of squat & reach up. Then I did basic warm up routine ; followed with 5 minutes of dynamic stretches.

    Part 1:
    a) 10-10-9-10-9-8 (10lbs DB)
    b) 7:14 (10lbs)
    Part 2:
    a) ATT…8-7-6 (6lbs med ball)
    LS –18-14-14
    b) 7:05 (10lbs DB)
    Part 3:
    a) 5-6-5-6-5-6
    b) 7:15 (10lbs DB)
    Cool down and stretching 10 minutes.

    Thanks Tati!

  • steffi_dk

    Done! Great workout!