Heartbeat Up Workout!

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Circuit Training and Interval Training Workout


There is only a few more days left until the big day – New Year, and we all have to look our best and feel great!  Today’s workout is focused on the lower body butt, legs, abs and it will make your heartbeat skip very fast ;), just as fast as it will make your fat melt.

This routine is divided into 2 parts, the first part is done for time and it’s circuit training, the second part is interval training with no breaks.

For all the Newbies to Loving Fit


If you are new to Loving Fit I recommend to check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post. There you will be able to see how I put together my routines, and you can find something for your own fitness level. My philosophy is: Form is always more important than speed, so WATCH YOUR FORM!

Things to remember before, during and after your workout

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Always Practice Good Form
  3. Stretch


In this workout I will be using my timer, a set of dumbbells ( 20 lbs ) and a mat.


Heartbeat Up Workout Video



Workout Recap & Beginner Variation



Workout Explanation


Part one

Set your timer as a stopwatch, there are 3 exercises and the total of 3 rounds.

  • Back Lunge and Jump up – 12 reps each leg
  • Dead Lift & Half One Leg Squat Combo – 10 reps each side ( both exercises counts as one rep )
  • Vertical Leap – 20 reps ( do not take any breaks, complete the full 20 reps then if you need take a quick break )


Part 2

Set your timer for 2 intervals 30 seconds and 50 seconds and the total of 5 rounds. There are 2 exercises and you will do them back and forth.

  • Pike Toe Touches
  • 2 Pulse Squat & Jump Tuck


My scores:

It took me 24 minutes and 39 seconds to complete the first part.

Second Part

1) 9, 10, 9, 8, 8

2) 11, 10, 9, 10, 10


Tomorrow there will be a follow up workout to this routine where I will focus on the upper body.


Share Your Scores!


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  • Laura Dias de Almeida

    Hi Tatianna,
    thanks for another great routine: I did this one a few days ago to kick-start my week and it was the perfect blend of fun and hard work! ^_^

    • Glad you had fun Laura :). About a week ago I started getting back into in as well, first I needed a break then my knee got hurt, so the break was a bit longer than planned.

  • Ha Ha see things are much harder than they look 🙂

  • Esal1

    Hi Tati!! Can’t believe this WO only has 4 comments, people are really missing out on a fantastic WO.
    Alright I decided on this one and really glad I did. It was as usual an amazing WO! Really good one. I used 50 lbs. Part 1 in at 23:52. Part 2 scores

    12 9 10 10 10
    13 13 14 13 13

    … Time was not up so started the whole thing again. Went through once and had just started 1/2 pistols in 2nd round when timer went off (thank god)

    Finished it and me off with 20 rounds of 50 HK
    Alright I decided on this one and really glad I did. It was as usual an amazing WO! Really good one. I used 50 lbs. Part 1 in at 23:52. Part 2 scores

    12 9 10 10 10
    13 13 14 13 13

    … Time was not up so started the whole thing again. Went through once and had just started 1/2 pistols in 2nd round when timer went off (thank god)

    Finished it and me off with 20 rounds of 50 HK

    • Hi Ethan,

      I’ve been missing more and more comments, they have been sneaking by me lately. A lot of the older workouts people are just beginning to notice, I’m sure eventually it will get few more comments 🙂

  • I did this yesterday and it’s FANTASTIC! My butt and upper hamstrings are sore today!
    Two 10lb dumbbells.
    part 1: 22:18
    Part 2:

    • Hi Kendra, thank you for sharing. I have such an awesome workout that we filmed today, it’s going to be a lower body and I am so sore right now, it’s pretty crazy.

  • Kane

    Brutal workout! I loved it! Thanks for another small yet significant improvement to my life, Tatianna!

  • my booty is crying! This was brutal – part 2 I had to modify as the heat was really getting to me – yes, its 30 degrees in the UK and am not used to it at all haha! Luckily I am now at my parents house and they have a pool so I did my cardio and cool down in that. More importantly, I am wearing a bikini without feeling overly self conscious about how I look in it and that is all thanks to you Tati – you have inspired and motivated me a lot. I not quite there yet, still a bit wobbly all over but it is a lot less than 3 months ago – many blessings to you xx

    • Ahh sweetie, I am glad you got your bikini on, we only live once in this body so we have to enjoy it as much as we can while we are young !

  • Wonderful workout! I did it this morning and completed the first part in 28 minutes. I didn’t track my reps for the second part, but next time I will.

    • Thank you for sharing Leah 🙂

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    all done…..Sept 20, 2012….used 2 x 10 lb dumb bells, stepped back onto a hex weight for the half squat one leggers for balance …. my time for part one was 18:54

    part 2 I’m pretty sure these are my reps

    1/ 15-13-10-11-11
    2/ got 13 every time

    finished with 5 x 1:00/1:00 high knee jog / jumping jacks and was on my last 2 minutes when I realized I forgot to do day 2 of the booty challenge….will tack it onto tomorrows abs and cardio

  • Christian

    Just fished this cool WO, took me 24.38 Min
    Now off to do Booty Challenge.
    Have a nice friday and weekend dear!

  • Did this workout again this morning. First time I did this, part 1 took me 24:22 mins with 10 lb dumbbells. Today I used a 40 lb sandbag, raised the intensity a great deal, cardio shot through the roof and the time was 26:54 mins. I held the sandbag in front held tight and close for the back lunges. Also used the sandbag for the deadlifts.
    Part 2
    (1) 11, 7, 7, 7, 10
    (2) 12, 11, 8, 10, 10
    So, very pleased I pushed myself to use a heavier weight. I was a little worried but it turned out great.

  • I did this wo today, on my birthday, it was awesome!! Much harder than i expected!! especially the first part! I used a pair of 6,6lb dumbells (13lb total) much less than you but it was still veryyyy hard! loved the burn.. i used chair support for the half one leg squat.

    3 rounds took me 24:23 min.

    and for the sec part my reps were
    Pike toe touches: between 9-11
    2 pulse squat & jump tuck: between 8-9 reps

    then i finished off with some abs exercises.

  • Naomi

    This was yesterdays for me! I did the Booty&Thigh Challenge first, then this. Inspired by Violet I went for heavier weight using my 18 kg sandbag. It was easier than I had expected – my booty is getting strong! I did 3 rounds in 21:12. Messed up the counting on the last part. I am travelling from today and until next Sunday – but I will be sure to squeeze in some workouts!


  • Reallllly great workout! Did this one once again because I wanted a great lower body one that was challenging resistance wise AND cardio-wise because I didn’t feel like mentally I could handle more than one workout. Sometimes it’s exhausting to think of doing another 10 min of cardio, even if it’s simple. And I wanted to do this again anyway.

    Part 1 took me longer than last time, but I remember it being more challenging last time, so I think I could really buckle down and concentrate on form this time. Not that it wasn’t challenging this time…what I mean is that last time I felt a lot less in control, mostly of the deadlft/one leg squat combo, and I may have rushed through it because it was very tough. Anything with one leg squats is a bit uncomfortable because of a stiff ankle on my left side only, so I had to hop my foot forward and backward to put the heel up on a book for the one leg squats. I tried to do a hop and stay on one leg to keep the agility up.

    part 1: 23:42 (6:24, 14:35, 23:42)

    part 2:

    14-8(took shoes off at beginning of round)-11-10-10


    couldn’t do the jump tucks easily; had to do them on a couch cushion (neighbors downstairs), so there was no rollover, etc. for me.

    That was it! Fantastic, fantastic and wonderful workout. Hugs and happy wishes to you. You are always such an inspiration.

    Would love an animal flow-inspired lower body workout!

  • This was my workout this morning and I’m happy with my performance. I started with 5 round of 50 sec max/ 10 sec rest high knee march; then I did basic warm up routine and 5 minutes of dynamic stretches.

    Part 1: I used 10lbs DB
    It took me 24:44 to complete
    Part 2: The half leg squats were more like quater squats that I did.
    1. 11-6-7-7-7
    2. 10-10-8-8-7
    Cool down and stretching 10 minutes.

  • Cassidy

    Part 1: 26:52 using 10 lb. dumbbells
    Part 2: Lost count. ):
    What a butt burner…loooooved it.

  • Cassidy

    Part 1: 21:51 … WOW. I used the same weight as last time, but beat myself by FIVE MINUTES? Oh yeah! 😀

    Part 2: I didn’t count, but I probably averaged 8-10 reps each interval.

    What a killer! I remember this being a lot harder the first time I tried it…maybe I’ll increase my weight next time. 😉

  • Michelle_G


    part 1: 28:34

    I added 100 weighted BB bridges at the end. Then a 40 min walk

    OMG my legs are so tired !!!

    Thank you so much!!!